Monday, May 20, 2013

Growing Things....

Here is a bit of greenery. This is from some seeds, that Cindy from Hilltop Farm gave me. It's the 4 o'clocks.
 This is our bright green hosta. It's looking very nice right now. Not too hot yet. I transplanted a blue hosta, last year. Split it into four sections and now I have four starting to shape up nicely.
This is the blue clematis we planted last year. Ted made this nice frame with chicken wire on it. So it should be a great support when it's heavy from a couple years growth. I planted some wave petunias, this afternoon.  Can you ever have enough pretty flowers?
  We have some carpenter bumble bees around our dri-gas tank....yikes, they are very aggressive. I looked  on line for ways to take care of them....paint the treated lumbers around the tank. Because those bees return every year. They are paired bees...honest to pete....I have never heard of that before. They do not colonize like other bees. Dang, I am older than dirt and still learning, wow. But now that will have to be done next winter/spring...I am going to call the gas man and warn him. xoxo


  1. The clematis is gorgeous and I never can get enough flowers. Joe makes bee traps with plastic upside down bottles somehow. He catches 30 or 50 per week in them. He has two bottles by an old wood shed.

  2. i LOVE clematis! especially the purple...

    smiles, bee

  3. Your clematis looks great! I must be the only person I know that does not have much luck with them?

  4. oh your plants are doing so well, yes, warn that gas man, thats scary, darn bees, I have never heard of that kind, I have heard of carpenter ants and they are nasty as well, take care.

  5. I can't wait to see your four o'clocks...they ring a bell but I can't remember what they look like. Hubby has his own clematis that does very well near the dock. Mine is out in the garden on the arbor, well I shouldn't say on, the lawn service keeps mowing it down. I have to come up with something clever this year!

    Be careful with those bees...Olive sounds like she has a good remedy.


  6. It's good to see your growing things, Susie. We have carpenter bees make an appearance around here at times.
    xo Nellie

  7. We never stop learning, do we?? I have not had - or even seen Four O'Clocks in ages!!! I used to grow them all the time!!

  8. Love the hosta and way to go with the seeds!

  9. Oh, the frame is going to be just gorgeous all covered with beautiful blooms! We had a whole swarm come down our street and land on the house next door once, .... scary!!! (BEE)careful!

  10. Your plants look so pretty Susie!