Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Goodyear Blimp....

 Saturday, as I sat on the porch , writing to my sister....I kept hearing a plane. Then I thought, geech , that plane sure is slow. So I walked out and looked up. That's when I saw the blimp just over the field at the corner. Ran in , got my camera. So of course I get the whole shadow side:(:( I was in awe of how the wind was buffering this thing around.

I took a few more shots. Doesn't the bottom photo look like all those UFO shots people show in magazines?? LOL Sorry, I was so excited to watch it , that I wasn't really using my zoom.
  I had a great mother's day. Hope all of you did as well. I have been in limbo, worrying about two of my daughter's  lately. One lost her job, and one was diagnosed with diabetes.
   Karen, has met with a dietician and endocrinologist. She's going to be the brave tough girl, that I know her to be, and get control of her health.
Parents you can't try to be tactful and drop hints...just tell your children . I have warn my girls about diabetes since they were small.
  Kathy got a job, just a month from losing the job she didn't like . I will say she was on line everyday looking.  She has had numerous interviews. She landed a job, just 10 minutes from her house. I feel so much better today.  xo


  1. Susie, we mom's do worry so about our kids. When they are hurting we are hurting. The diabetes diagnosis is a tough one but your daughter is taking it in stride and will take care of herself. Congrats to the other daughter who just landed a new job.
    The photos of the blimp are really good.

  2. I am so happy about the job, my granddaughter is looking too. Lately we have had many close to us with serious diabetic problems, so keep the advise coming to take care of that daughter.. We're the life coaches!

  3. Do you know where that blimp was headed? They usually appear at major sports events, don't they?

    Hopefully your daughter with diabetes will have some good recommendations for handling this disease.

    Good news about your daughter's job.

    Sending smiles your way!

    xo Nellie

  4. Love the blimp photos. Best wishes to your daughter with diabetes. John was diagnosed two years ago and there is lots to learn but determination will pay off for her. Congrats on the other daughter getting a job close to home. Glad you had a nice Mother's Day.

  5. Congrats on the job. I would die if I saw such as that around You sure did get some nice pics.. Hugs. xo

  6. good for your girls! and i see the blimp often from my balcony, i think one is based in ft. lauderdale.

    hugs, bee