Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Junking With My Sister...

 My sister Jeanie and I went to the Kokomo's  goodwill this morning. We have looked forward to a day of junking. Seems it's been forever since we have done this. It actually has been since last fall.This is one shelf unit of books at the Goodwill. They have five of them. Plenty of books.
 This is a shelf unit of baskets. All sizes. Lots for the crafters.
 This is the fake Hummels, that I bought at the Goodwill. I think they were Christmas ornaments. They will look nice in a little fairy garden.
The same goes for this wee bird house and little boy with a dog. I thought I would hang this small platter on the wall. My sister didn't buy any real junk. She bought old t-shirts and sweats, to wear while working in her yard. Gee I could have given her mine.:):)
  After we left goodwill , we came here and watched birds. Then I fixed us a bit of lunch. It turned out to be a great fun time. We needed this day together. Jeanie likes junking even more than I do. She has recently taken up bird watching, so that is a couple of things we have in common. Those are the fun things, for us. I truly enjoyed my day with Jeanie. xo


  1. your day sounds wonderful, I would love to go thrifting,

  2. I am so glad you were able to get out and go thrifting with your sister. My sister is 500 miles away and I miss her so much.

  3. It sounds like you have had a perfect day, Susie! It's good that you and your sister share the same interests.
    xo Nellie

  4. I think I could be your long lost sister! lol I love this kind of shopping and I'm watching my bird feeder right now...and listening to a mockingbird singing all of his tunes! Love those books! WOW! What a great store!

  5. Susie - I think it is so important to spend that precious time with your sister. I love spending time with both of mine and we just have so much fun. Times that can never be replaced.


  6. Susie, I am glad that you had an enjoyable day with your sister. The weather has been beautiful the last two days in the 70's, with thunderstorms this evening. I like to watch the hummingbirds at my dil. Her feeder is so you can watch them out her kitchen window. The tulips were beautiful in the previous post. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  7. Those little faux Hummels would be great in a fairy garden. I would love to see them when it's finished.

  8. I spent my day yesterday with my sister, Jeannie. Who knew we had sisters with the same name? Spelled different but the same. She is not a junk lover like me. Says, she just doesn't know what to do with it. I've rubbed off onto her once in a while. lol! She just bought an old ladder to display her quilts.