Thursday, May 2, 2013

Apple Blossoms....

I went to the neighbor's and took this apple blossom photo. Then I picked a couple twigs off his trees.He has told me I can do that any time.,
 This is a plum bush we have in one of the flower beds. I love the burgandy leafs and pink blooms.
 So I picked a plum twig and put it with the apple twigs. To make myself a May day bouguet. I used an old milk bottle as a vase.
It won't last long, but looks very spring like to me. I love the smell of the apple blossoms. Hope you are getting some nice weather. I hate that there is snow out there in unreal. Let's pray for the people of California, in the path of the wildfires. That is scary. xo


  1. Lovely May Day bouquet and a bonus that it smells fragrant.

  2. I think I got a picture of everything that is in bloom on May first. I think it is the most beautiful time. I didn't bring anything inside tho. Maybe I should do that today, yours is so pretty.

  3. Purrrrrrrrrfect... -happy sigh-

    And I LOVED your comment!!!! "Auntie, I used to say when I got old was going to get fat, go fishing and cuss....haven't been fishing yet.LOL" -gigggles- It sounds funny, but it's also, so true!

    Love it! Love it! Love it!


  4. I LOVE your boquet! Last year, during Easter I looked at my blog pictures, I had HUGE boquets of lilacs. They haven't even bloomed yet this year. Maybe by Mother's Day.....

    Cindy Bee

  5. they are so beautiful and smell so sweet, orange blossoms smell wonderful around here!

    smiles, bee

  6. Does it not lift your spirits to have flower bouquets in the house again? pretty!

  7. This is so pretty! I love spring blossoming trees. No snow here, just colder than yesterday!


  8. I forgot to make a bouquet yesterday! Good for you! Apple blossoms sound lovely.
    Cold here and getting colder! I love it! Texas heat will be here before we know it!

  9. The blooms of fruit trees are really lovely! We are having good weather so far today, but there is rain coming by the week-end. I hope you've enjoyed today! Hugs, Nellie

  10. Love your sweet May Day bouquet!
    Hang in there, spring is so near.
    Now we are having our rainy season, but I know it will make for a gorgeous summer!

  11. I would rather have a few sprigs of blooms like yours for my house than any expensive florist bouquet! And if you have fragrance too, that's an extra bonus. Nice neighbor to share with you!

  12. How pretty, Susie! I think we skipped spring here in Michigan, and headed right into summer! For the past 2 days it's been in the low 80's! I shouldn't complain, last week we had snow, sleet and hail all in the same day! But I would like some nice mild spring temps!

  13. Oh Sisie, how nice to have those gorgeous blooms rightnext door! Lovely plum bush too and your little arrangement in the bottle is lovely. Big hugs honey..thanks for coming by!

  14. I was just thinking that I needed to go find some wild blossoms growing alongside the road. My Pear tree is small and I hate cutting from it. Love blossoms in my home. We had gorgeous weather today. That wildfire is terrible. Prayers indeed!