Thursday, May 9, 2013

Jeanne Cooper ....

I feel sad today. Jeanne Cooper passed away yesterday. She played Katherine Chancellor on the soap opera , "Young and Restless." I just loved that lady. She came on that show six months after it's debut. She had 11 Emmy nominations and won "best actress in a drama series", in 2008. What a great lady. I will miss her so much.
  Once thing about Mrs. Chancellor...she wore all the big rings. We used to call our mother Mrs. C , because she loved rings also. I remember watching the show with my Mom. I can also remember watching it from the first episode.
  I was hoping the show would have had a tribute to Jeanne today. They surely will soon.
  It's going to rain here later and can get severe. I'll be doing inside chores. Hope all of you are safe. xoxo


  1. I never watched Young and Restless, and didn't know who she was. Many people will miss her.

    Stay safe in the storm!

    xo Nellie

  2. I remember the Young and the Restless! Especially the music!! I probably watched it in years past....not lately though. I do remember the actress. I admire the actors and actresses who work right up to the end of their life! Like Larry Hagman for instance. I hope I am doing the things I love to do right up to the day I die! I hope YOU do, too!!!

  3. You and I did the same blog today about Jeanne Cooper. I loved her character and she will be missed.

  4. I remember Katherine Chancellor. I used to watch Young and the Restless many years ago. She was one of the leading ladies on the show. That is funny how you remember watching it with your mom.

    Happy Mother's Day, Susie. Enjoy the day, as you're so special.


  5. Oh Susie I loved Katherine, Mrs. C and the alter ego she played as well. I was so sad when I heard the news. She was one in a million!!

  6. she was a great actor for sure, I watched it with my mum too, and my dad, they loved that show, I have to admit I never really watched it devotedly but checked in now and again, if I watched soaps it would be the one,

  7. Thanks for sharing. I had not heard the news yet. She was a true entertainer.

  8. I read on her son's facebook page that on this Tuesday there will be special programming in honor of Mrs C

  9. my husband just told me that the Jeanne Cooper tribute will be May 28 2013...I thought it was tomorrow.