Monday, September 30, 2013

Vintage Apron....

 Friday, as I was going in the Side Street Mall, This is what was on the sidewalk by the door. A big fat black cat and , rat , and a hunk of cheese. I suppose it has something to do with Halloween. Just so funny, sitting right by the door. In this little mall are some stores and businesses.
I went to the antique store. My friend Nancy works there and I wanted to ask her about the aprons she makes. She had some there, so I bought one. She tries to make them from vintage materials. I loved this one with the dishes and coffee pot. Sweet. They are made very well, so they aren't cheap. It'll last me my lifetime. LOL Hope you have a great day. xo

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hooty-Who And Horton's Too...

 Here is the owl I bought at Horton's....I am not an owl collector, but I love this little guy. I was going to buy the only black one they had, but you all know that old saying ,"you snooze, you lose", well it was long gone .
 I just mixed him in with my table decor.  He seems to be wanting to say WTH, instead of  hoo.
 This is a string of jingle bells made to look like jack-o-lanterns.  So cute.  I truly try not to buy everything I see or like. I wonder where do people put all the decorations they goodness. My main problem would be , what I bought, and where is it now.  :):)
 Sweet  birdbath made into a welcoming spot at Horton's. hey you burlap!!
 This big fellow was tucked into this beautiful wreath , almost real looking. Love the wreath.
Lots of candles. A couple of rough looking little birds, adorable. I love birds. And can we ever have too many wreathes??
 Well I want to tell you about the Earth Fest. I'll show a few photos I took later. I just truly enjoyed my daughters , two granddaughters, and a friend of one g.daughter. All so sweet. The weather was extremely warm(hot). The crowd (multitudes of thousands) overwhelming. Almost more people than room to stand. So not really a pleasant way to view crafts and such. I think most just came to eat....some of the smells in the heat , omg...more than I can handle. Including my SIL, who was with my sister and brother...her perfume was like ..I could smell it 3 feet away from her...Toooo  much. It saddens me,  I can't hug her because of it. I don't know what to say or if I should even say anything...You know. Hope your Sunday is great. xo

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Horton's Harvest Market....

 Today is Horton's harvest market.  I went yesterday to get some photos and see what was going on there. There were a few people setting up their tents in the parking lot. This is where they will make up baskets of flowers/plants to buy. Do you think these baskets once were pink with Paris written on them?
 I thought this display was so wonderful. Love the old crates and fencing mixed in with the mums and pumpkins. Oh that reminds me, I need to get my scarecrows out and into my gardens.
 Pumpkins of every size. I did see a few green ones and some gourds. I am sorry, I do not know what the cabbage looking plants are called. They have those in green and purple.
This is the side entrance to the store, it's near the greenhouse.The store was set up for small demonstrations, just inside this door. I did buy myself  one of those straw owls, for my fall decor. I am going to the Earth festival today with my daughters. I enjoy being with them. We have fun and always have some laughs.  xo

Friday, September 27, 2013

Harvest Time.....

 Here's the neighbor man and his uncle combining soy beans. This field was done that afternoon.
 They load the big wagon and take them to the co-op. Everything is dusty when they are done. It's a time of year where you have to drive the roads with care. Not just for the farm equipment , but some times for the animals stirred up. I saw a dear come from a field on Monday and a raccoon this morning.
The bees are working over the sedum. My flash would not work, because it was too light out. But I did get pretty close to this bee. He was so busy, that I don't think he cared I was so near. Hope you have a great day xo.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Earth Day Festival....

 The Atlanta , Indiana Earth Day festival is this weekend. I will be there on Saturday with my daughter's, Angie, Kathy,Karen, and Lizzy. I love my girls so much, that I am willing to walk my poor old arthritic feet off, to be with them. They will have friends along also.
These photos are from last year. I look at all this metal garden stuff and think, yikes. Awkward to carry around, could get heavy too. Could rip clothes, tear hair , or put an eye out. Kind of dangerous to be toting around, I'd say. This is the kind of thing, you buy on your way back to your car. I am looking forward to going. My girls bought candles at the pork fest in Tipton earlier this month, so they won't be carrying a bunch of those around, this time. Enjoy your day. xoxo

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Our Monday Trip....

 This is Salsbery's nursery, it's been in Kokomo for many years. I had to get a photo of this wagon out front. You can buy some of the healthiest plants, shrubs and trees around, right here. They take very good care of their trees and plants. We have bought trees from them before.
Here is a bowl of different verities of apples we bought at the orchard. Some red delicious, galas and one called molly, that I had never heard of before. Won't buy the molly again, too soft. I prefer firm sweet apples. Ted does like the tart ones at times.  :):) Enjoy this day.xo

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Apple Orchard....

 We did get to the apple orchard yesterday. I  always love looking at the apples. I really love the old crates.
 They have apple and pumpkin butters , also honey. They sell apple dumplings in a pack of two. I resisted.:)
 Outside the small building is lots of pumpkins. I bought 3 little ones...and I do mean little. They are sitting outside on the bench. As I was taking pictures of the pumpkins, along came a furry black cat.
I decide to take it's picture and all of a sudden , a dog started running toward me I jumped into the car. The man that had turned the dog loose said , "oh he won't bite". How am I to know that for a fact?? It was time to go. So I didn't get the cute pictures of the cat that I wanted too.:):) We are having the best weather. Hope you are too. xo

Monday, September 23, 2013

Class Reunion.....

 On Saturday the 14th of this month, 10 days ago, it was my class reunion. I won't say what year...but my gosh there were a lot of old people there !!!!
 This is my little sister Barbie, she married one of my classmates. I am probably the only one there that had their little sister tagging along.:):) We have lost 19 from our class....some very young ..from the age of 20 on.  Lots of remembrances. Funny  speeches ,good food, some prizes, I won one of the center pieces.
Our school colors are blue and white. We are the blue devils. It seems you never get to visit with everyone you would love to say hello too. I at least sat with my sister, her husband, Ted,and my old time best friends, Phylis, Don, Mona and Dan.I saw my old 5th grade boyfriend...he didn't know he was my boyfriend. We used to pick people out to be our boyfriends and of course they never knew. So funny thinking of that.
 Here is another beautiful day. Thinking about going to an orchard near by. xo

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Sunrise...

 When I went down to the mailbox for the paper, I saw the sun, just coming up and it appeared to be in the middle of the road. So I ran to get my camera. I did get a couple of fast pictures.
 It's  almost  blinding in this picture. It's hard to catch the exact sunrise around here, since there's small woods on both sides of the road to the east. I like the woods though. The one across the road, was logged about 3 years ago. The big tree were taken out, there's plenty of mid-sized ones left.
 This is a look at the corn fields and the beautiful sky. Yesterday, coming home from my daughter's, we traveled back roads and could enjoy the view of the sky.
One green field and one golden field , across the road from each other. We actually saw some corn fields that had been harvested. It is pretty this time of year. I hope all of you are having a great day. xo

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Grandparent's Day....

 Yesterday was grandparent's day in Rossville.  Emma and Savannah go to the same school. So we got to be with both of them at the same time. Grandpa Doug (Savannah's other g.parent) came also. This is a picture of Emma, papaw Ted, grandpa Doug and Savannah, we just had ice cream in the cafeteria. The girl's are holding their books from book fair. Emma got some book on teen stars( I wasn't crazy about it) Savannah got one of  "Diary Of  A Whimpy Kid" . She told me she has all those books.
 Grandpa Doug was not feeling  a hundred he left shortly after this photo. He is a wonderful loving grandparent. He is good and kind to all his grandchildren. All of the kids in his little community like him. I have never heard him ever yell at any child, no matter what. His own father was the same way.
I spotted this fall harvest stand on the way. They had a bit of everything. Plenty of pumpkins and gourds. Cabbages, watermelons, tomatoes, and squash. Mums also. Hope you are enjoying your weekend. xo

Friday, September 20, 2013

Finally Rain....

 Tuesday's moon...a bit blurry :):)  We got our soaking rain between Wednesday night and Thursday morning. We had 3 inches of rain. That is going to help the farmers with the beans. Think the corn has reached it peak, already, because the stalks are drying fast.
I am sure this blue hydrangea will be the last of this bush's blooms.  You can see that the rest of the plant was never this seems an odd one. I will pick it to dry and enjoy later. I have been busy this week, and had two trips to the chiropractor. I know that raking the yard does make my back hurt...I can't seem to help myself. I raked up hickory nuts and hulls, last week and paid for it this week. We need that little hickory nut picker Emma to come over. We pay her to pick up a bucket of them,:):) She loves it, because papaw made her a cup on a stick to scoop them up in and pour them into the bucket. She is so funny when she does this , talking the whole time. Love that child !! Hope you are all getting ready for a nice weekend. xo

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's So Autumn....

 Five more days till the Autumnal Equinox. But it has been autumn here for a few days. Things are turning brown. We do not get much color in the variety of trees we have here. This is the sycamore , the leaves turn brown, The tulip poplars leaves turn yellow and brown. The catalpa leaves turn yellow/brown. We have  a maple tree... the leaves usually curl up and has some color. We have dwarf  maples that are burgundy in color. Our birch tree's leaves turn you see ...there is none of that knock out autumn colors of the northeastern states, in our yard. We do have beautiful colors for fall in our state. I can only wish for it in my own yard.  There is not an ugly sight in Pennsylvania  in Autumn.:):) They have the most beautiful colors.
The golden finches are feeding in groups. This is a group of one  LOL. They all flew away as I tried for a picture. I need to get myself some camo clothing. Hope you are having a great day. xo

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Left-over Photos...

 Some pictures I have not posted that I took at Horton's...over a week ago. I adore this it's new aqua color. When I think of the ugly furniture I have had in my life time...when I could have been painting it.:)
 Lots of nice bottles, jars,fall decor.  Some fragrances and candles. Nice pumpkin garden flag.
This is an adorable cabinet. A little pile of baby shoes. So cute.  I love the arched  opening. I am sure it used to glass in it, but it has been left out. Hope all of you enjoy this pretty day. xo

Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall Flowers....

 This is a mum , that has bloomed full. It photographed pinker that it really is. It is more burgundy.
 Here is one of the orange mums, next to the daisy plant and sedum. The daisy is still producing some flowers. I really like this orange color for autumn. I have two mums that are this color.
 The mum in the back looks like a daisy, I really need to thin it out some , it's huge about 4ft across.
The morning glory is still climbing and blooming.  I am not sure if it will growing back next year. I really don't know much about them. I have not been into my flowers this year, as much as I would like to be. I need to get outside and prune many of them. Hope you are a better gardener than I am ,lately. xo

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bench Make Over...

We have this park bench, it sat under the pines for a few years. I just used it for decoration. I asked Ted to get it out of the ivy, so I could repaint it. When he pulled it up, the slats just broke into pieces. So Ted made new slats from some walnut wood, he had in storage. Then he spray  painted the metal pieces with a glossy white paint. I have it on  the porch's too sweet to just sit under the pines now. We will put the little bench in the flower garden ....the one that the bees keep eating ...there must be a sap or something tasty for the bees. I will post a photo of it later. Today is suppose to be another glorious one....hope you can enjoy yours. xo

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Autumn Is So Near...

 This is my decorations for autumn....I am just getting started. I did put my fall door wreath out. This is the dining table's decor. Last year I had tiny white pumpkins, that were real. This year they are fake.:):)
 You might be able to see the hummingbird sitting on the perch. We are only suppose to feed them till October, so they can get on with their migration. I will miss watching them. We only have 9 days till fall.
 I took some pictures of the neighbor's apple trees. They are very sour and very organic. If you eat one watch for worms. I brought four home with me. Ted can have them, as I am not into sour apples. LOL
Hope all of you are enjoying your weekend. It is lots cooler here this morning. I hate when the temperatures are in the high 80's to the 90's......but I am going to miss summertime. xo

Friday, September 13, 2013

Soybeans, Rain, & A Moth...

 This is the bean field down the is turning. Seems the corn and the beans have started turning fast.
 This is a look at the less than quarter inch of rain we got in our area yesterday morning.It's 7 am.
 Please help me...someone out there did a post on a Sphinx  moth , not very long ago. I had never heard of or seen one of these  in my whole life. I took the mail to the mailbox, saw a pretty yellow butterfly. Watched it, then something caught me eye around the petunias near the porch. I thought it was a hummingbird.
I watched it go from flower to flower and I ran in to tell Ted to come look . He was totally amazed. I told him I would never have known what that was , if not for one of my blog pals. If you look at the grayish brown blur near the edge of the mulch , in the top photo, you'll see the moth. Here it is getting on the flowers. They do not land, they hover, so getting a nice picture is hard to do. Who ever posted about a Sphinx Moth, will you respond  please. I have gone  back to some of  your sites hoping to remember where I saw this moth for the first time. Thank you for educating me. :):)