Monday, September 23, 2013

Class Reunion.....

 On Saturday the 14th of this month, 10 days ago, it was my class reunion. I won't say what year...but my gosh there were a lot of old people there !!!!
 This is my little sister Barbie, she married one of my classmates. I am probably the only one there that had their little sister tagging along.:):) We have lost 19 from our class....some very young ..from the age of 20 on.  Lots of remembrances. Funny  speeches ,good food, some prizes, I won one of the center pieces.
Our school colors are blue and white. We are the blue devils. It seems you never get to visit with everyone you would love to say hello too. I at least sat with my sister, her husband, Ted,and my old time best friends, Phylis, Don, Mona and Dan.I saw my old 5th grade boyfriend...he didn't know he was my boyfriend. We used to pick people out to be our boyfriends and of course they never knew. So funny thinking of that.
 Here is another beautiful day. Thinking about going to an orchard near by. xo


  1. I haven't been to a class reunion since my 25th one and that was 100 years ago. I am glad you had a good time.

  2. I have been to all my high school reunions, but I will miss the next one - the 55th! Our colors were black and orange, and we were the Dragons.

    My college class had the 50th last year. My college colors are blue and gold, and we are the Wasps, the name given to the football team early in the history because of the difficulty they gave an opponent (out-of-league) while playing a game.

    Have a lovely Monday!

    xo Nellie

  3. such wonderful memories, sorry that so many are gone, its so sad to see ,

  4. Nice that you still go to your class reunion. I haven't been to one in years. Great memories.

    Cindy Bee

  5. What a good time you had. Ours was this summer, too and I missed it. I got photos and it really is hard to believe how old everyone looks! heehee! Your sis is a cutie! Enjoy your day!

  6. Funny how we never think of ourselves as old until we see the people we grew up with. Glad you had a fun time. xo Laura

  7. I've never attended a reunion but when I joined facebook recently I was shocked at how OLD we all had gotten! LOL

  8. you know i have never gone to any of my reunions, none. i graduated in 1964 so i guess next year would be my 50th. huh? how did that happen!

    smiles, bee

  9. I love going to school reunions and seeing all our old friends! Sounds like you had a wonderful time (and love your prize!) smile..