Saturday, September 14, 2013

Autumn Is So Near...

 This is my decorations for autumn....I am just getting started. I did put my fall door wreath out. This is the dining table's decor. Last year I had tiny white pumpkins, that were real. This year they are fake.:):)
 You might be able to see the hummingbird sitting on the perch. We are only suppose to feed them till October, so they can get on with their migration. I will miss watching them. We only have 9 days till fall.
 I took some pictures of the neighbor's apple trees. They are very sour and very organic. If you eat one watch for worms. I brought four home with me. Ted can have them, as I am not into sour apples. LOL
Hope all of you are enjoying your weekend. It is lots cooler here this morning. I hate when the temperatures are in the high 80's to the 90's......but I am going to miss summertime. xo


  1. seems our hummingbirds always leave Sept 15th? Saw them this morning, will I see them tomorrow?

  2. We did not get any hummingbirds this year-really unusual for us. Your table decorations are very sweet, Susie. Hope you have a wonderful weekend-xo Diana

  3. I will miss the hummers, too. We are enjoying cooler temps this a.m. and it is nice to have the windows open. I can't handle sour apples either! Hope you have a nice Saturday.

  4. It is cold here this morning too. It was 45 degrees when I got up and is supposed to warm to 73. I love this kind of weather but I sure hate winter.

  5. we don't have hummingbirds here, just snow birds. and only nine more days until the license plates start to change color? sigh.... rats!

    smiles, bee

  6. Susie! You are two steps ahead of me with Fall decorating! I hope to catch up with you over the weekend!
    Have a good one!

  7. I have picked up a few candles here and there but I haven't put out one single thing to suggest fall! lol! I know you'll miss the hummers. I think my neighbor (who gets tons of them with her 10,000 feeders)said that they migrate to Mexico.

    I have tons of apples in my fridge. I was going to make a pie and some turnovers and I am so short on time...we may end up eating them!


  8. Fall is coming on fast. Love your pumpkin under the dome. I haven't gotten my things out yet. Waiting.

  9. I went to get out my fall things and found wet carpet from the air conditioning drain stopped up. Still trying to dry things out. Yuck.....better than what Colorado is going through by far. My daughter lives close to Boulder.

  10. I've started decorating for Autumn as well, I think that September, October and November should be Pumpkin months :)
    I hope your husband doesn't eat any sour worms with his sour apples!
    Have a great rest of your weekend,

  11. It was in the 80s here today but didn't feel hot at all. I love stretching out the summer here. And I've started decorating for Fall, too....a little at a time! Sweet hugs!

  12. I feed hummers too! I'll miss watching them when they leave.
    I'm getting out my fall decor. I'm ready for the season change...slowly tho!

  13. Great start for Fall decorating. I love white pumpkins! Have a great week!

  14. Fall is looking crisp and cool in your neck of the woods!