Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Fun Weekend...

 I had a great weekend. Most of it. Here's the clock tower of our courthouse, blocking the sun, so I had some shade for a bit.  My daughter's and granddaughter got ice cream and we sat near the courthouse so they could enjoy it. I was going to get an ice cream that was hand  scooped...omg...little did I know , the person scooping was taking that phrase to heart. As I asked how much, he turned just enough, that I saw him putting a scoop of ice cream in the cone with his bare hand. Yes, I was grossed out. I said, "  I saw you use your bare hand and I do not want your ice cream." So we all walked away. The girls got ice cream at another booth, but I was out of the mood.:):)
Here's two of my daughters and a granddaughter posing in front of the mums and pumpkins at Horton's. I have the best times when I am with my girls. Lynzie , in the middle, has to get a photo sitting on my she can send to her cousin Jake, saying that she is my favorite grandchild. They love teasing each other like that. When Jake and Lynzie were small they would get mad at each other if one were to sit next to me. Now they laugh about that. I hope all of you had a nice weekend too. xo


  1. OMGosh his bare hands? yuck! Good for you saying that!

    Horton's looks like so much fun, I need to get my cousins to take me there sometime!

  2. Isn't that cute about the kids? I love that the kids "fight over" who is going to sit next to me.

    Hand-scooped! UGH- I don't think I will ever ask for a "hand scooped" cone again-xo Diana

  3. I don't blame you a bit! Gross! I hope other people called him on it if he continued doing that.

    Glad you had happy times afterward to make up for it. Makes me want to get out and find a Horton's!

  4. Oh Susie,
    I can see why you gave the icecream back! I'm so glad you got to spend time with your girls. I just spent a weekend with my girls too. There's something so magical about that, isn't there?

    Your grandkids love you very much, indeed. Have a sweet Sunday.


  5. That is horrible that he used his hand!
    Love seeing your photos. Cute about the grands kidding one another. Pumpkins and mums are so pretty.
    Have a good day.

  6. omg! his hand? creepy. the health dept. would love to know that one!

    smiles, bee

  7. Obviously he was not the owner! Hard to get good help.
    Glad you and the girls had a wonderful time.

  8. Ok ick about the guy with his hand in the ice cream. It looks like you had a great time with your girls less the ice cream incident!!!! Horton's has some pretty mums and cute pumpkins.

  9. Horton's looks like a fabulous place. You have a lovely family, and it sounds like you had a great weekend with them.