Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dish Sets....

 While at the festival, went into the junk shop yesterday. Here was a beautiful set of china, 67 pieces for $398.00 . I am so sorry I didn't write down the names of all this china, and I can't remember them.
 This set was more economical...7O some pieces for 75 dollars. Very pale blue flowers on them, trimmed in silver. I swear if I had the room for these, they would be mine today !!
Here's a happy set. Well it seems like it's what would make some people happy. I like the flowers, so bright and pretty. I do not know the price, couldn't be much , as it was an incomplete set. I am tempted to go back and get some of these dishes and give my old sets away. Would that be crazy? If I do this I will let you know. LOL.
 Today Ted is working on his wood pile...that's what I need a photo of, how big it's getting to be. Oh by the way, I'll be posting photos of Hortons soon. I also went in there yesterday and got some photos. I know lots of you love their displays...they are having their Autumn Market on the 28th of this month.:):)


  1. you have hit on one of my favorites loves, old dishes. i am so sorry i got rid of my collection of odd pieces, all lovely ones. i would hang them on my wall if i still had them.

    smiles, bee

  2. I have the second set of dishes you pictured here. And the third set is so cheery, isn't it!

  3. You find the prettiest things, Susie!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. The dishes are all beautiful. I hope you go back and get some of them.

  5. such beautiful dishes, happy is a perfect description,

  6. The second set you use to be able to buy pieces at the IGA!

  7. I like all my odd pieces and have bought more on my travels. I have blue tin dishes from Frances and blue mugs and bowls from Italy. They don't match, but they look pretty on the table and I love seeing them in use.

  8. Oh What fun finds! I love china...and have way too much of it already but would love more. It's a sickness. lol

    I don't think that's crazy at all, Susie, to get new dishes if you are tired of the old. Will she or won't she????

    Have a great day- we are off to an all day/evening seminar here in a bit--xo Diana

  9. I love dishes. This last time we moved, I did pass along 2 sets to a special friend and her daughter. It was just too overwhelming to move them again! I like those red ones you showed. Like you, I'm tempted to replace my everyday with something new! Keep us posted. I look forward to the Autumn Horton's photos.

  10. What is it about dishes? I LOVE them! Before we moved here nine years ago, I cleared away two sets. Would you believe that since we've been here I have ADDED two sets? I do find occasion to use all of them at one point or another during the year, some more often than others.

    I hope you've enjoyed your Saturday.

    xo Nellie

  11. Susie,
    The blue set reminds me of my wedding china. There's something about blue china that is so pretty to me. I remember you posting about Hortons before. Would love to see all the Fall goodies in there.

    Happy September!


  12. The second set is Forget Me Nots. I just bought about 20 small dishes, a sugar and creamer for only $12. I have no idea what I will do with them but like them. I researched them and the sugar was selling for around $35 without the lid. The other pieces weren't that much. It is from pretty.

  13. I have the first set of dishes...they are by Havilandy I got a set (place settings for 12 and serving pieces) for $60.00 at a place in Elkhart. Apparently they were given away as a promotional deal at gas stations back in the 60's!! Many sets are floating around. If I'm not wrong on the picture you posted, you would have been seriously overcharged for this set. It's too bad we all didn't have IPads to carry with us and price these sets as we find them! It is a beautiful pattern and I keep it at the lake for fancy dinners (which rarely happens!).


  14. Dishes are my big temptation, well, books too! I love the ones with the big bright flower. They remind me of Appalachian pottery.