Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Apple Orchard....

 We did get to the apple orchard yesterday. I  always love looking at the apples. I really love the old crates.
 They have apple and pumpkin butters , also honey. They sell apple dumplings in a pack of two. I resisted.:)
 Outside the small building is lots of pumpkins. I bought 3 little ones...and I do mean little. They are sitting outside on the bench. As I was taking pictures of the pumpkins, along came a furry black cat.
I decide to take it's picture and all of a sudden , a dog started running toward me barking...so I jumped into the car. The man that had turned the dog loose said , "oh he won't bite". How am I to know that for a fact?? It was time to go. So I didn't get the cute pictures of the cat that I wanted too.:):) We are having the best weather. Hope you are too. xo


  1. What a delightful place and post!
    The signs of season in the heartland!

  2. I love visits to the orchard in Autumn. That's a pretty cat; such a shame that someone would allow their dog off leash at a place like this. Have a great day.

  3. Well, You might not have taken the picture of the cat you wanted to but you won't need the paddles to start your heart today. See? In every black/furry cloud is a silver lining. lol Sorry- couldn't resist.
    I love visiting orchards, too. I love the smell of them as much as anything. xo Diana

  4. oh! apple time! love it! we are having another rainy day, rats! oh well, i don't have to go anywhere, poker is in our card room in my building so it's fine but i'd rather be at the pool this afternoon!

    smiles, bee

  5. That looks like so much fun! I haven't been to an apple orchard since I was a kid.

  6. That looks like so much fun! I haven't been to an apple orchard since I was a kid.

  7. Love those old crates! I have four of them. Loved the kitty. Too bad about the dog. Yeah, how are you supposed to know? Glad you made it the car in time and didn't have to find out!

  8. Just because the dog's owner says he won't bite doesn't mean anything. I glad you got in car quickly.
    I used to love visiting the apple orchard at home. I loved the apple cinnamon doughnuts.

  9. What a fun place to visit at this special time of the year!

    Sorry about the dog!


  10. I am quick to scoot away from a strange dog, too!

    Pumpkins around here are not very numerous, and are more expensive than in recent years. It is said that the excessive rainfall was not good for the crop.

    xo Nellie

  11. Little photo bomber I would say. Looks like a mini doggy. Wonder why he was barking at you. Glad you didn't get snipped at.

  12. Oh..those apples look so yummy! We must go and visit our local one too!

    Love the pumpkins and that little black cat! Perfect!


  13. Apples, pumpkins and cute cats OH MY!!!