Friday, September 6, 2013

Pork Festival....

 Tipton county has a pork festival every year on the 1st weekend , after labor day. Here's my little pig pins, that I wear to the festival. All my girls have some pins also.
 We had pulled pork b-b-q sandwiches today.  They were very good. Here is sweet Lynzie enjoying her lunch. She came to town with her mommy Lizzy. They met up with Angie and I , this morning.
This big food tent is where they serve the pork chops, from pigs raised in Tipton. We got the b-b-q at the Lion's Club tent. They were serving these  and pork on a stick. The usual fair food was also being served through the fair. Lemon shake-ups, corn-on-the- cob. Elephant ears, ice cream,strawberry shortcakes.
 This is the official t-shirts they are selling this year. I couldn't resist buying one . Emma will probably end up wearing it to sleep in. She calls them big relaxing shirts. LOL.
This is the back of the shirt...too cute. Just the perfect shirt for a pork fest. Tomorrow there will be a parade at 1:00 . There will be marching bands. Later there will be staged performances. I will not be going back feet hurt from standing and walking around.
   Hope all of you had a good day . I am doing well after my dental visit. I think my gum is healing with the implant very well. But I am getting hungry, I have had yogurt, oat meal, baked potato, jello, puddings and soft bread with peanut butter. I am ready for some salad. xo


  1. sounds like you all we be having a wonderful time, Lynzie is beautiful and such a cute name! I love big tee's to sleep in!

  2. What a fun event! My hubby would love the BBQ! I hope your mouth heals up quickly. Enjoy your weekend! Hugs!

  3. Love that shirt, and I bet the BBQ was delicious. Farmers raise a lot of pork in our county, too, but we don't have a pork fest. We have a strawberry fest, but only one family grows commercial strawberries. Hmmm.

  4. Hi Susie, This is right up my Steve's alley, he loves to BBQ and of course he loves to eat pork. We are having a similar festival in two weeks here in our town. Our nephew has been borrowing Steve's smoker to prepare, because he is entering the cook-off competition.
    We'll be there cheering him on, and tasting his wares, LOL.
    Thank you for dropping by to visit my blog today, I adore company and love getting to know you better with each visit :) Now I know that we are both Nat King Cole fans. Nat has a silver voice doesn't he. My favorites are, Embraceable You, Unforgettable, Mona Lisa, and of course the beautiful, I Love You For Sentimental Reasons. Some of the older music from the 50's is unbeatable.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  5. Your tee shirts are too cute! Now I am hungry for BBQ

  6. What fun tee shirts. I am absolutely mouth watering now for pulled pork. I love it but seldom have it! xo Diana

  7. lovely day! good for you! pork rules!

    smiles, bee

  8. Oh! What fun! I LOVE pork barbecue!

  9. Glad you are doing well. The festival looks like fun. The t-shirt is great and Emma is going to love it for sleeping in.

    Get some rest tomorrow!

  10. Fall festivals are always a lot of fun. Great time of year to enjoy the outdoors and good food!
    Mary Alice

  11. Sounds like a big and fun day. That sandwich looks good enough to eat. Love the back of the shirt. That is really cute. This weekend is Broomcorn Festival at Arcola and they have the Clydesdales there! We are baby sitting tonight for the neighbor girl we used to watch when she was little. ;)

  12. So glad you got to go to the pork festival. It looks like so much fun. This weekend is Whoopie Pie Festival for us. I always want to go, but still haven't. Maybe someday. The t-shirt is so cute.