Thursday, July 27, 2023

Oh So Slowly....

Just as this wee inch worm inches is my progress here in town.  One day it seems I have been back in town forever, then the next as though I just got here.
I keep trying to get back to being an organized person, not at a fast pace. Just a little each day or every other day. It's like my batteries are running low..low...low.
 Enjoying some pretty things will keep me from going thru stack of papers. Why do we have to have so many piles of receipts. Dare we let if be shredded?  Maybe in my last days I'll shred it all and take my chances with the IRS and such. LOL
 The baking sun we have been having this summer is good for flowers, if you remember to water them.
 My daughter Karen has been harvesting some of her garden. My goodness , she may have to open  a pickle factory , she has picked so many cucumbers. She has tomatoes, potatoes, and the green beans are getting there. She has made pickles that she says are hot and spicy.... my gosh ,Ted would have loved those. The man enjoyed spicy foods.

  Granddaughter Lynzie came to visit today and brought her two boys, Max and Luke.  The boys are going to be as tall or taller than me in a couple more years. Max is 7 1/2 yrs old and Luke  is 6.   Now that is when time goes quickly. I got myself lots of hugs and squeezes. :):)  I told them to never forget me, they promised they would not.  I love to see how they are learning so many  things. Both are in taekwondo and like it . They like baseball also. In three weeks they go back to school.

    Take care dear friends and family. Stay cool and hydrated. XO