Tuesday, November 28, 2017

More From Saturday...

  This is what I bought at the Main Street Shoppes in Westfield.  Kathy and I bought different scented wax melts and trade each other three. LOL. We can sure penny pinch. :) I did buy some local honey from the area. This is all we bought from the big two story antque/fleamarket building.
  Here's more of the inside. I thought this was bit creepy ....now to some it may be a treasure. A stuffed raccoon , he looked very old  .
  Fishing lures and books. I like looking at these.
 Oh my, this old radio took me back in time. My parents owned one of these, although it did not have the record player in it. But it was just as big a piece . when I think about all that country music my parents listened to....you know we were never allowed to change the station either.
  The lady that became our landlady, way back when I was 10, had one of these. It was an awesome polished Victrola.
  Do any of you remember these pull down maps from school? Whole new world now.
 One of these was always in our Christmas dreams while growing up. A shiny new bike. Never happened.  After Kathy and I walked thru the entire two levels of this store we left and drove to Carmel. It's a town south of Westfield.
  It's what I call an artsy community. This is the outside of one of the buildings. We were sitting on a bench in a wee bit of a resting park, drinking coffee.
  All thru the town are statues of people in everyday poses, looking kind of real. I am sitting on the same bench as this one. My daughter Kathy is just past him taking a shot of me.  I saw little kids really looking this man over. LOL.
 We went to another place to shop(look around) . :):)  It was called Favorite Finds, Inc. On Rangeline Road. I did buy this little milk bottle. I will use it as a vase.  Sorry I did not take photos. I always ask before taking pictures in any store...and the proprietor was at the back of this business. She did tell the history of the building, which I loved. The front looked like a small house from the road....but it went on and on, in the back. Full of consignment things...some very old and some very ritzy.  The lady said the house was once where a doctor lived, then it was bought and a restaurant and bar where built on the back. That explained the building going on  after the first few rooms. Kathy and I plan to go back.
  I have to tell all of you, it was 61 degrees yesterday and suppose to get to 64 today. Then it will be in the 50's for a few day. I am calling this Indian Summer....we better enjoy every bit of this. Ted is golfing today.  Wishing all of you a sweet day. XO

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Saturday Shopping....

 On Saturday morning early, my daughter Kathy picked me up.  We were going to do a bit of small business shopping.  We started here in Westfield , Indiana.  This is the Main Street Shoppes. Two stories of antiques and flea market booths.  I loved the way the building was painted.
   Another part of it, although we did not go in here.  I thought it might be storage.
  The owner/ operator of the business pulled up next to us in his cute car, with a painting of the business on the sides.  He said he can not hide while out driving this car. :):)
  I thought of many of you out there as I shopped. Here is a wonderful display of Pyrex dishes for you Ann and many others.  Good prices too.
  A nice little fire truck for Kris' husband Terry.  This truck was in great shape.
 Well who would not think of  Claudia and Shelia when they looked at this beautiful dollhouse. I did not even look at the price.
  Tons of old Christmas ornaments and decorating pieces. For Jann and Deb, who always seem to find the best of this kind of treasures. I know there are many more of you who treasure hunt and strike it big .
 Oh Mildred and other bloggers, this is your sign. LOL.  I laughed when I saw this,and pointed it out to Kathy, as she is a kitty-cat lover too. I did buy a couple things. I'll post more pictures tomorrow.
 Oh yes, my feet are killing me this morning, We walked that whole building, both floors. Then went to Carmel, Indiana and walked around and found a delightful consignment shop. More later.
  Blessings for a beautiful day where you are..right now we have sunshine and 38 degrees, going to be in the 40's . XO

Friday, November 24, 2017

It Was A Beatiful Day....

 Liz and Angie doing some last minute preps.  We had  our thanksgiving gathering at Angie's.  There were nineteen of us this year...our prayer circle was a bit wonky. Angie says the grace and she remembers to  ask God to protect those absent from our day.  :)
  The pilgrims came, two by two. My daughters made these in grade school...so they are  old.
   There are three pairs, two pair look like a couple and the third pair I think are the wife of one set and the hubby of another. One set is long gone some where.  LOL Oh those naughty pilgrims.
  One little Indian came to thanksgiving dinner. Lynzie made Luke a headdress....she remembered this from school days. So funny and cute. This is Mark (daddy) holding Luke. Luke has croup and was not his usually smiling self.  He has some meds for it.

  Lynzie holding Max (part-time monkey boy). He did read to me and I got to hold him for a short while.  I held Luke while his parents enjoyed their meal.  The time was so precious.  Some of the parents had to work today  (Friday), so we had our gathering very early to accommodate them. Which I never mind, we all need to understand. Haven't we all been there a time or two.
  Our entertainment was Layla and Max dancing about on the  playtime throw .
  Layla kept doing this little pose after a few steps. So much fun to watch them. The giggles and a couple times scream, while fight over a toy butterfly. LOL. Till they found some stick butterflies in Aunt Angie's houseplants.
   I found these little mittens....they are Luke's, so his grandma Gigi will take them to him.  They were the size of a serving spoon. LOL.
 The end of our thanksgiving day for this year.  Everyone shared all the left-overs and took them home. That is something I like for my children to do. I even brought home a brownie and a small container of mashed potatoes to turn into soup.
  I hope all of you had a day filled with family and friends. Good food to share with others.  I am not going out to the black Friday shopping frenzy...no way, no how. LOL I will finish putting away my fall décor and think about getting out some Christmas things.
  Bless your day. XO

Monday, November 20, 2017

Weather , Groceries, & Cuties....

  Saturday's heavy rain.  Rained the whole day. Some times very heavy downpours.
  Like in this picture out the dining room window...could not see past the backyard.
    We had this hard frost one day.
     All the leaves are off our trees , except the willow.
   The Kokomo firetruck at the Kroger grocery . I saw the firemen coming out of the store and I asked if they were going to cook lunch. Bless their hearts, one said , "yes, we are grilling out today. " :)  Love those fellows.
  Tonight's sunset. It was a sunny day with blue skies. It got to 52 degrees...but stayed cold all day. I think it was the steady wind , that made it cold.
   I like to send Karen a photo of our pretty sunsets and she will send me one from her yard. :)
  Look at Luke, he is sitting up by himself.  He is going on 7 months...so I guess it's time. LOL.
 This is Luke's cousin ,Leo.  He is growing already . Looks so sweet. I can not wait to meet him in person.  Babies are so adorable. I hope they know they are loved.
  Did everyone get all they need for their Thanksgiving dinners? I went to three grocery stores today. I have never been to that many in one day. Crazy. !!  We got Ted's meds at one ,along with a big supply of coffee and peanuts. LOL. Then to the Kroger for a great deal on ham and little oranges. Then to Tipton's Needler's (Marsh)  for the rest of our groceries.   We ate lunch  at D.Q. while in town here, before going to our grocery. :)
  Wishing all a great rest of the week. XO

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Things I Am Missing.....

  These cute things, always. My daughters Liz, Kathy, Angie and Karen.   I have been thinking of the fun get away we had this summer to Michigan.  Hope to do that again.
  Miss the clump of oak trees in the distance.  A farmer cleared them to plant some crops. Miss this beautiful  blue sky today.....we had rain and fierce winds all day. Ted had to take our flag down .
  Miss this rose bush growing a rose every now and then and surprising me.
  Miss my beautiful container flowers I had this year. They  did last a good long time.  The tiny purple flower died out first., but a sweet potato vine took it's place.
 I miss the pretty white billowy clouds of summer.  The green fields too.  Just a few more days till Thanksgiving . I am excited to be with family then. Going to get hugs from everyone. :)  I am wishing all of you a cozy day tomorrow.  Of course , I am wishing all a happy thanksgiving day filled with lots of love and good food.  XO

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Cataracts, Good Report, & A Birthday.....

  Sitting in my optometrist's office. I have seen these photos of his two beautiful daughters grow through the years.  One is married and one is in college. :)
  This is where Dr. wants to send me for cataract surgery.  I am thinking about it all.  The office girls gave me a nice booklet to look over. They even furnish rides to and from the clinic.
   These pictures are suppose to let you know how you see with and without cataracts. I certainly prefer without.  LOL  Although, I am not as bad as the before surgery photo. :) I will have this surgery done in the spring.
   Here's great grandson Luke. Look at that pompadour hair-do.  So sweet. He had his check up and pulmonary function tests done.  . His CF team and drs. say his lung are normal, functioning well. He weighs 20 pounds now at almost 7 months of age...so doing well there. His report was good and he will not have to return till Feb.
  Here he is with his Gigi (my daughter Liz)  Luke has some teeth now and he likes biting on them. :)
 I want all of you to wish Louis Dean Chapman a happy birthday. He is the loving  husband of Linda @ Linda's Life Journal. They are the sweetest couple.  :)
 Wishing all of you a good day .  Some sun today. :) XO

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Saturday's Visit.....

Saturday morning, Ted and I go visit my daughter Kathy's new apartment. It's near her new job.
 She is still unpacking.  There's room for her to have her sewing machines and crafts.
 Ted hooked  her headboard to her bed. She made this headboard herself.  It was recycled wood. I told her she may want to attach some scones to matching boards, to hang along side , to make it a fuller headboard. It was a bit small for this bed.  Kathy started talking about all the pillows she was making for her new  bedding. She is a wonderful seamstress.
  We were treated to lunch at MCL in Carmel.  Ted and I used to go here about once every two weeks. I think we stopped going because of all the roadwork we ran into going here.
 I snapped this picture of Kathy, as I laughed about she and Ted sharing cherry cheesecake. Kathy also took us to a Goodwill near her new place.  Ted looked for candles and I bought a cute scarf for a dollar.:)
 As the day went on , the clouds cleared out, I got this photo of a pretty tree . We did see planes do a fly over while at the Goodwill store.  It was in honor of Veteran's Day.
  Friday Ted made this pile of leaves in the driveway. He used the lawn rake behind the golf cart again.  We loaded these leaves into the trailer and hauled them to the neighbor's woods down the road. It was five trailer loads.  That in itself was tiring.
  This is after bending over and picking up all the leaves . Ted gets home from dumping the last load, and says he lost his glasses in all those leaves. What!!! Yes, he had his glasses in his jacket pocket and they fell out as he bent over picking the leaves up. So on Sunday, he went to the woods and rake thru all those leaves again. It took him three hours, but he did find his glasses. Hooray.  He has an eye dr. appointment coming up soon., and he had a pair of readers  thankfully. But to find his glasses in all those leaves, I was amazed.
   Today is going to be a pretty day. Right now there a hard frost on the ground. Goodbye bugs. :) Hope you all have a good day. XO