Thursday, July 30, 2020


 This is my granddaughter Margo and her husband Ricky, with my sister Jeanie, at one of our 4th of July gatherings.  My gosh Jeanie looks so much like mommy here.
  My sister went Monday to get two stents in her heart. They could not get the stents in her heart. So they sent her home. She stayed a couple days with her daughter then wanted to come home. The drs. told her they would try to do one of the stents again in two weeks. No one has mentioned open heart. So I fear her health isn't safe enough to try that .
  This morning my sister Brenda  took Jeanie to ER here in town. They have sent Jeanie by ambulance back to the Saxony Hospital in Fishers, where she was Monday. The heart dr wants her there , to keep an eye on her.
  I'm asking if you would ,please, pray for my sister , or send up some good wishes or thoughts. I truly thank you.  XO

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Things To See....

  This staying home is some times tough. Then some times fun.
  The marigolds are getting thick and pretty.
  Black eyed Susans going strong. I put some miracle grow on them. They love it.
  Crop dusters have been in some of the fields near by.
 I absolutely love watching them.  Brave souls flying these planes.  Ted laughs about how much I love anything that flies . LOL  I really love helicopters.
   My sister Jeanie will be going Sunday evening and staying with her daughter. Then her daughter and son in law will take her to the hospital Monday to have two more stents put into her heart. The heart dr decided to move it up about two weeks. I am glad. I would love for her to feel better.
  She was having shortness of breath, the N.P. changed her blood pressure med and that helped.  Of course the heart dr is the one who ordered it.  I think Jeanie will be like new once the stents are in and she starts getting proper blood flow.
  Still not sure how school is to be around here. Last I heard it was to be E-learning for a couple more weeks....or even longer.  Indiana's Covid -19 cases counts are way up. Most stores you still need a mask. Hooray for that, in my book. Take care dear friends, stay safe. XO

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Staying Home...

 Honestly staying in  is something Ted and I have done a lot of since he has  his cancer treatments and started this journey.  Now with Covid it's even worse. Will we ever get to leave home  again? I certainly am praying we will and that this virus will be gone. I think,we as a nation , are going to have to be smarter and work at it , and absolutely have a vaccine.
 So in the mean time, we stay home and try to enjoy what we can.  Sunrises and sunsets. The birds coming to the water features and feeders.  Butterflies. and bees.  The flowers that are blooming.
 The occasional porch visit from family.  We space out, Ted and I wear our masks.  Daughter Kathy is coming for a visit tomorrow.   Hopefully we can sit out a bit. 
  Wishing all of you well. Please be safe, wear your masks, if only for the children of this world.  Let's help them have a normal life .  XO

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Aww Summertime.....

  The tiger lilies are blooming and looking pretty.
  Showing their freckles. :):) 
  Black eyed susans  are in bloom. I hope they last a good while.
 Coral bells are looking nice. They seem to truly love the shade.  The clematis is still blooming a few flowers at a time. Just tiny bits of color here and there in the yard.
  Yesterday I went to our dr. for my check up. I was the only one there. Hooray.  You know they weigh you the first thing...well I had lost a pound since last year. A pound. Glad I been working out. LOL  Just kidding.  My labs last week were for approval of my cholesterol meds.  The dr said everything was good. told me to keep it up and stay out of trouble. Then he wanted to schedule a scoping, I am two years past due for that. I said, "No , not till Indiana covid numbers start going back down. So he ordered one of the mail in kits for colon cancer tests. Well yes !!! No prep or hospital.  I am all for that.
   Later Ted and I drove to daughter Lizzy's. There was a storm go thru on Saturday. They lost many trees. Two going on the house. Friends arrived after the storm and put tarps on  the roof for them.  The insurance people will be out today.  A house , a quarter mile from Lizzy's lost their roof.  It may have been a tornado. I just wanted to make sure Liz and Matt had the inspectors check out the chimney also, after so much damage on their roof. We wore our masks while there. 
   Hope all of you are doing your part to slow the Virus.  Please take care of yourself and your loved ones. XO

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Little Houses....

  I have  three bird church houses. Ted says a wren was staying in one. Although I  saw  wrens going to that area, I never once saw one go into the houses. LOL  Talk about noisy birds. Of course if they were nesting in one , they would be upset with us using the garden hose, it's near this spot.
I still think the wren was nesting in the Japanese maple.. It's been so hot here in central Indiana, the birds are staying in the trees . We have two water features and two bird baths for the birds to bath and drink.
  Ted saw the nurse practitioner last Thursday, they set up his chemo for this week. He is getting his last day for this round, today. He will have a phone visit from his heart dr. tomorrow. He is feeling ok, other than his shoulder. We have finally heard from the dr who did the x-ray, MRI, and CT scan.  He has turned the tests to another dr. Ted will be hearing from the sports dr. Can any one do a job any more? Yikes the run around certainly gets old.  Why would any dr ordered x-rays and such, if he is going to send you to another dr. ,cause you know they like their own x-rays. 
   We saw all four daughters and their husbands on the 4th. Ted and I wore masks  and spaced out. We did have a little over 2 hours that included eating and visiting fun. Did us both so much good.
  Take care, the virus is spreading again. So frightening. I sure do not see how school will start up....some one needs to find a vaccine and soon.  XO

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Summer Is Moving Right Along.....

  The gazebo in the park is decorated for the 4th. The city has been having free band music there for anyone who wants to sit and listen. There's benches spaced around on the lawn, or you can bring a chair or blanket and just relax and enjoy.  I only know this because one of daughters told me. Ted and I would not be able to go. First of all , it would be too many people for us to be around.
 This is a view of part of the library. I am not even sure it's open. 
 The hummingbirds have been really busy here. Now the orioles are feeding on this feeder too. I put orange slices out and grape jelly for them but the orioles do not want gross, the Japanese beetles like the jelly.  I cleaned that all up this morning. Not having any part of that. LOL
  Talked with my daughter Angie this morning. She is having a small  gathering on the 4th, instead of our family reunion. So Ted and I might go for a short time. We will wear masks and space out..
  I am hoping all of you are safe and can see some loved one during this holiday weekend.  Please take good care. XO