Sunday, May 31, 2015

Material I Chose...

  Found this fabric at the Sprawl-mart, as Ed Crankshaft, the cartoon school bus driver calls it. :):) It was  a dollar-fifty a yard, so cheap. Good enough for cushion covers for the chaise on the porch. Now if I can just get busy enough to get them done.   Then I could show pictures of that, couldn't I ? 
  We had some storms and heavy rains yesterday and last night. More coming our way today. Hopefully this coming week will be nicer.  I am in shock of all the rains and flooding in some states, especially Texas. Praying for all of those that have lost loved ones and their homes.
   Thank you ,my blog family, for your kind words and prayers for Ray. He is still resting . We know it's just a matter of time with the morphine induced coma. This is results from Ray being diagnosed with mesothelioma and it spreading to his bones. Diagnosed at stage 4, just last month.
   Wishing all of you a great Sunday. XO

Saturday, May 30, 2015


   Today I wanted to post some of my sunrise and sunset photos., for Ted's brother Ray.   Ray is in a drug induced coma , at this moment.  He has been back into the hospital and then home with hospice care.
  When we spent time with him this week, he was speaking clearly and his memories were good.
  He did say he wanted to go home. Not to any hospice care facility.
  So hospice set up at his home. He was only home one night, before the morphine was needed.
 Ray told me he did not feel that his soul was with his body. His body was tired.
 I told him his soul was good and he would soon have a new body .
 Ted is staying busy, trying to keep from falling apart. There's nothing more to be done than hold Ray in our hearts and prayers. If you could think one kind thought or lift him in prayer, it would be so appreciated. Thank you. XO

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Purple, Green, & Blue....

  Our clematis is in full bloom and looks so pretty. Makes me wish we had many more of them around the property.
  I have to show all of you this sweet piece of junk I found near my sister's apartment. It was all dark brown and peeling. I ask the people if they were throwing it away and they said yes. So I told them I was taking it home with me. They said I was more than welcome to it. :):) My sister and I loaded it into my Jeep...had to put the backseat down and move the passenger seat forward, so it would fit. Yes, Ted laughed when he saw it, but promised to help me make it nice.
 Here it is in it's new color , willow green.  Ted sprayed the paint on for me. It had a few little worn out spot, but there's still some sitting to be done on this chaise lounger. I am going to make or buy some cushions for it. . Our next big project has  to be power washing the floor of the porch and staining it.
 Now you can see the blue.  Another robin built a new nest in the front window and laid two eggs.   I do not know if they will ever hatch, as the robin flies off the eggs every move we make.   I hope they make it. Remember all four of the eggs in a previous nest hatched and the birdies flew a way. :):)
  Wishing all of you a beautiful day. XO

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Great Weekend....

   We had some glorious weather this weekend.  Some  spots of rain on Memorial Day.  This is the sky over the hickory tree, on Friday.
 The sun shining in the back yard.  Making pretty shade .
 This is in the city park looking toward the golf course. I took this shot after getting photos of the pool.
 Looking toward the playgrounds in the park. The skies were pretty and the sun was shining all day on Saturday. I walked with my sisters  that day, plus went through the park for photos.
 These are  the irises at one of our  churches.  They are so pretty this year.  I love all the lovely flowers and trees the churches  keep on their grounds.  I hope all of you enjoyed your weekend . Hope you spent time with family too. Bless you. XO

Monday, May 25, 2015

Pool Opens Today....

  Our city pool will open today. It got a new paint job at the beginning of the month.
  All the chairs have been cleaned and stacked.
 I see a new  tube slide....I like that, not like the old exposed burn your bottom slides.  One year, many years ago,  all my daughters worked at the city pool. One sold tickets, one worked the basket room, one work concession and one was a lifeguard. That was a good year .  I remember taking the girls to the pool  and the kids were in line waiting for the pool to open.  A boy yells "open the pool the pool girls are here!! "   I laugh about that today.  In the morning hours are usually swim lessons, the afternoon , the pool is open to the public, closes between 5-6, then opens up for evening hours. Well that's the way it used to be.  Things have probably changed since then.
   Wishing all of you a happy Memorial Day...remember our service people today.  XO

Sunday, May 24, 2015

On Our Walk....

   Yesterday, I went to my sisters' apartment and we went for a walk.  We decided to walk down the alley. This is in back of there building.
  This is one of my all time favorite houses in our town. It is two doors south of Brenda and Jeanie's apartments.  This is the back & north side view.
  This is the back view and south side.  I adore the arched balcony.  This house has many stained glass windows.
 This is our doctor's office, once a beautiful home just across from my favorite house. This is the back. It is for sale now.  Dr. Mary has retired from our area.
This big house is apartments . We used to live in the part with the two big windows upstairs, I was in 4th grade then.  It's 3 doors north of where my sisters are living. We had already walked down the alley and back around to the street side. Honestly, you sure see things differently walking  down an alley. I am sure this was once a grand neighborhood. Some of the huge homes are now apartments. But then the house next door to  this place, where we lived as children, is being turned back into a one family home.
   Hope everyone is enjoying this glorious weekend.  Hope you are having some family time too. XO

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Birds & Flowers....

    Yesterday , after my sisters and I had lunch, Brenda and Pam came out to sit on the porch with me. We enjoyed watching the birds and talking.  Here's some Golden finches.
    This is a female hummingbird sitting to eat. They are so tiny. I love seeing them.
   Our clematis did bloom out. I love these blooms, they don't last as long as I would like.
 This is a little plant  called "blue eye". I need to transplant it again. It's getting crowded out by the pachysandra.
  My sisters and I had a good time at lunch. Barbie did well but grew tired. I took her home so she could rest.  Then Pam and Brenda came out to sit and talk.  It's pleasant to just sit out on the porch and talk.  Maybe have a cool drink.   We all plan on a day next week to just spend time one on one.  I will take Barb to lunch. Pam will come and we will watch our soap opera together. Brenda and I may go to the junk store. Then I'll go have a coffee with Jeanie.   Jeanie wasn't feeling well enough for lunch yesterday. We missed her.
  I hope all of you are enjoying some good weather. Let's keep our friends in our thoughts, that are having way too much rain right now. That is scary.  Bless you. XO

Friday, May 22, 2015

Lunch With Sisters.....

    Today I am having lunch with my sisters. I am so glad that Barb is feeling up to being out and about.  I will pick her up. She said she drove herself to her doctor appointment . Her doctor's office is near her home.  Barb is the tallest of the sisters.:)
    We will just go to a place in town. Not sure Barb needs to be out to far from home. She been doing well. Resting as the doctors told her. They took her off her baby aspirin . Not sure how long that will be.  I am so thankful she is better. I know that all the prayers helped her.  I so appreciate them .
   Hoping all of you have a fun filled day.  XO

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Extra Photos....

   Monday mornings sunrise. After going out for the newspaper, I had to get my camera.
  Saw that the tulip poplar tree had lost  a bloom.
 This is a little closer. I love the colors of the tulip poplar  flower.  Nellie told me this is Tennessee's state tree. :)
 Our clematis vine is producing many buds. Here's one opening up. I better get out with my camera today(Wed.), to get some pictures.
 This is our Monday evening sunset. This was after a monsoon of a rain.  Rained so hard  it  left water standing in the fields.  We had a beautiful start and end to Monday.  Is it just me or has this month of May been crazy weather and going by so quickly?? Last week, the temperatures in the 80's and today it was 45 at 7:00 am. Brr.
    I want to work in my flowerbeds, may wait till tomorrow afternoon. I could go to the post office and get some stamps. Need to send out some cards. Graduation is so near. Weddings coming up.  I am absolutely going to have a nice cup of coffee today. :)  Wishing all of you a great day. XO

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Picnic Day At Mrs. H.'s ......

     Here comes the  class , all strung out  and Mrs. H . bringing up the rear on this last leg of their walk.
  Girls all washed up and in line first.  They did well washing their hands.
  Then the boys in line after washing their hands.  They were hungry.
  When it was time to eat they all wanted to sit like this,on the driveway to eat.
 This is 7 of the girls with braids of some kind in the hair. Seems it's the girls with the shortest hair that want braids. :):) Some of the girls put little ties in the boys hair. I actually did not do any nails. First year ever , that has not happened.
  This is the entire class . Angie in the blue with them.
 When the children came it was chilly, by the time it was over , the temperatures had warmed a bit. Thank goodness for Mr.Shulenburg , the bus driver. 
As the children are driven away in the bus, I look down at their sidewalk art.  I feel sad, another group of young kids , on their way to middle school next year. I hope they have good memories  of this day.
 Hope your day was fun too. XO

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Some Sun....

   The past two days have been mostly cloudy and rainy.  But when the sun comes out it's great.
   My containers plants are looking like they love the rain and heat.:):)
  I took this picture before the farmer got into that field. He was later than the one just across the road. You can see the woods is all green now.
    Today I will go into my daughter's and talk about the class picnic. Her fifth graders will be picnicking at her house on Tuesday. I wonder if the bus will bring them. Last year they walked a good mile and a half to get to Angie's. :):)  Poor kids tongues were hanging out. LOL....not really  but they wanted to have sodas as soon as they arrived. Angie made them drink water. The soda was for later.
   I usually go help with the picnic and end up braiding hair and polishing nails. The girls love it.  I won't polish boys finger nails...well yes, call me old fashioned. LOL I will give them a manicure though.
  Hope your Sunday is a good one. XO

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Planted & Growing....

  The fields across the road have been planted with corn.  Wish that fellow  would mow his ditches more.
 Ted mows our lawn at 3 inches. That helps the grass thicken and helps keep weeds out.
  I spotted this little visitor through the blinds. 
  My emerald hosta is growing. It will take over this area.
 This is a coral bell  plant. I love the colors , from green to burgundy .
 This is our dwarf Japanese maple. One of my all time favorite trees.  We had a green one, I have tried to keep going for 4 years. This past winter finally killed it off.  The trees have all leafed out now . All the  perennials are growing taller. Of course we have had plenty of rain and very warm temperatures for the eighties.  I am not crazy for that kind of heat. It's too soon.
 Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend.  XO