Friday, October 31, 2014

Goodbye Pumpkins.....

  I wonder if pumpkins will go on sale now. Not everyone was bought for the Halloween season.
 These little basket jack-o-lanterns faces could be turn around for the thanksgiving décor.
I know that Horton's in Tipton will be setting up for the Christmas market time. But I have enjoyed all their wonderful things, they have had out for fall. Speaking of fall...well today is not going to feel that warm,.  It's going to be more like winter around our area. Some rain, wind, maybe sleet and snow flakes.
  Get your gloves, hat, a coat, and stay warm. Bundle your little guys for trick or treating tonight. XO

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Goodwill ....

 Teddy Bear  promised we would go to goodwill today. I know he will look for candles to turn into fire starters. I think I'll look thru the baskets. I want to make some gift baskets for my sisters.
 Today is the last treatment on our yard. Well for this year.  You know you sign up for a certain amount of treatments and then they call you all year with offers of this and that. They think we have a golf course budget. LOL. I can still see some ratty spots in our lawn. Funny the older I get the less I want to mess with lawns and flowerbeds. I love having flowers that come back each year. I do annuals in pots, in the spring, to have color instantly. So they only need watering and occasional deadheading.
  Today is gray and chilly, tomorrow is scary....maybe sleet or snow flakes here and there.  Time to get the gloves out dear Buttercup. :):)  The pretty part of autumn is going fast. Enjoy this day friends. XO

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


  This smelly little flower has durability. It still is going strong , after the rain , wind and chilly air.
 This year they can back where I had sprinkled all the seeds, as I dead headed them.
 This shot is from our park, the maple has lost it's leaves now. Things are looking bare in the park .
This is my neighbor's front yard and the crimson maple is bare this morning. This is an old photo.  She has a flowering crabapple also. That will be some food for birds and squirrels this winter. We only had about 2 dozen hickory nuts on our tree this year. I think we may have to put food out for the squirrels as well as the birds this winter.
  Cooler temperatures this morning. Not to be any warmer that 55  degrees today. Looks like we are now into the chilly bare part of autumn.  Just so it doesn't snow.  :):)
  Enjoy this wonderful day. XO

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Plans? What Plans?????

  I did not get to go junking yesterday. But I did get to go to the hardware store. Wow-wee-wow-wow. Here's the neighbors getting their beans in.
 I love seeing this, unless they hog the whole road. LOL. Our neighbor is very good about not doing that.
 Time for our scarecrows to hang around. Ted made this bench from some old cedar fence posts. I love decorating with it.
 Ooky, I am not touching this !! Can you see this little toad? I know they do good ,eating insects, so I let him hang around, as long as he never gets on me.
We had some pretty skies yesterday and sunshine too. I did not get to junk, but Ted treated me to a great lunch . He said , "don't you have enough junk?" What kind of question is that?  Of course I have enough, but I want to look at more. LOL So I can see a junk trip when he's not home. :):) That's what we do.
  Today is rainy and dreary. The leaves have really fallen from our trees.. It is almost sad looking. The little woods in back is still holding on with a bit of color. I do not know what it will look like tomorrow after this rain. So it's laundry time.
  Hope all of you are having a beautiful day. XO

Monday, October 27, 2014

Changing Scenery.....

 The views around here are really changing lately. The trees are losing there leaves, seems quickly too. I know this yard needs raked. More of that will be happening.
 These beans have been picked. Trucks are lined up at the grain elevators. The farmers were in the fields all weekend . In the night also.
The neighbor's apples are even falling.  There were not as many this year as last year. Last year seemed an abundance of apples. This year just a few on each tree.
 I can see the leaves are really off the trees in the back woods.   Over a month of fall is gone already.
We had some snow this time last year. I am ever so thankful we don't have it now.:) Today will be about 78 , tomorrow rain is forecasted. The rest of the week near 60, maybe. But rain on the night the kids can trick-or-treat.
  I plan on enjoying this day. :) Hope you do also. XO

Sunday, October 26, 2014

October's Last Sunday 2014........

  I do have one last rose on this rose bush. I love the deep salmon color of this rose.  I am only in charge of this rose bush, it is my daughter Kathy's. Her son got it for her one mother's day. When she moved from her house to an apartment, she didn't want to leave it behind and could not take it with her.  So that is how I became it's care giver.  One day, maybe Kathy can transplant it in her new yard.
 Zinnia, now this is a hardy flower . Comes in bright colors  and varied petal shapes.
  This is a sunshine flower to me. Love that yellow.
Also it's apple time. I love apple crisp at this time of year. One of my SIL's is crazy for apple pie.  I love to smell cinnamon in any thing cooking in autumn.   A nice roast in the oven and something with cinnamon for dessert. Now that says fall to me.
  How you are enjoying this last Sunday of did this month go by fast. Today is to be  sunny and warm. We better lap up these wonderful warm days.  XO

Saturday, October 25, 2014

I Need A Junk Trip...

 These are photos of one of my favorite junk stores. It's in Kokomo , Indiana. It's called the Treasure Mart. The original store is in a 3 storied building.  But this one is near Lowe's.
 Since we need to go to Lowe's on Monday.....well  doesn't it make sense to go here too?
I'll have to think about what I would like to buy. I would like a couple baskets. I see this big blue coffee pot and think vase. :):) I have to have a purpose to buy something now. Because it can become clutter if not used.
  I loved going to this store with my mom. She would see things that she could make a story from, something that she would remember from her youth.
  Today is to be so nice here. I am going to spend part of the day with my daughter and granddaughter.. Hope you are with loved ones . XO

Friday, October 24, 2014


 Oh yes, it's Friday. That really used to seem more spectacular. You know , like when I worked.
 Today, I am going to check in on my sisters. Take some treats for a coffee break.
 If you are wondering what these pictures are..they are from old photos of last year. Because I still can not load or find some of my pictures. I have been on that load site so many times I am sick of it. I am thinking of buying a new camera small enough to go in my purse. Then maybe it will have a different load program also. 
    Prayers today for all in need. Who of us could not use a nice prayer? I know I sure appreciate all that are offered up for my family and for me too. Smile today. XO

Thursday, October 23, 2014


 This is Sierra.  She's my first born grandchild. She just celebrated her birthday .
 This is Brock , he too just celebrated his birthday this past weekend.  How are my grandchildren getting to be so old? They are growing faster than their parents did. I never see them as much as I would like.  I remember them wanting to find costumes at this time of year.  I have good memories of their younger days.  Once they start working , they have less time, or so it seems.
   Today is going to be a clean up the yard day. So many leaves have fallen. I cleaned the porch and driveway yesterday, but it will need it almost everyday till the leaves are gone. We had sunshine all day yesterday and it was heavenly.
  Thanks for all the comments and prayers for my sister Brenda . She did very well thru the surgery and is at my sister Jeanie's.  She will be there for a few days to recuperate.
   Here's hoping we all have a great day. XO

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


This year my mums spilled over . They were very pretty although some what leggy . So when it rained they did not stand tall.....they fell over. I cut them back  every year in late winter or just at the start of spring. I am thinking I may have to make some sort of fencing around them once they reach their height  and right before they bloom.
  The weather around here for this week is to be pretty , maybe cool. As in 40 degrees up to 50 possibly. But that is good as long as we have some sunshine.
  Going to go to my sister Jeanie's today. She is caring for our sister Brenda , who is having a surgical procedure . The Dr. is shooting a glue substance into some fractures in her spine. She has had this before, just last year. But Brenda fell taking some trash out and has been suffering for months now. She suffers from osteoporosis.
   Since I have mentioned this, may I asked all of you ladies out there to please take care of yourselves. Get some exercise, don't smoke, take some calcium. Brenda had a hysterectomy at age 25 and never took any hormone replacements. Plus she smoked. She was an active person, but no exercise routine. Such as weight bearing exercises.   She's a fragile person now.
   Wishing you sunshine. XO

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sunshine ....

 Today the sun is shining and I am happy.  It's not too warm by any means but oh I am loving this sunshine.
 Had a doctor's appointment this morning.  It was at with my optometrist. He says my vision has not changed and I am doing well.  I just love this doctor. He is so funny. He remembers my mother. He said today, "wow, I just am amazed at your mother having eleven children." " No dish washer, no  cleaning ladies. " I just laughed out loud. I told him she didn't hire what she could raise. She had many dish washers, floor sweepers and baby sitters. .LOL. We older kids did it all.
  Going to town later and enjoy just being out in this wonderful sunshine.  Hope you are getting some rays also. XO

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday At Chapel....

 This is the chapel at the Sister's of St. Joseph Academy.  The grounds that are being sold , along with the buildings.
  This dove seemed at peace sitting on the statue of  Mary.
 This house is on the grounds, and people could stay there when visiting the academy or during functions there.
 This little grotto with a statue of Jesus with a lamb. Behind is a peaceful labyrinth.
 Another of the many statues on the grounds.
This is the Catholic church in town . The house next door is the home of the priest. Right across the street from the church is the grade school. It seems our Catholic members are not as plentiful as years before. I have no idea why. We still have the same families that were catholic when I was a kid, in our area. I am not catholic, but I pray that all these wonderful buildings and grounds come to good use  when sold.
   Today is a beautiful sunny day....I am loving it. It is not to be very warm, maybe 57 degrees. Hope your day is  full of love of family. XO

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Who Knew????

  I think owls are making a come back. I started noticing more last year. Even in jewelry.
 Many years ago, my daughter Kathy, had an owl collection. She liked them very much.
 You all know where I took these owl pictures, Horton's Fall Market. I actually like this wire cloche over this big owl. I have made some wire cloches out of chicken wire myself.
 Yes, I bought this little fellow from the Horton's Market. I have had him all over the house it seems. I would like to own a couple more. :):)
   I am still going through a peril trying to load and unload...then find my photos. I took many yesterday at the park. Came home and loaded them to my picture files. Three times, I tried this. All three times were a failure. I have no idea where they loaded , or if they did at all. Come on windows NINE....anything has to be better than this. I refuse to call those techs that overhauled this new computer....refuse . So I may have to save up and call the geeks from Best Buys. In the mean time, I go through the files I can access.
   It is cloudy and getting colder here. Yesterday was really a nice day. I would love a couple weeks of just beautiful pleasant weather, sunny skies, and warm temperatures.   Wishing all of you a great day.XO

Friday, October 17, 2014

Mid October.....

 Here's some scary little things to decorate your lawn.  I wish I had bought one of this cute witches.
 The first photo , the things are made of wood, these are made of metal. These would last longer.
  I usually just use real things, such as this small pumpkin and mums. I have yet to get my scarecrows  out. I am behind on so many things this fall.
These trees are at the academy grounds.  That is where the nursing home for the nuns and other Catholics used to be. My sister Jeanie worked there. They have closed the nursing home and transferred all the patients. Now the grounds and buildings are up for sale. It seems sad to me. I hope and pray something very good will be established there,  once it's sold. It would be a shame to destroy all the beautiful trees and the chapel.
 Can you believe October is half over ? I am wondering, did we have a September? Hope all of you are enjoying some great fall weather and foliage. XO

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


 I put a bit of fall décor on this side table. It's in the dining room, I have 3 star cut-out lids in the window sill. I thought I should have candy corn in the jar..but that would be too tempting. So I just threw in a floral sprig.
 This is a picture from our park. I love maple trees. You get so many colors on one tree.
  Ted and I will get our flu shots tomorrow morning , early. They were very busy at the CVS drugstore when we went. After we get our shots. Ted will have a blood work  to prepare  for his yearly check up coming soon.
   I will deal with a bill from the dye scan I got two months ago. The hospital charged my insurance for the dye scan , plus the part that I owed was sent to me. I called and informed them that the dye went into my arm...not my they adjusted the bill..I save 330 dollars, my part. Yes, they had billed it as a dye scan..but that is not what I got, no way , no how. Pays to do your own follow up.
  Hope your day is fun. XO

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Flu Shots ???

 This is how it looks around here lately. Gray skies, rain, and chilly. But yesterday it was near 70 and humid. Then there were storm warning in the evening.
 Here is a happy sight. Tiny little crabapples. This is on our flowering crabapple. They are only big enough for birds to eat. I do see birds eating them in winter and early spring. I am already missing some of the wonderful birds we have around here.
 Today we may get our flu shots, if the drug store has the shots on hand. We have taken them for years and never had any side effects. With every scary nasty thing going around , this is one thing that can help if you should get the flu.  I should knock on wood...Ted and I have been very blessed not to have had colds or flu for years.
   Hope you have a great day. XO