Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wood Crafts....

 Ted has made paper towel holders for our sale at the church bazaar. these just sit on your counter, that's why we add a pretty knob to the bar.
 Ted never waste any wood. He has glued up all his bits and pieces to make these trivets. I use ours a lot.
 He has made bowls , vases, and trinket dishes of all kinds. the vases do not hold water, they are for dried flowers or picture picks.
Once when he was very bored...he made these bird houses. I was amazed that he could make such tiny shingles for the roof. I keep these in the house for decorations. My Teddy Bear is a very talented wood worker. We get together and draw up plans for Christmas gifts for my sisters and our children each year. Ted will make the items and I get to help stain them.  I'll show this year's gifts much later.
  Today we are in for some nasty weather. High winds and rain. If you are in this systems' path, be careful please.  Can you believe tomorrow is November ??  xo

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Different World....

 Yesterday  I had to go to the grocery, I stopped off at the park. I just wanted to get some pretty fall pictures. I will tell you this story that  happened while I was there at the park
I was taking this photo of this tree, when I heard many rounds of gunfire. I went back to my car. I heard more rounds and it was coming from the direction of our school. Our school is just across from the park. I was instantly sick to my stomach.  You just think, no a shooting could never happen in our schools. But so many have happened in many towns. No one wants to automatically think that. But I did...I was so taken aback by the sounds of the gunfire. So many rounds of it.
 I got in my car and drove to where the park supervisor was helping on a project. I ask him had he heard that gunfire. He said , "what gunfire?" I told him I heard it twice and it seemed to be in the direction of our school. He said, "Oh I hope not." The fellow with him said it's probably  the shooting range for the police. Thank you God was all I could think at that moment.
 This is our school you can see on the way out of the park. The shooting range that I know about is about 2 miles from town. Maybe they need it to be elsewhere.  I never dreamed you could hear gun fire in town from that range. I will tell all of you this...I had to pull over and park....then I cried. I cried for the way the world has changed.  I know I would never have thought about a shooting at any school before these past few years. That incident made me so emotional. Some of you will think "she's crazy", some of you might understand, but I truly hope none of you feel like I did at that time when I heard the gunfire.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Crafting & Working.....

 These are the little birdhouses that I am getting ready for the church bazaar, in November. I think they look sweet enough to sell. Gee, November is this Friday.  Can you believe how fast October flew by??
Ted and I got the yard cleaned up yesterday. We hauled all the catalpa leaves to the neighbor's fields, he wanted them in the very center where is was a bit high. As for the pine needles and hickory nuts from the front lawn...they were burned in this fire pit. Ted sits on his golf cart and watches the fires so they never get out of hand. Plus we water down the grass around it and keep the hose handy. I am extra cautious with fires and I know Ted thinks I am overly so. But then I think men have caveman tendencies. They make crazy fires.  I guess I am just thankful we don't live near a forest. xo

Monday, October 28, 2013

Goodbye Corn....

 Hooray, the corn across the road is down. The farmer came Friday afternoon, with his crew. He brought two tractors, four wagons, a conveyor, the combine, an ATV,  a pick-up truck and a semi truck with trailer.
 When the corn is down, I can see farther. I don't feel so hemmed in either. The farmers around here have been having good crops. Considering the crazy wet spring and super dry summer.
Next year will be soy beans, I like them better. less mess and you can still see when that crop is in the fields. Today is beautiful so far this morning. We are having a rain forecast starting Tuesday through Friday. Hope the farmers can get the crops in before they get rained on.
  Ted's been busy in the shop making things for the church bazaar, coming up next month. I'll take pictures when it's all ready. I have couple things I have been doing to get ready also. Hope you Monday is a good day .  xo

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hugs And A Sunset...

 Hugs from sweet Emma Pooh. We went over to rehang her precious moments display case. Her bedroom has been rearranged. You know how children are . She loves her posters of puppies and kittens.
 Brock was home and helping his mom make cheesy potato soup, for their lunch. Brandon was coming to visit. Brandon is My daughter Liz's stepson from her first marriage.
 This Brandon, my 1st grandson. He was adopted by all of us. His father and my Lizzy are not longer married to each other. But Brandon is still our boy.
This is the beautiful sunset. so fitting after a great day with Liz, Matt, and the children. God is good. Hope all of you are enjoying your weekend. xoxo

Saturday, October 26, 2013

In Two Days....

 Our catalpa tree started losing leaves yesterday morning.  We had a hard freeze between Thursday evening and Friday morning. I have never in my life seen leaves fall this fast.
 The woods, back of the shed and the wood pile, has lost lots of leaves also. Starting to look bare around here. It has been plenty chilly too. I absolutely hate getting my winter coats out. I'll layer before I do.
This is the poor old catalpa tree this Saturday morning. Not many leaves left .  Ted and I will have to get these leaves cleaned up before it starts to rain again. Once they mat down on the lawn,from rain, it's harder to clean them up.  Hope all of you have a great weekend planned. We are flying by the seat of our pants this weekend. We'll do what we need to or what we want to, no rush. My life doesn't seem to be very thrilling, does it? It's a wonder I don't put myself to sleep, sorry. Hopefully something will come along before the weekend is over.  Blessings ox.

Friday, October 25, 2013

A Day Of Shopping....

 I went shopping with my oldest daughter Angie. She's on fall break . She wanted to get a head start on Christmas shopping. Plus her favorite shopping place had sent her a 30 % off coupon. This is the view of one woods on our way. I went down this road many years going to work.
This is one of the trees at the mall. Some times I just can't bear to look at clothes, shoes, or housewares. I'd rather be outside. So while Angie was looking for a new door mat, I went out to snap photos.
 I remember being younger and I would spend weeks shopping for Christmas for my daughters. Then it was my daughters and their families. Now I just give money , saves my feet and a lot less stress. I buy gifts for Ted and my sisters. We are having a very cold morning's 28 degrees and going to be 48 later ....even at that it'll still be cold. Warm hugs to all.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

It's Official....

 The big black cattle have been loaded up and taken to the farmer's barn, that means winter is near. In the Spring a farmer brings a herd of cattle to some fields down the road. They just roam around eating the grass.
Hey, I am a city slicker, I don't know what breed they are or if they are boys or girls. I just think they are boys, cause no milking takes place . :):) I like to see them when they are walking in single file to get to the water (ditch).  From our porch we can see them on that narrow strip of land by the ditch. Seems their heads are always down, so they look like big boulders. Ted and I took the golf cart down the road so I could get these pictures last week. As you can see I haven't been anywhere to take more photos. Hope you enjoy your day.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


 I looked out at 4:30 this morning and the ground was covered. Part of the porch. It's 7:50 in these photos. So the ground is still warm enough to melt the snow. In this shot , you can see lavender and the lilies.
This is the porch with leaves from the trees. I can sweep it every hour at this time of year. We have a nice fire going in the fireplace. Feels very good. May have to turn the furnace on with it being this cold. I have truly enjoying not having the AC or heat turned on. Hope all of you are warm and have a great day.  xo

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Autumn Color.....

 This was the moon last week. I love watching the moon.  I did not see an eclipse, but heard the news people talking about it. I hate when I miss those.
 Here's the trees in the little woods behind us. The leaves are falling fast from them ,once the leaves changed..
I love this ball of a tree. Such a pretty color. This is in town, down from my cousin's house. I remember as a kid walking through the leaves and hearing that swishing sound . I used to help rake up my daughter's  leaves and my grandson , Jake,  would jump from his swing into the pile. Those were the good old days....when I could rake leaves all day. We had frost this morning. Brrr. It's going to be winter before we know it. So get out and have some fun , before you are snowed in. I may rake a bit in my front yard. xo

Monday, October 21, 2013

Birthday Girl.....

This is my oldest grandchild, Sierra. Today is her birthday. We used to tease that Brock would be born on her birthday. He was certainly close. I can't be with my little girl today, she lives in another state. I use to call her the queen of  paper and crayons. She would have enough for a school. She loved drawing. We would draw and color pictures before it was time for me to go to work , many days. I would get ready for work and go by Angie's house and Sierra and I would have the best time. That was when she was so small. I wish we could sit and color today.  xo

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Last Flowers....

 Here's the lawn shaping up. Ted had just mowed it on Friday.There's still some dry patchy places where the crabgrass was taking over. I may just rake on them and throw down some more grass seed.
 Here's a shot of my mums. They are looking pretty now. But I am not sure how much longer they will. It's really been very chilly in the morning. I did see a trace of frost on the roofs.
I hope next Spring, I am able to buy some of these wave petunias again. They have been very hardy this year. Still making color this late in the year.
 Yesterday was my grandson's 18th birthday. I am in shock I guess. Took my camera to his birthday lunch and never took it from my bag. So I had no pictures to post this morning. Brock is a gentle boy, so sweet. He really enjoyed himself. His mother Liz had a great lunch prepared. Emma wanted a P.B. and jelly sandwich. So I made her one and Brock asked if he could get me to make him one....I guess reliving all the times he has eaten them before. Now here's that wonderful lunch Liz has put together and the kids want pb/j.
But it was Brock's day, so I made him a pb/j also. He did eat the lunch Liz made too.  Sorry no photos. Hope all of you have a great Sunday. xo

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Goodwill Hunting....

Digging through things at the goodwill store yesterday. I did find 24 peat pots for a dollar. Great find. The store in Kokomo was so crowded and it was not senior citizen's day. That is on Wednesday.
I found these little lunch plates. They were eight of them at a dollar each. I paid it, just because I loved them I think they are cute. I have Christmas set of four plates, maybe I can mix them. If not I'll give some away.
 Ted and I had a fun day, we picked up filters for our RO system and then some ink for our printer. We had a quick lunch at Steak and Shake. Still had plenty of afternoon left. Ted mowed the lawn. It is finally shaping up after the tru-green man killed the crabgrass , fertilized, aerated and reseeded.  It's been chilly here the past few mornings. Not looking as if it's going to warm up much either. Enjoy your weekend friends. xo

Friday, October 18, 2013

My Finds...

 This is the white pumpkin candle I bought at the junk shop. It's a Woodwick, the scent is glazed pumpkin. It was only 3 dollars and never lit. The wick is made of wood and it crackles like a fire when burning.
 Got these salt/pepper shakers for 3 dollars also. I'll never use them for anything but picture holders. You put a curled wire in the holes and the wire will hold a photo. These are gold plated, I may paint them , as they are a bit rough.
I picked up this blue checked creamer , because I liked the chicken on it. It was one dollar. So you can see I never over spent on any of these treasures. I have talked Ted into going to goodwill this afternoon.:):) A chance to add to my junk, er , I mean treasures. LOL.
    The weather man said we may be in for some flurries next week. NO_NO_NO...I am not ready for that. Where did our Spring, Summer and Autumn go already?? Hope you can be outside for a little this weekend and enjoy it. xoxo

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Main Treasures.....

 This is the store where I went junking yesterday. It's on Main Street in Elwood , Indiana. I think the owner  or her son lives upstairs. Only the bottom floor is a the junk shop...or treasure store.:):)
 It is so crowded in there, you honestly can't get through and see much. Just enough room to squeeze through and it's a lot of glassware. Scary. I just snapped photos of the toolbox here..too much stuff.
 The owner displays her colorful glassware in the front window and china cabinets. Isn't this lavender color pretty? May have to pick something up for the Lavender Dreamer, Diane.
 Many shades of  aquas and blues. There's red glass and cobalt blue. Even some rust pieces.
This is lots of green, it's in a china cabinet. Very pretty. There's lamps, wall hanging , paintings, linens, dishes, dishes, and more dishes. She will also have seasonal things. I'll show the things I bought yesterday on a later post. Hope you are having a great day. It's raining here. xo

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Going Junking :):):)

 Today, I am going to my favorite junk store, in Elwood . I just posted these pretty fall photos from last year. I love these tall skinny trees.  The maple tree below is the perfect shape.
If I get to buy anything while I am out today, I'll be sure to show all of you. Remember I am looking for an old typewriter. Not that I can type with but two fingers. LOL That Reminds me of an old joke...a girl went for an office job at the weather station, she told them she could type up to eighty words a minute with gusts up to one hundred.....xo

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pink Morning....

 This is the sky this morning.  So pink I had to take a couple photos. Good thing the skies are colorful, for it seems the foliage  is not going to be as pretty. I did take some pictures yesterday,of trees that are changing in color . In the little woods behind us, the leaves are turning and falling extremely fast.
I may not I have the colorful trees I would like to have in our yard, but oh the skies I can view .  It's been very chilly these mornings of October. It warms up in the afternoons. I always thought that the second week of October was the prime time for fall foliage around here. It doesn't seem to be the case this year. May be that the last three draught summers is taking it's effect on our trees.
 One of my blog pals, posted yesterday  about Brown County, here in Indiana.  There's a state park there. This time of year it's almost impossible to get into the park for the traffic of people wanting to enjoy that beautiful scenery. Also the neighboring towns of  Gnaw Bone, Bean Blossom, and Nashville. Cindy, who did this post, said the foliage was not as colorful there this year. Do any of you see a difference in the way the trees are turning? xo

Monday, October 14, 2013

Brunch With Friends....

 This is our Monday for brunch. The ladies will kill me if they ever see these photos, so shhh !  I never warned any of them.:):):)We are still trying to get together once a month for a bit of food and fun. One lady has suggested we meet for lunch next month, since it's stays darker longer. I laughed because we normally meet at's daylight then. So funny.
It's just so nice to hear their stories of family and adventures. But some times it's stories of pain. The lady on the end that appears to be praying, has fought a couple cancers. She lost a lot of hair through her chemo for her breast cancer and it came back so very thin. Bless her heart, she's quiet and so nice. I hope we continue to do this . We did pass pictures around from the class reunion. One was of a classmate who had received a Mustang (1972) from her husband for their 50th wedding anniversary. Wow, what a gift !!  Hope all of you are getting off to a great start for this new week.  XO

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Left Overs.....

 No not left over potatoes.....but left over pictures of Horton's shop. I have not been out much with my camera, to get any new  interesting pictures, so I thought these would do. A bit of Paris in this shot.
 Gee, I just now spotted the old typewriter, I thought Horton's had sold it . Proving you can't see everything at this store in one visit. :):) I am going to be looking for an old typewriter to display in the office / guestroom.
   We spend a little more time doing things to prepare for winter yesterday. Honestly , I am bored to death of it. I still have a ton of things to do. I may just start tossing things out. That would sure lighten my load of wondering , "where can I put this?". Ever feel that way? Hope your Sunday is a great one. xo