Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sun Up Till Sundown......

 This is how the day started yesterday, very cloudy. But as I went to town it cleared up and the sun shined all day. I drove around my home town , I long to move back to town .
 I went by the side entrance to our city park. You can't drive in here, there a front entrance for cars. I love seeing this old entrance. I am sure it was the only one for many years.
 My rose finally opened up. It's such a pretty color. This rose was given to my daughter , by her son . When she moved from her old house , she moved to an apartment, but couldn't bear to leave her rose behind. So she brought it to me . It had some scary moments where I thought it would not make it.  But it's a fighter.
This is the end of the sun for yesterday. It was suppose to rain last night. It is raining this fine Saturday morning. A gentle soaking rain. Our lawn needs it. The lawn dude came and aerated this week.
  Hope all of you are enjoying something this weekend. Even if it is so simple as the sun coming up, or a soft rain, or the last rose blooming. I know if you look , you will find something beautiful, to enjoy. xo


  1. Susie, I think that we sent you the rain that we have been experiencing for the past six days. This morning, we have clear skies. Lot's of yard work for us this weekend. As always, I enjoy your images of your quaint home town.

  2. Susie, your little world looks so much like mine here. Love all your photos and the park is so sweet. That is a pretty rose. Glad it made the transplant to your house. We have some bad storms moving in here later today around noon. They will probably head you way after that. Lots of wind with these. We so need the rain. Our yards here are so nasty, but still not as bad as last year. Have a fun weekend!

  3. The rose is so pretty; happy that is survived. I know you are thankful for the rain today. The rock entrance to your park is lovely. Clear skies and cooler temps for us today!

  4. years ago when we lived in a house with a lawn and sarge could take care of it he would mow with golf shoes on to aerate it. he had a lawn like carpet.

    smiles, bee

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    1. sorry for the duplicate comments, either blogger is wonkie or i am!


    2. Bee , let's blame are too sharp to be wonkie. xo,Susie

  6. Beautiful post, is so lovely where you live! I always like to look for the beauty in life, too...

  7. Thanks for showing us the beauty of the cornfield, rose and sunset!
    ps thanks for the compliment but the picture of the person holding the gourd was not me but the artist...wish I looked that good!

  8. Doesn't the sky look beautiful at either end of the day. Your rose is looking good, it is a pretty colour.

  9. Do you really want to move back to town? I sometimes wish we were not a 20 minute drive to good grocery stores and shops but when I get there the noise and traffic makes me glad to get home. Your hometown is probably not like that, and full of charm though.

    Yes, beauty all around me today to enjoy, especially the sunshine. But I know I'll enjoy the rain and storms forecast for tomorrow. I love October rains.

  10. It is a a beautiful day here - really like a summer day! I hope you are enjoying the rain today! xo Nellie

  11. Susie,
    I love your beautiful little town of Tipton. It was so much fun to venture down to Horton's and drive the country roads. So pretty down your way.

  12. Great shots. Tipton is so pretty!

  13. What a beautiful post! That rose is gorgeous! You are certainly doing something right! smile... Your photos are all wonderful!