Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Last Flowers....

 Here's the lawn shaping up. Ted had just mowed it on Friday.There's still some dry patchy places where the crabgrass was taking over. I may just rake on them and throw down some more grass seed.
 Here's a shot of my mums. They are looking pretty now. But I am not sure how much longer they will. It's really been very chilly in the morning. I did see a trace of frost on the roofs.
I hope next Spring, I am able to buy some of these wave petunias again. They have been very hardy this year. Still making color this late in the year.
 Yesterday was my grandson's 18th birthday. I am in shock I guess. Took my camera to his birthday lunch and never took it from my bag. So I had no pictures to post this morning. Brock is a gentle boy, so sweet. He really enjoyed himself. His mother Liz had a great lunch prepared. Emma wanted a P.B. and jelly sandwich. So I made her one and Brock asked if he could get me to make him one....I guess reliving all the times he has eaten them before. Now here's that wonderful lunch Liz has put together and the kids want pb/j.
But it was Brock's day, so I made him a pb/j also. He did eat the lunch Liz made too.  Sorry no photos. Hope all of you have a great Sunday. xo


  1. Your flowers are so pretty. It's sad to seem them go. Happy Birthday to Brock. That's cute about the pb&j!!!

  2. Susie, the yard does look really great and green! Sew the grass seed in those spots everytime it snows this winter. The snow is full of nitrogen, so it will really kick start it in the spring.
    Glad your grandson had an awesome birthday and a pbj! I have done the take the camera, leave it in the bag thing, too. LOL- are we really getting senile? Senior moments happen. Still in my 50s so can't wait to see what the 60s hold for me. It probably won't be good.
    LOVE your choice in flowers- purple! My favorite. That walk looks so nice and like its been there all along.

  3. I am amazed at how beautiful your flowers still are and I love you brick pathway.
    Happy B'Day to Brock too!

  4. Your flowers still look beautiful! We've had a warm fall, so many of mine are still in bloom.
    Mary Alice

  5. Your yard looks great and the flowers are beautiful!

  6. Your grass is looking good now, and the flowers are very pretty still. That first hard frost sees them off overnight though, so enjoy them while you can!
    Belated birthday greetings to Brock. You are never too old for pb/j!

  7. Beautiful pictures as usual. So nice you still have flowers.

  8. Your flowers are so pretty Susie. mine has already kicked the bucket except for the mums. they will get it this week since we are expecting a big frost, possibly tonight. The wave petunias are so pretty. I plant them every year and they spread out so beautiful. Hope you enjoy your week. Hugs, xo

  9. Happy Birthday to Brock!! Your flowers are still so beautiful, I had to look at them again, nothing like that here, we may have snow tonight,

  10. Your flowers are beautiful. The colors are so vibrant. Hope they last a little longer for you, Susie.

  11. Love your pictures. Just about all we've got left around here are mums. Can't believe that we are soon for November. Where did the year go?

  12. Susie,
    Your front lawn is so green and groomed! The pink mums are so pretty, and I love that color! Happy Birthday to your Grandson. The kids grow up so quickly, don't they? I hope his day was filled with everything he loves.

    Have a happy week, dear.


  13. beautiful lawn and flowers! my youngest grandchild is 17 now and has a car. yikes! the oldest, ayla, is 25, i have no idea where all those years went!

    smiles, bee

  14. Oh my..your flowers are is your lawn! Ours are all just about gone..except the marigolds!

    Happy belated Birthday to your pb/j grandson! Lol