Friday, October 25, 2013

A Day Of Shopping....

 I went shopping with my oldest daughter Angie. She's on fall break . She wanted to get a head start on Christmas shopping. Plus her favorite shopping place had sent her a 30 % off coupon. This is the view of one woods on our way. I went down this road many years going to work.
This is one of the trees at the mall. Some times I just can't bear to look at clothes, shoes, or housewares. I'd rather be outside. So while Angie was looking for a new door mat, I went out to snap photos.
 I remember being younger and I would spend weeks shopping for Christmas for my daughters. Then it was my daughters and their families. Now I just give money , saves my feet and a lot less stress. I buy gifts for Ted and my sisters. We are having a very cold morning's 28 degrees and going to be 48 later ....even at that it'll still be cold. Warm hugs to all.


  1. I would be right beside taking photos, I don't like shopping a all!!!!!!

  2. Hi Susie. I am in the same boat with my kids...I like to surprise them with gifts but mostly I give them gift cards to their favorite stores. I don't mind shopping as long as I can avoid the crowds.

    Very pretty pictures. Our leaves are slow to change here. It's 32 right now but supposed to get up to 50. yay!


  3. I'm with you on the shopping, Susie- I would rather be outside! lol Unless it is a FUN shop!
    That is pretty country but I bet you don't miss going down that road to work.
    Have a wonderful day- I have the grandgirls for the weekend- xo Diana

  4. Pretty trees. Ours are just starting to turn. But the weather has sure turned. Very cold here. I'm not ready for winter.

    I'm with you on the shopping. I like to go, get what I want, and leave. I guesss it's because I have trouble walking with my bad knees and feet.

  5. Sounds like a good day to spend shopping inside a warm mall!:-) xo Nellie

  6. Money from us too. The year that the pile of gifts in a corner of my bedroom almost reached the ceiling for my big family is what turned the tide. They'd rather have it anyway. My husband buys what he wants and I buy what I want and I wrap them up.

  7. Those are great photos Susie!

    I was in the mid 20s here last night. I am not ready for winter.

  8. The leaves are beautiful. We do not buy gifts or give money. CC gets a small something and that is it. We like to focus on the family aspect of the season.

  9. I do buy some gifts, but for my goddaughter and her brother it's money. I'm not sure I can handle the New York stores before Christmas for shopping, but I will stop in for pictures of the decorations.

  10. Susie, thanks for thinking of me! Back to maybe back in the swing of things.
    Boy can I remember my friend and I knowing every item they sold at the more!

  11. I made 1 Christmas gift this week! I go shopping with my "kids" and they pick out what they want for Christmas, then I wrap it up! LOL!

  12. Oh Susie, how lucky you are to be able to shop with your daughter! I use to do that at this time of the year, but her and her family moved to Georgia! So now she is doing this with her daughters😊

  13. Wow! Susie! What a drop in temperature!
    The leaves are beautiful! It's not so pretty traveling from our home to the mall!
    Have a great weekend!
    Keep warm, my friend!

  14. Our family exchanges names. Some of us have gone on a Christmas shopping trip for years and we used to do a lot of Christmas shopping. Now we buy for the one name we drew and have fun relaxing or shopping for ourselves!