Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Hair Is Standing Straight Up.....

 Hope you can see this huge spider web, scared me, I do not want to see the spider that made it. I was putting out my scarecrows and was terrified that I would get onto some webs.
 After I put a scarecrow by the flag pole, I looked up and this is what I saw. Yes, I screamed and my hair flew straight up....kind of. I did  feel goosebumps on my scalp :):). Doesn't it look as if this spider is not on a web....well he was...and a big web at that. I have a fear of spiders.
 Toads are every where now. I am not one to touch them either. As a kid, I would try to get the spider in a jar and the toad in a box....the older I got the more scared of these creepy things I became.
At last here is something pretty...I think it will be the last rose this year. I am hoping  the rose bush makes it through the winter.  It struggled this summer, but I kept miracle-grow on it, and that helped.
 Hope all of you are enjoying your day. xo


  1. I am not a fan of spiders, either. My husband has "ushered" one out of the house this morning. Lucky for it that he was the one who spotted it.:-) It probably had already been sneaking in to hole up for winter. Now it is back outside where it belongs.

    Have a good Thursday!

    xo Nellie

  2. I'm with you, Susie- I do not like spiders. We spray here for them by the lake...otherwise they would coat the whole outside of the house with webs overnight. They can go visit our neighbors.

    Pretty rose at the end- I have a couple of blooms left, too- xo Diana

  3. I KNOW! The spiders started coming out in mass at the beginning of September!
    I had to hack down webs on my way to the car every morning until the torrential rains started a week ago!
    I always look forward to the first freeze
    when they magically disappear!
    I too, hope to see your pretty rose on your blog next Summer, Susie!

  4. Last week when the men were here cutting trees, they killed several really big spiders out in the woods.
    That is going to be a pretty rose. Hope it survives the winter.
    Enjoy your day.

  5. Glad you found something pretty Susie..Have a wonderful day

  6. Oh, Susie- that's funny. I can see you screaming like that! Oh, you and Craig(my son) would make a great team. He is so afraid of spiders and frogs. I love them. I have to kill the spiders for Craig. Maybe I should video him going under the deck this weekend for the halloween totes. You know that spider eats so many bugs in your garden and keeps your plants safe. He is a good spider.

  7. I can just about cope with spiders, as long as I don't have to actually touch them. I recently walked into a huge web, which went all over my face. What I didn't realise, until Freya was screaming hysterically, was that the spider was in my hair!

  8. I am scared of spiders!!! I hope you killed that one.

  9. Ugh, I hate spiders, Susie. That first web is huge. What in the world made it?

  10. i don't much mind spiders but birds scare the heck out of me!

    smiles, bee

  11. I thought that was Halloween decoration you had put up there! Kind of pretty, the web not the spider!

  12. Spiders make my skin crawl! Ewwww.