Saturday, October 19, 2013

Goodwill Hunting....

Digging through things at the goodwill store yesterday. I did find 24 peat pots for a dollar. Great find. The store in Kokomo was so crowded and it was not senior citizen's day. That is on Wednesday.
I found these little lunch plates. They were eight of them at a dollar each. I paid it, just because I loved them I think they are cute. I have Christmas set of four plates, maybe I can mix them. If not I'll give some away.
 Ted and I had a fun day, we picked up filters for our RO system and then some ink for our printer. We had a quick lunch at Steak and Shake. Still had plenty of afternoon left. Ted mowed the lawn. It is finally shaping up after the tru-green man killed the crabgrass , fertilized, aerated and reseeded.  It's been chilly here the past few mornings. Not looking as if it's going to warm up much either. Enjoy your weekend friends. xo


  1. I love the little snow man plates!

    Great buy on the peat pots!

    Have a wonderful weekend Susie!

  2. Sounds like a good day. I adore the snowmen plates. They will be cute mixed with what you have already.

  3. Hey Susie!
    I LOVE the snowmen plates with the sweet birds all around. Wish I could go shopping with you, you find the cutest things. xx

  4. One thing I don't have are Christmas dishes, I really want some!! But every Christmas it's like there are a hundred other things to buy and I just never have the extra money. But at a buck each? That's my kind of price!
    They are so cute Susie!

  5. Love the peat pots, so many things you can do with them! Love those plates. I haven't been to a Steak and Shake in years. Its chili weather for sure here. So happy your yard is finally filling in. It should be super by spring time! Got people coming and going here all times of the day and night. I will be so glad when harvest is done. There is no normal right now and no weekends. Enjoy yours!

  6. Las fotografias son muy bonitas, te invito a visitar mi bloc, Felicidades
    por tu bloc

  7. Good finds! They are doing so much with those little peat pots!

    Have a great weekend.


  8. I saw the same peat pots at MY Goodwill! What a coincidence! Love your plates. They would be good to use when gifting a plate of cookies! Sounds like a lovely day! Cool here as the 60's!

  9. Great finds at the Goodwill! Love those dishes! Good for your hubby..getting the yard in order!


  10. Those snowmen plates are so cute! I just love them.

  11. Hey Susie, Those plates could be used all winter, not just at Christmas! So now you have seasonal and Christmas plates! Great prices too. Love all your treasures. Great idea for the salt and pepper shakers.

    Cindy Bee

  12. Hi Susie!
    Your cute little snowman plates are by Debbie Mum. I love them. Thank you for stopping by. The music on my blog is called Claire De Lune. Or Edward Cullin's piano music in Twilight.