Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pink Morning....

 This is the sky this morning.  So pink I had to take a couple photos. Good thing the skies are colorful, for it seems the foliage  is not going to be as pretty. I did take some pictures yesterday,of trees that are changing in color . In the little woods behind us, the leaves are turning and falling extremely fast.
I may not I have the colorful trees I would like to have in our yard, but oh the skies I can view .  It's been very chilly these mornings of October. It warms up in the afternoons. I always thought that the second week of October was the prime time for fall foliage around here. It doesn't seem to be the case this year. May be that the last three draught summers is taking it's effect on our trees.
 One of my blog pals, posted yesterday  about Brown County, here in Indiana.  There's a state park there. This time of year it's almost impossible to get into the park for the traffic of people wanting to enjoy that beautiful scenery. Also the neighboring towns of  Gnaw Bone, Bean Blossom, and Nashville. Cindy, who did this post, said the foliage was not as colorful there this year. Do any of you see a difference in the way the trees are turning? xo


  1. What amazing photos. My hubby has taken a few sunrise photos lately to show me. I don't get up that early! lol We are planning to drive up to the mountains of NC soon. I hope there are still some Fall colors when we go. Some years are better than others..that's for sure. Enjoy your day my friend!

  2. That is a gorgeous sky! I've noticed too that October often gives us beautiful sunrises. What a blessing!

  3. Oh your morning sky is so beautiful today, Susie!
    Our Fall color is amazing this year.
    The leaves are falling fast. It seems like the big change happened the first week of October. Our annuals finally crashed last week. I spent the weekend pulling them and preparing the planters and pots for this weekend. The weather forecast indicates that it be perfect for planting mums, kale and winter pansies.
    Thanks for popping in to visit!
    Have a great week, my friend!

  4. What absolutely beautiful pictures! I've never seen a sky like that. Our trees are not too colorful this year, either. The leaves are just falling without turning colors.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous sky!
    I hope you're well,
    Tammy xx

  6. Love that sky! I missed the sunrise this morning. Red in morning, sailor's warning- Red at night, sailor's delight.
    We are too dry. We need at least an inch of rain to make the colors happen and we need it to frost. That will kick start things. SO far we have been warm and dry this fall. Its either green or brown here, too. But its coming, just a little late this year. We had a wet and late spring.

  7. Beautiful sky. I expected after being gone 10 days that the leaves would have all fallen off the trees. I was hoping it would at least be the peak of the season. But to my surprise the leaves were almost the same as when I left. We have had a ton of rain this year but a little dry lately. I hear the same fro others that the leaves aren't turning and they aren't as colorful.

  8. Oh my goodness how beautiful that sky is. Our leaves are turning quite fast here. I'm so happy you got your book and I wish you much enjoyment .. thank you so much for buying it.. Hugs, xo

  9. Susie-Our sky looked a lot like that early this morning but it started raining and we have had a steady downpour all day long...and it is supposed to rain off and on the next few days.

    Our leaves have finally started to turn-very late this year. I'd say we are about 40-50% changed now.

    Hope you have a great day- xo Diana

  10. thats an amazing sky photo, wow, what color,
    Many people in our area say the leaves aren't as bright here this year and Garry and I agree,

  11. Goodness. That sky is just amazing! The trees around us are just beginning to turn, so I guess time will tell. It has been a beau fall, hasn't it?

  12. That is one beautiful sky. I have never seen anything like it. Thanks for sharing your photos.