Sunday, March 31, 2019

Tricky March....

  This past week , we had some really nice days. About three. So I went to Horton's in town. Realized I had missed the Spring Open House. Got myself a nice little garden flag . It cheered me to see the pretty colors.
 The tin truck in the center of the store was loaded with flowers , some real and some fake.
 The greenhouse has lots of pansies and garden starts. New flowers for the cemetery stones, also.
 I love the pansy faces. They look delicate but really are a hardy plant.
 This is a bold color.  I did not buy any yet, as I have no time to plant them.
  This is the side entrance to the store. A scarecrow with a basket of flowers.
 Inside are groups of displays. This one has lots of reds.
 This is a small display and the yellow stands out.
 The Easter banner looks nice here. Love the fake white flowers.
 This is what happens , just when you think it's snows again. Yesterday afternoon.
  Snowing and can not see very far. Maybe across the road. We had about 2 inches of snow.

 This is the last day of March. At least the sun is shining today. It is cold, but pretty skies make me smile.  Hopefully the snow will melt quickly. Roads are somewhat slick.
  Tomorrow, we have an appointment with the hematology nurse practitioner. It's just south of here at Riverview.  Ted will just get his labs done there. Praying for good counts.
    Wishing all of you a wonderful new week ahead. Be safe. XO

Friday, March 29, 2019

Sweet Savannah......

  My granddaughter Savannah has so much artistic talent. This is a pixel painting she made this past fall. She said it made with markers. I wish she would make me one of these. I may have to ask.
  This is from last weekend, when she attended a Mumford and Sons concert.. She was with her parents.  Savannah just turned 17.  She's a straight "A" student. Loves choir and art.
 Here's some old photos her mother put together for her friends to see at the birthday party. It  seemed she would not get hair ever, then it came in so blond and fine.  Ted said he heard her screaming like a banshee once ,while her mother combed it. LOL   Oh he loves telling her that story.
  She went thru a couple years of wearing her hair in every color you could think . I kind of like this "old lady" lavender.  She's always pretty, no matter the color.
 This is her natural color. She keeps it short, I think she just hates tangled hair that much.
  This is a photo of an art project. She chose this picture of a flower, I am not sure what it is, looks like a lily.
  This is how she made her picture , with colored pencils. She entered it into an art show...But I have not heard any thing. Her art teacher's father told the teacher it was very good...the teacher told Savannah , , that comment from her father was like an award.
 This was her latest project. A self portrait.  Once papaw gets thru some of his health issues, he will  frame her art pieces. I think she is doing well in her artwork.  I love this sweet girl with a gentle soul.
   Just a quick up-date...Ted has an appointment Monday morning with the hematologist N.P.  He is to have his lab work at Riverview and the N.P.  will rush it for the results. This is to keep him in remission.
 Thanks to all of you for your continued prayers. We are so very grateful. XO

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


  Monday we were at Riverview for a follow up (?) . At least that is what it seems to be. The N.P. hematologist , wanted to see Ted and check him over. He has gained back 8 pounds of the 34 he lost. So that was encouraging.  I would like to think I am cooking well...but Ted is not a picky eater, so I can make him a meal with some protein and he is happy. .Ted told the N.P. that I was fattening him up for the next round of "whatever".
 While Ted waited in the room , I went to the restroom and then to  the chapel.
 So peaceful in here.  I love this sweet quiet place.  I can relax and pray. The ceiling is painted like the pretty blue sky with puffy white clouds.
 Recently...Jake our grandson had a birthday. His sister Sierra made this beautiful strawberry cake.
 Here Sierra  is trying to light the candles and her mom  (Angie) has been bowing the candles out as she lights them. Then Jake is saying, "come on sis, light the candles" We had dinner with all of them and it was a fun time. Lots of laughs. I did not get Jake's buddies in the picture or his dad. You all know sometimes , we just are in the moment and do not think of things , that we think of later.
  Recently , another birthday. Savannah had a birthday and two parties.  These cupcakes were after the party she had before her actual birthday.
 These are some of Savannah's friends who came to her party.  I do not know two of them but I do know sweet Shamika, wearing the bun hair- do. She has been friends with Savannah since they were toddlers. All these girls do is giggle.
  Savannah's present from her parents was a weekend at some kind of animi convention and a concert to see Mumford and Sons.
Savannah's best friend was grounded so she missed out. This is Jeff and Karen, her parents...they sat with her .
    I keep holding my breath. I know what is ahead of us in the coming months. I am grateful to all of you that have been praying for Ted and I.  It has helped us so much.  Ted is in great spirits. I pray his positive attitude will stay throughout . Thank you dear friends, for standing by our sides. XO

Friday, March 22, 2019

There's A Match....

 Monday morning Ted called the Indiana Blood and Marrow Transplantation group. The navigator nurse told him she was looking at a match for his bone marrow transplant.  On Tuesday they called and said the donor was a great match. So Ted will be going there one day during the first week of April for tests and prep for his transplant ….which you can not pin them done on a date.
  We have blood labs three days a week, to make sure Ted is still in remission and having good numbers. For his hemoglobin, platelets, white blood cells, and others factors. We also had a dentist appointment to remove a tooth that was questionable to Ted's  good dental health. Which he also has to have to have the transplant.
  This is Ted celebrating with ice cream at our local D.Q. Oh that sweet smile. Oh that gaudy coat, LOL. He likes this coat, that Matt (SIL) gave him.
It was a gloomy day, but we were happy that some one out there was a match for Ted to receive his bone marrow transplant. Some one we do not know. Thank you to that wonderful caring person.
  I will post once we find out more details from the all day testing.  Can you even believe that I , myself finally went to the doctor. Have to have labs this morning, cholesterol check. Time to renew my med script.
  Posting a big thank you and our gratitude to all of you out there praying and thinking good thoughts for Ted and I.  We want you to know how much we appreciate all of you. XO

Friday, March 15, 2019

This Week......

  Ted has his mustache back . His hair is returning also.  Today was his last day of  the milder chemo. He had no side of yet. I am praying he has none. When he had the other chemos it took a while before the side effects showed up.  Ted's number are still very good. He looks very good here.
  The door you see is the infusion entrance.  I love the glass walls. They have a scene etched in them, like trees, cattails and streams.
 Here is the self playing piano , roped discourage people from playing it. LOL
  I sat on this long seating and read papers today. I also went to the chapel. I really like sitting in it. I could not sit  with Ted, today.  This was the second day that there was no place to sit in the infusion room,  to be with your loved ones.. But Ted's okay, as he works his crossword and sudoku puzzles, while getting his chemo.
Yesterday a pretty robin came by. He was poking around in the porch flowerpots. Looking for a treat of sorts.  I have seen many robins hoping in the yard. I love them so much. Their sweet song means spring to me.
   Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend.  Be safe. XO

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Things Change Quickly....

  I told you that Ted would be see the oncology/cardiologist today.  Yesterday morning we get a call from Ted's cancer doctor. Dr. Birhiray ask why we did not keep our appointment on the 4th.  Ted told him . One of your  nurses called and said Dr.B is all done with you... because   Ted was going to be getting a bone marrow transplant at Franciscan Hospital...once they found a match.  Now this is why I tear my hair out.  The poor communication... Dr. B. said "No I am not done with you. I want you to start a round of chemo".
 So yesterday we tore to Indy...long enough for the Dr. to shake our hands ask a few questions and hand us a paper so Ted can get 5 chemo treatments at the Riverview Hospital In Noblesville, closer to where we live. Five minutes with the Dr. Why? He could have faxed the papers to the hospital and ask the few questions over the phone.  Or his nurse could have.   We drove 50 miles for this, got lost looking for this office, as Dr. B. has many offices.  We almost get hit by an ambulance and by the time we are in the right parking lot...I just start crying.  But once we get the's back to Riverview and Ted gets an infusion. It's milder, he did well with it.
  These 5 infusions are to keep him in remission. Dr, B. does not want him to get the cancer back and be at square one again...well we sure do not want that  either.
  So we had to cancel the oncology/cardiologist appointment for now.  This is where Ted will be the rest of this week. everyday for a couple hours.
  This is the chapel, so pretty and calm. I prayed here today.
 I will be in this chapel for a while each day.
 Monday was crazy hectic. Today was much smoother. This is the sun setting into the woods down the road yesterday if nothing happened. Believe me dear friends, I need these sweet moments.
   Thank you all for your good wishes and prayers. We truly are grateful for each of you. XO

Monday, March 11, 2019

Luke's The Star....

  Our great grandson Luke will be two in a couple months. He has Cystic Fibrosis. There will be a fund raiser at the gym that he and his brother , Max, go to , along with their cousin Layla.
  Here's Luke having a slide with his aunt Emily (Layla's mommy)
  Dozing with uncle Brock. Luke really loves his uncle Brock.
 Playing some basketball in the living room.  He just dunked one here. LOL
  Practicing his coloring skills.  Such determination on that little face.
 Chasing bubbles at the kid gym.  Both of Max and Luke 's shirts say, "mom's wild child. " No kidding. :):)
 When Luke's mom Lynzie sent this picture to me , I could not help but laugh.  Luke is licking his foot rather than eat his lunch. So funny.  I have not been able to visit the little ones for some time, I miss them all.
  My Ted is still waiting for calls from the bone marrow group. He will be seeing the oncology cardiologist tomorrow. I pray he gets a good report.
   Wishing all of you a good new week. Spring is just around the corner. XO