Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Autumn Is Near....

    Pictures of some of our mums and black eyed susans.  Some are fading quickly.
  Some just keep getting thicker and thicker.
  A couple years ago, Emma and I cut out some blackbirds from felt.  We craft painted some pinch clothespins black also.
  We hot glued the felt birds to the clothespins.. ..then pinned them around the house.  I need to look for those pins. It's time to start decorating for fall.  They would look cute pinned to some twigs stuck into your container flowers.  Cute and quick kid craft.
   Today Ted played golf again with his old golf team . He did very well and enjoyed himself. Then when he got home the U.P.S. man had delivered a new truck bed cover. I did not hear the deliveryman ,   because I was running that industrial shredder...that sounds like a wood chipper. LOL. Yes, yes, another big bag of shredder receipts, mostly hospital and dental records this time. about 4 years worth. LOL. I plan on getting rid of everything but about 2 years worth of records.
  Once Ted opened his delivery, he wanted to install the bed cover on his truck and asked if I would help him. It certainly wasn't heavy , just awkward for one person. Now it's on the truck and Ted is a happy fellow.
  Hope your day was great. It was pretty and very warm here...with the promise of better temperatures to come. It is starting to feel like fall. XO

Monday, August 29, 2016

We Were Busy....

   Ted and I had a busy weekend.  On Sunday, went by Liz's to check on the family. Liz's been watching Max for the weekend. So I got to play with him again. He's a beautiful happy baby.
 After playing with the baby and visiting Liz and Emma, we went to the nursing home in the next town over to see Ted's brother, Cliff.  He is doing well there. His speech is better. He still has no use of his right arm, but can move his right foot.  Cliff's pastor brought him and Linda a communion before lunch. Cliff cried. :(
   We dropped off my toolbox and troubleshooting cart, for my grandson Skylar. But from the looks of their garage, they do not need more tools.
   Saturday we checked out the mums at Horton's in Tipton.  I do not need any, but wanted to looks at the colors.
  This has been my friend for the past week or so. It's our shredder. Actually dusty from all the shredding I have been doing.
  Three bags so fast.  I have about another week of shredding ahead of me.  Old files, letters and receipts.
Found these mug shots...isn't that how they look. LOL It's our old passport photos. I can't believe we actually used these on our first passports. Oh I need to shred these. LOL Too funny.
   Wishing all of you a wonderful new week.  XO

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Family Time...

  Yesterday we went to Liz 's for a visit. Ted helped Matt split wood and I helped Liz entertain the babies. Here I am holding Max and Layla.  These are Liz's grand children, my great grands. Max is almost always smiling and Layla needed a nap. She crawled up on my lap and fell asleep , then I laid her down on the sofa...she slept for about 30-40 minutes.  It was so good to be with them.  They grow so quickly .

  Speaking of growing...We salvaged this playset for Emma , when she was 7 years old, she is twelve now. Liz decided to save it , in case of grandkids. So glad she did.  Emma used that fort lots. I miss her wanting to play there. When she came home from school, she brought a friend and they were curling each other's hair when we left to come home. :):)
 I always love to look at this well kept barn. There's  this barn and a couple of smaller outbuildings, but no home on this nice property. The sky was pretty again. It did rain in the evening and many floods in  Indianapolis  neighborhoods last night.
  Today is End Of Summer Days  festival  in my daughter's town. We were asked to attend with my daughter Karen's family...but I knew I did not want to walk that much , it's humid and possiblility of rain. 
  Hope all of you enjoy your weekend. XO

Thursday, August 25, 2016

So Scary....

    Just as I was loving the nicer weather we had the past weekend  and at the start of this week, things can change so quickly.  In the early afternoon storm and tornado warnings started on the TV.. Oh so thankful to the hard working weather people. I think all the warnings helped save lives.  Here's today's Indy Star head lines.  With a picture of the Starbucks at the Markland Mall in Kokomo, Indiana.  That business was wiped out and twenty people locked inside the restrooms. All safe.
  We did get in the basement when the reports were that Sharpsville was in line of a tornado. We just live 5 miles from there.   There were many  tornado warnings and no one killed or seriously hurt. Thank the Lord.
  Today we will have more chances of storms, hopefully nothing like yesterday.
  This is our lawn this morning, so green again.  The bug man came and did the second treatment  of the four we contracted to have. I have not seen any kind of bug in our house since they came and treated for the ants in April. Nothing. The same young man came this time also. He's a good polite person.  He said they will come spray the outside on a dry clear day soon..
   I think our deck plans may be on hold for a bit. As the mayor of Kokomo asked people to stay away for a while. They only need volunteers to help with clean up. We always shop the Menards and Lowe's stores there in Kokomo for any building material. It's so close (20 miles), less distance on the road with a trailer full of wood.
  Thanks to all who  were concerned about us here.  Especially my daughters, I am blessed and I truly appreciate all of you.  I am saying my prayers of thanks today. Plus sending out prayers for those that lost their homes in yesterday's tornados . XO

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Oh Sweet Summertime.....

  The past three days have been wonderful. Low humidity, white fluffy clouds, the temperatures are not as high either. Ted has weed whacked , trimmed ,and mowed. I have watered plants, swept , and bagged up more donations.  We ran here , there and done much more.We have accomplice a lot these last few days. I love it.
 Now , it begins !!  We are building a deck, a small one at the back door. There's a big heavy concrete step there right now. I truly love that man of mine...but dang if he doesn't jump in with both feet at times. First he was going to drill some holes and knock off the corner of this step, to set a post.
  I look a bit later and he has drilled clean across the big step....why?? So I say, STOP ! LOL  Let's think about this..Can't we just build over the step?? That step is big-heavy and not going anywhere. So that's the plan. Saved Ted a ton of work.  Some times you have to work smarter not harder. he-he
   We wrote down all the measurements and made a list for supplies. So soon there will be a deck back there. We are good at working together. I will get photos of the progress. Today we are waiting for the bug man to do their follow up treatment of the ants we had in April. Isn't waiting for serve people so much fun? Not !
  Wishing all a great day. Please hold those in need, in your prayers and thoughts.  XO

Monday, August 22, 2016

Events On Sunday....

   This is the St. Vincent's hospital in northern Indy. Ted and I went to a small birthday gathering at the hospital for his brother Cliff.
  This is Ted in between his sister Dorothy and his little(taller) brother Mic.  Seems Mic torn a tendon in his shoulder.
  There were cookie for guest.  Linda had a cupcake for Cliff to blow out a candle.  Which was a bit of therapy for Cliff, it was an effort for him. Linda is a strong woman and I think she  will need to me.  She told me Cliff's therapy was brushing his teeth and bathing, getting dress. His speech is  amazingly good, he searches for words at times. I think his right arm is going to need lots of therapy.
   This is the lobby at the hospital. Water features and plants and lots of statues .
  The statues are what I call flying nuns...as I do not know the name of that order of nuns.
  I think there's 5 of these among the garden area.
   This is a statue of St Vincent. It's out front.  This is a very well landscaped  entrance. We stayed about an 1 1/2 , visited with family and church friends of Cliff's. 
  The good news of the day , Cliff is going to a nursing home near where he lives . He's just thrilled to be closer to home.  My daughter Liz works at the Alzheimer's unit at this nursing home. When we visit Cliff , we can see Liz the same day. :):)
    We had cooler weather this weekend. This morning it is 55 degrees , at this time. That is nice...no AC running.  Wishing all a great new week. XO

Friday, August 19, 2016

Ho Hum....

   Yesterday was a good old ho hum day. No deadlines, no doctor or dental  appointments, and no grocery shopping. Nothing but what we wanted to do. So Ted worked in the shop and I cleaned house. (you know like I wanted to do that.)LOL
   Ted rebuilt the sunflower seed feeder for the birds. I sorted and cleaned  kitchen drawers....and actually found  the set of  keys I had spent a week  trying to find. Happy about that.
  I watered my plants, gee they are looking a bit scraggly. I tied this one with some twine. LOL
   The sedum looks nice and nothing was on it yesterday. Now I wonder why not.
   Late in the evening , we took a drive around a couple country blocks.  This is our shop/garage.  It was too cloudy to get sunset photos . I did not get to see the full moon till this morning .
   It was nice to relax a bit yesterday. Today will be more sorting and hopefully bagging up things to give away. Soon I will be passing my tools over to my grandson , Skylar.  That's the set of keys I found. They were for my tool cart and Kennedy toolbox.  I plan on doing a post on Labor Day about the career I had before retiring.
  Wishing all a sweet Friday, enjoy the weekend. XO

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sky Art....

  Yesterday's sunset. I thought it was a red, white, and blue sky. Just breath taking..
  It had rained again in the early evening.
  This is looking east.... softer colors.
  I hate that power lines are in my sky shots at times. LOL
  Then back to the west. The patches of blue showing thru the clouds were just unbelievable.
 This is toward to southwest. This is for Lavender Dreamer, Diane.  Absolutely  her color.:):)
  Then to the north. I could have stayed out till dark watching the clouds change .
  Here the rain is pouring down earlier. Beating my flowers down...what to do ..haul container here and there for water , or not too much rain. Wears me out..so there they sit getting wet and beaten.
 I have been going thru closets ...loading up for the goodwill drop. For a person who does not  buy shoes any more (shhh) I sure had a pile to give away. Only the sketchers aren't in those boxes it's other things like sandals and shoes...that I just won't wear any more. I even had a bag of purses...I am into the body strap purses now..no one can snatch it and I won't forget it. If someone snatches my purse, I'll be hooked to it and that's going to have to be a strong person to carry me too. LOL
   We had a scare on Monday evening, tornado warnings for our area. We were in the basement about 20 minutes. A huge storm wall cloud came thru our state, and actually dropped down a tornado or two. They were not long lived on the ground or wide...which was not as damaging. The tornados were  in counties south of here and north. We were blessed. The weather and conditions around the U.S.  have  been  too much rain or not enough. Please keep those in floods and forest fires in your thoughts and prayers.   XO

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Aww Some Rain....

  We got a small shower yesterday afternoon. It did not last long but was appreciated.
   I rolled up the rug this time, so it would not get wet. Think I'll leave it rolled up for a couple days or so.
   This is something I did while it was raining. Played with making a new table scape.
   I used some of a small cow collection I have. Some green and white things.
   This cow stands on a sign that says, "A day in the country is worth a month in town". That's more country-fied than I would think. :):)
  This is how I left it for now. A green ball canning jar, a cow salt shaker(I only have the one),white platter , green leafy wreath,  cow on sign, tea candle holder , green saucer  and two tiny cows tied together. Now I think I need a nice napkin under it all. :)
  We watched a movie yesterday. Later we cleaned up the hummingbird feeders and filled them. Today we will be cleaning up Ted's truck...I told him it smelled dirty while riding to town yesterday before the rain. I know there were ten thousand dead bugs on the windshield.
  Wishing all a relaxed Sunday. XO

Saturday, August 13, 2016

We Need A Cool Down....

  Look how brown our lawn is becoming.  Even the willow tree is losing leaves, from the dryness.
  I have been keeping the containers watered. So they are thriving. :):)
  The skies are beautiful with billowy white clouds.
 We had a breeze  yesterday (Friday). The flag waved all day. It did seem more like a Santa Ana wind from California. Hot  and dry.  Today (Saturday) is cloudy  and a bit dark....so maybe we will get some rain soon. The lawn needs it .....so I am sure the crops around these parts also need rain.
   Ted and I have most of our chores done for this week. There's a couple of projects in the near future. We want to build a small porch at the back door.  One big enough the keep the wood box at the back door during winter months. Plus we will be working on plans for the greenhouse/shed . We have gathered windows and doors a plenty.
   Enjoy this day. XO