Monday, October 31, 2016

Little Tricksters....

 You need a truck to haul elephants...Here is my great grandson Max in his Dumbo suit. This is one happy child. Most all the time.
  Layla my great granddaughter, in her Snow White outfit. Sorry this picture is so dark.
  Savannah and her mom , Karen, carved these pumpkins...or Karen carved one and Savannah painted hers white and spooky.:):)
 Here's Layla  In another costume going to a party.
   Here's Layla at the Cowtober fest.
 Layla and her beautiful mother Emily.  This girl is the best mommy.
  Another shot of Max...he's trying to walk. He pulls himself up with this car and walks behind it . So funny.
 My granddaughter Emma holding her nephew Max. I think Emma is a wonderful aunty to Layla and Max.  The little ones light up when they see her. I love that.
  I am sending a thank you to Nana Diana....look just like you said Diana,...I loaded my pictures from my phone. I had my computer in the wrong setting. LOL. As Homer Simpson would say; DOH .
   Hope everyone has a nice evening with all their little loved ones coming to call.  Happy  Halloween.  XO

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fun Day.....

  Saturday I was going to have lunch with my daughter Angie. When I got to her house I was surprised to find Karen and  Savannah were there and going to lunch with us.  It was lunch at the D.Q. Nothing fancy just fun. 
  After lunch we went to a new little shop in town. This shop is actually very near Angie's house. A small place, that sells purses, clothing and jewelry. There were  a few signs. Savannah chose this hat that says love on it.  Her mother , Karen, bought her some leggings and a tunic top also.  
  Here's some of the bracelets.
 More jewelry, wallets and hats. This shop is almost painted in too dark a color...or they need more lighting. Two young ladies were running it, one the owner. Very sweet and helpful. The shop is called Soul Sisters. I like that name very much. That's how I feel about many of my blog family, that we are soul sisters.
  Wishing everyone a blessed Sunday. XO

Friday, October 28, 2016

Visiting Cliff....

   Ted and I had made plans today to visit his brother Cliff, at the nursing home in Mulberry. As we came into that cute little town, the church bells were playing a noon time hymn.  That is one thing about small towns that I love, they let you know  it's noon and time to eat. LOL
  So we met up with Ted's other brother Mic. We decided to eat at the Southfork  Bar/Grill again. I want you to see the boat flip over for a porch at the back door.
  This is the mural along the side entrance. Ted  ordered mushroom and cheese smothered chicken with waffle fries.  Mic had the roast beef sandwich with French fries. I had a club sandwich with chips.
 I had to show this sweet old Nova that was parked at the side. I saw it the last time we ate there. So the owner must lived in town or close by.
  This is the dining room at the nursing home. Lunch was finished and cleaned up when I took this shot. Sorry it's too dark.
  This is one of the pretty courtyards.  The grounds are always  cared for and clean.
   We had good news with Cliff. He has had some away  trips to his church and home. He is getting some movement of his right side. It's a long process. But I felt so much better seeing this. Linda, his wife , says he is getting good  PT and speech therapy also.  He did not seem as sad this visit . We are so thankful. Thanks to all of you who  may have had good thoughts  or prayers for Cliff. You are so appreciated.
  Wishing everyone a great weekend. XO

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Those Huge Pumpkins....

  These are photos I took last year of a pumpkin patch in a town east of here. I did get to go by there again this year, but forgot my camera. Yes, the man that lives at this place was growing those pumpkins again. Just as big as this .
   He has to use a block and tackle to lift them onto a trailer.
   I did not see any melons this year. I have seen that the man truly tends to his gardens. My husband saw a fan blowing across the bigger pumpkins when it was very humid out. I wanted so much to talk with the gardener this year, but never got there. :(
  Some autumn color in this yard.
   One of my favorite trees in town. So many colors on it at once.
  One of the shops in town selling mums and pumpkins .
 That was a lots of pumpkins. I never bought any more, other that what I bought at the Horton's store.  I do remember my girls carving pumpkins when they were young. LOL
   Yesterday, Ted went to cut wood and I cooked and cleaned, as usual. . I made a pot of  chili and we will be having that for lunch today.  Ted was brave enough to go golfing again. Wore his long pants too. LOL
 My dentist appointment went like this...the x-ray showed nothing...although my tooth was so sensitive it hurt to pull the floss between them. Nothing wrong with my gums, nothing on the x-ray. So it looks like I will be getting a 3-d x-ray after election day and then that dentist will do a root canal if needed.  I told my dentist that the tooth was even sensitive to cold now. I never chew on that side. I am honestly thinking of having root canals on all of the teeth that had been sensitive.  Scary, huh? Well after election a root canal might be a joy. LOL
     This month is about over. Wishing all a great day. Be happy. XO

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tuesday Morning......

   You all know that seconds seem  to really count, when the skies are changing at sunrise.   It was so pretty with the tall pines of the neighbors down the road.
  The little woods in back is losing it's colors quickly. This bright orange tree stands out.
  Here's our tulip poplar and sycamore. That lattice fenced part is our LP tank.:)
  Sun is up now and coming thru the trees.  I really like the long shadows of mornings and evenings.
 More leaves have fallen here. 
  When the sun is full over the morning horizon it reflects off the neighbor's windows  , a half mile away. It's so bright it seems like flood lights.
 Back inside, I took a couple shots of the mantle. I decided to turn the books old page edges  facing ,rather than cover the books.
 This is the picture of my great granddaughter's head as she looked out a window....since it's such a cute little punkin head it fits right in with fall décor.
  I changed up the table decorations.
 Almost too dark to get a good picture. :):)  I will take from and add to this for Thanksgiving .
   We did not get frost last night....hooray.  It was a cold morning for Ted to go golfing . He golfs in Kokomo and it was 36 degrees  there this morning. Brrr. I have a dental appointment and you all know how much I am looking forward to that...NOT. It's constant follow ups on the same teeth and the sensitivity. I do use the special toothpaste for that. 
  Wishing all of you well. XO

Monday, October 24, 2016

Beautiful Weekend....

   Yesterday's sunset.  It was a windy but gorgeous day , Sunday.   The entire weekend was nice. Chilly mornings and pretty days with sunshine.
 Evening shadows on the shop. I always love to see these.
  Shadows of my garden decorations on the building's wall.
  I hope this ornament never falls apart, because I have loved from day one.
  Here's some dragonfly garden picks' shadows. This is by the pond, along side the shop.
   Yesterday was one of those dream days....where you wish you could be watching a college football game , outside, none of those enclosed places. But since I could not do that I started raking leaves. Then Ted came out and helped me. We raked the front yard and part of the back. Now Ted will have to take the leaves to the neighbor's fields. :):)
  This is one of our tulip poplar trees. We have two and the neighbor has one also. Plus a catalpa, sycamore, maples, birch,flowering redbud, and  crabapple. Then there's the pines with their cones and needles.
 There's leaves in every little spot out here.  This mum looks good now, but with frost being forecasted this week....well who knows if I'll even cover them.  I would like to have some hang on till after this month , so I will probably cover the containers.
   Ted and I took 3 big bags of things to goodwill , on one of our outings this weekend. That was good to rid ourselves of some excess.  We went to tractor supply and bought a tub of mouse poison for the shop, lean-to , and shed.  Since we have no cats around here...we have mice in those areas.  I tried to borrow Emma's cat Izzy. LOL. She was not about to loan that cat.
  I sure hope all of you enjoyed your weekend. Wishing you a good week. XO

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Lunch With The Girls.....

  Some of our girls....that is. Emma stayed the night Thursday evening. By the time we arrived back home, with her on Thursday, she was ready to play on her phone and watch the Disney channel. She slept till almost 9:00 the next day, then lounged around. Liz called and said she was coming early to pick Emma we all met up at the Dairy Queen in town, for lunch. Liz, her granddaughter Layla  (my g.grand) and Emma (Liz's daughter and my grand)
  Emma was happy with a caramel sundae. Layla is kissing on a dolly we gave her. It was part of Emma's old bath toys. I found a bag of them that she had played with thru the years .
   Layla starts feeding herself some ice cream. She really liked it, even though she had to people watch the whole time. It was fun to watch her . I love that we had a small town lunch with our girls.
   It seemed sad to come home without our Emma....the time went too fast. We did not do any crafts, or really visit much.   She was tired from being up late the night before (fall break) and playing with her phone...I never let her stay on it in the evenings while here.  She charges it up for the next day though. LOL.
   The leaves are falling fast with the rain we have had. Frost was predicted for last night. I did not try to cover much.
 It even looked cold  when the sun was going down, Friday evening.   It's 40 degrees this Saturday morning, as I write this at 8:00.   I do not see any frost on things. The sun is rising and it looks like a red sky to begin our day.
   Wishing everyone a wonderful autumn Saturday. XO

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Still Here...

The white wave petunias are still hanging on here.
 This geranium looks so bright and fresh, here in October.
  My little porch mum has bloomed out and looks  sweet. I have been gathering pinecones, that the winds have blown from the trees.  I like using things from our yard in decorating, when I can.
Look what a pretty ending to the day...this is from Saturday.
 Our crabapple tree has plenty of tiny fruits for the birds.  I saw a robin yesterday in the hickory tree. I thought it seemed late in the year for him to be chirping. But I have seen them in the snows of March eating the tiny if he stays the winter I hope he eats this fruit.:):)
   It's been a slow start to our week here. Ted is having the truck winterized, changing the oil, rotating tires, and topping of fluids. Then it'll be a trip to goodwill later. Taking in more bags of clothes and shoes. I had a sick spell and went thru many tests, the past my sorting and tossing stopped for awhile. Now I can get back to it.
   Wishing everyone a great Wednesday. XO