Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More Crafting.....

 This is my granddaughter Savannah. She is quiet and sweet. She loves her American girl doll. So she brought Kalaya, over for me to make some clothes for it. My machine decided to mess up. ...so I ended up sewing some things by hand. Wish my eyes were better.
 This is a Fairy box we made. Savannah wanted it in the house to enjoy...so no dirt as in fairy garden. It's a shoe box turned into fairy land. Here's the outfits I made for her doll. A gown and robe, top with matching pants, and a floral coat. I've got to get my machine fixed or get another:):) Yikes.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Stray Cat...

This is a stray cat at the park. He gets fed by many. My sisters and I met a lady last week who was feeding him. She said her daughter worked for the Animal Society in Kokomo. She is having her daughter take this cat to place him in a home.  I think he's been around the park since March. HE'll make someone a nice pet.:):)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

At The Market...

This is Ted all set up for the market. It was nice weather, not too hot. We sold all my scarecrows:):)  One lady bought the cutting board for her husband , who loves to cook.  The paper towel holder sold as did a couple trivets. It was worth sitting up for 5 hours.....they closed at !:00 because most of the produce sold.
   Here's a photo of two of my sisters. Barb works the booth for, friends of the park. They sell cold bottled water.They are collecting plastic lids and certain plastics for the park dept. It's to raise money for new benches in the park.
   Do you know what kohlrabi  is? Looks like a bumpy turnip. One booth was selling that. I told my Teddy, because I remember he liked them. He says, quick go buy me a couple. I go to that booth and they had already sold all they had.  She had lots of fresh produce. The sweet corn is number one seller at the market.
  Ted will be grilling some corn this afternoon, along with some burgers and chicken. Yum. :):)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Farmers And Artisan's Market...

Today Ted and I are going to the farmer's market. It's a place in town where you can sell produce or crafts. Ted did that last Saturday. It's every Wednesday and Saturday till the end of October. Ted has lots of woodworking items, and I have made some small things that anyone can afford. It starts at 9:00 and is over at 2:00  ......or when the corn venders sell out.   Usually around noon. xo

Friday, July 27, 2012

Trash To Treasure.....

This is what the end caps at the Goodwill look like. Many things to choose from. There's a lady who works there that color coordinates things. That makes it easy if you have a certain color in mind. This last photo is the basket, dish and cheese dome, that I picked up on Wednesday while junking with my sister. I clean and wipe everything with a disinfectant. I think I'll use the cheese holder for knick-knack decorating:):) xo

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Junk Store Treasures....

I got these swans and this piece of coral at the goodwill. Wednesday is senior citizen's day at goodwill.  Getting discounts as we age is about the only plus side. The swans were $1.88 each. The coral, which I am proud to say is made of rubber :), was only 52 cents. I'll show more tomorrow. My sister bought books. .After goodwill, we went to Big Lots.  xo

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Have Roses.......

 Remember the rose bush I transplanted this year. I thought it would never come back to life, it had one green leaf left on it. Look at this gorgeous rose, and there are three of them !! That sure makes me think this rose bush will make it. Going junking with my sister  Jeanie today. I'll show you anything I may find. xo

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Gift From Emma....

Here is a gift to me from Emma. She had her mom buy it for me. It's an angel with yellow dress and wings and aqua flowers. It was such a sweet thing for her to think of me while shopping with her mom. As you all know, it doesn't take much to please grandmothers. We just want to be loved and remembered. xo

Monday, July 23, 2012

Black Eyed Susans...

I love these flowers so much. I brought one plant here from our old house in town. It was finally big enough to  split and plant around . With the rains we had last week, they have bloomed.  We do not water the lawn, that would be wasteful, but we do water the flowerbeds and small trees. I am hoping it will be enough to keep them healthy . The hard freeze we had earlier this year was bad for the trees. As hot as it's been this summer,  I had almost forgotten about the cold snap we had in spring.
  I want to thank all my blog pals for all your patience with my poor ability to post blogs. As many of you maybe noticed , I had posted twice yesterday...same blog, well almost. When I clicked publish, my post disappeared  , so I posted again, then there were two. Sorry, I am really trying or my computer is "trying".xo

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Emma About Town...

Emma looking into the safe. It's a mural at the jewelry store. She thought it was funny. Then we went to the library. Emma got two books from the sales area. She chose a Hannah Montana book and one on the extinction of animals...she must have a wide interest in reading. We will take Emma home later. I will miss her as soon as we start back home. xoxo

Emma About Town....

Emma is looking into the safe, which is a mural on the jewelry store.  She liked it. Then we went to the library for some books from the sales area. Emma chose a Hannah Montana book, and one on the mysteries of extinction.  A wide difference in her interests.:):) Plus a trip to the dollar store for writing tablets, puzzles, and candy. We will be taking her home later today and I will miss her as soon as we leave my daughter's house. xoxo

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Craft Princess Is Back.....

Here's Emma ...She is here for the weekend. Actually been here since Thursday night. She has on her crafting attire...a big old t-shirt  and her floral crown. :):)   Working on picture blocks. She's telling me about the days she spent with her grandma Irene.  They stayed at a hotel with a swimming pool and she had her own queen-sized bed. So Emma has had a fun few days with gma. Irene , going to restaurants, movies, and swimming. Now here with me doing crafts, going to the library, and eating whatever.....heck I wouldn't mind a few days with grandma Irene myself. LOL  I hope everyone has a great weekend....maybe we can hold the people of Colorado in our hearts. xoxo

Thursday, July 19, 2012


I think zinnias are a pretty flower and hardy. Of course these aren't mine:):) They belong to the flower shop..
I really like zinnias though...I just have not been  into my flowers since it has been so hot and dry. My mums are blooming and drying. I think I have my rust colored mum too close to the house . How are your flowers doing this year? I have seen some posts that their gardens are beautiful. I have transplanted things this year. Next year I will be helping my daughter with her landscaping. Her yard will be a bland palette. Well I have to get going, having brunch with my classmates.....from the stone age. :):) xo

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More Pix From Last Weekend...

 This pink locker was at Horton's. I love the pale color. I looked back at it later, I thought it had a sold sign on it. The next photo is the front of the Side Street Mall. They had the Peddler's market  at the same time as the French Flea  was happening. Lots of flowers and garden accents. The bottom photo is of Horton's Display window of the bike that was decorated so nicely. I loved the suitcases and the picnic basket. What a way to travel. Honestly when is the last time you rode a bike....it would probably kill me, as it's been years. My sister and I would get off work, fix our families supper, do a couple chores and take a long ride on our bikes. We did that for so exercise. We were in good shape too.  Now I think my legs would feel like jelly.:)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


There was a booth at Horton's this past weekend, selling food. I am posting this yummy cupcake photo for Bee (Empress of the Sea). Look Bee there is a red velvet cake. Yes, my sister bought it for me and it was so delicious. I had never had that before.  The one next to it has bacon on top of maple icing. They said it taste like french toast. I am sorry I can't remember the name of this place, but the ladies said they have a shop in Kokomo. In. They serve a lunch called a peasant lunch, it was a handful of grapes, cream cheese and crackers. They also served a sandwich with cheese, tomato, arrugila and I swear bits of  lavender. Well sorry but the French have nothing on Subway. I tried it while my sisters ate subway. Not for me. I like to try new things, but I know when to never eat that again :):) Say am I the only one who thinks cafes and restaurants are making the nastiest coffee anymore. I am not a coffee connoisseur , I wouldn't know the best cup, but my gosh I sure know a bad cup..yuck. I think places are cutting back and using floor sweepings from the coffee mill . Thanks for letting me whine. :):) Some times I just can't help myself.  xoxo

Monday, July 16, 2012


Hope you can see this praying mantis. I was a little bit afraid to get too close, for fear he would jump on me. I get goose bumps on my head just saying that. LOL  Here is the rose that my daughter Kathy gave me to save keep for her. Her son gave it to her for mother's day many years ago. When they moved, they lived in an apartment and Kathy just couldn't leave this rose bush behind. I had to transplant it in a whole different area this year, it turn all brown, but had one green leaf left , so we watered and added fertilizer. Now it has some nice leaves and a single rose. I will take that as a promise that it will come back next year. I see a busy week ahead for us. Hope all of you had a fun weekend and enjoy this great day. xo

Sunday, July 15, 2012

What I Bought At The French Flea Market.

 I am calling this a cookie platter...because that is what I want it to be. It's so cute for sister luncheons.
 I Bought the pink and aqua friends charms from Patti Beck. She is a wonder in ceramics. The little pillow sachet and candle are from D'Renye's booth. I just didn't get to shop her booth as much, so busy in there.The cards are reproduction french cards. The brocante tote is from Time Worn Interiors ran by Teresa and her husband,such a sweet couple. The charm bracelet was made by a young girl, that I didn't get to met in person , maybe next year. A wee rabbit for my Emma. Some keys and watch parts to make into charms.
 This blessing sign, I bought it for my sister Barb's birthday gift. She has it hanging in her kitchen already !!
I wish my photos were better. I honestly  may not wait till  Christmas for a new one.:):) Oh by the way..we got rain at about 6:15 yesterday..a downpour for 6 minutes or so...then it rained again later. The gauge says we got 3/4 inch of rain, That is a blessing to this part of Indiana. God is good. Enjoy your beautiful Sunday everyone. xoxo    P.S. yes we bought some yummy fudges and ate them as dessert, after eating a healthy lunch....well that's what we did.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Back To The French Flea.....

The top photo is of Patti Beck's booth.handmade ceramic plates , garden picks, wind chimes, and many other things. Patti gives a complimentary gift of a bag of her zinnia seeds to each of her customers. The next two photos are Rebecca of Re-purposed Life's booth. She is a romantic with many lovely things in her booth.Clothing, wall hangings, pillows, jewelry, too many things to name. The last photo is in the Horton's store. :Lots of cloches, journals, address books, summertime napkins, and tea towels. I am going back today with 3 of my sisters. We will buy some fudge. That will be out treat. I will post tomorrow photos of what I buy.  That's if I can do this blog thing right, I just made a post and totally lost it, this is the second one.:):)Wish you could all come along. xoxo

Friday, July 13, 2012

Fun Day ...

The Peddler's Market was going on next door to the French Flea Market. Plenty of things to see and buy. I met my sister Barb, early, even before the market opened. It was a hot day, add that to my hot flashes, and it was almost hot enough for my hair to burst into flame. We looked around, then met people from the blog world. Such fun, Donna of  Re-claimed Life, Rebecca of Re-purposed Life, and Teresa from Time Worn Interiors. Later I met Shabby Chick 's Pattie and her sweet Tia. There is so much to see. People to meet. Our little town was hopping. The 4-h fair is going on the same time. Plus aren't these mimes just adorable? The young people working at this market are some of the finest good hearted kids, you ever want to meet. I am going back tomorrow, with 3 of my sisters. I have lots of photos and I promise to take more. But I can tell you now...come Christmas, I am getting a new camera. I want clearer photos.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Walking Today....

Three of my sisters and I went walking today. We walked in the park and along the creek, then into some residential areas. It was a nice long walk but started to get warm on us, as we neared the end. I wanted all of you to see this root ball, on a flowering crab apple, at the Jim Dandy Restaurant office. I wonder every time I see this , what happened to make it grow that way. It's weird but I love it. The town was busy today especially around the Horton's corner. Everyone setting up their booths. The weatherman is forecasting rain for us on Friday and Saturday. We need it , I just hope the French Flea Market isn't rained out. Stay cool dear friends and thanks to all who wished my g.son "Happy Birthday". He was thrilled when he read the comments.  xoxo

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I am just going to relax  today. Go away crummy old housework, dirty old laundry....wish I had some bon-bons LOL These pictures are from the park. The scout clubhouse and the rose garden with lavender. I walked on Monday with my sister and we plan to walk Thursday. Then Friday my sister Barb and I will go to Horton's....Then Saturday Barb, Pam and I will go back to Horton's and have lunch at the Elk's club. I keep saying"one of these days , I am sleeping in", but I feel guilty if I stay in bed till 7:00. So I never really sleep in. After 30 years of getting up at 4 and 5  hey maybe 7 is sleeping in. Enjoy this pretty day. If it's hot have a cool drink and maybe sit in the shade. xo

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


This is Skylar. I have called him skyboy or skyman at times. Today he is 13.....wow where did that time go? He is sweet, but can be a pest to his sister. We all pretty much know how that is. I am surprised he is smiling with papaw and showing his braces. When he first got them he showed them to everyone, now he's shy about people seeing them. Skylar is so into motorized things. He has been helping his dad mow lawns since he was 10. He has fixed things with his dad showing him how. Go-carts, dirt bikes, and r.c. cars. He plays ball and is a scout.I pray this young man stays sweet. xo