Friday, July 27, 2012

Trash To Treasure.....

This is what the end caps at the Goodwill look like. Many things to choose from. There's a lady who works there that color coordinates things. That makes it easy if you have a certain color in mind. This last photo is the basket, dish and cheese dome, that I picked up on Wednesday while junking with my sister. I clean and wipe everything with a disinfectant. I think I'll use the cheese holder for knick-knack decorating:):) xo


  1. I saw a cheese tray/lid just like that the other day and thought about getting it too....I wanted to make it into a cloche but decided I'd better not. I'm glad you got it. Don't you just love Goodwills? They are getting pretty nice these days and they just call my name.
    have a great weekend, Susie!

  2. I just showed that same cheese dome with a basket inside...for Marty's party....Looks like you have a pretty good Goodwill!!

  3. What a smart gal that works there- I love how she color coordinates everything. It really does make it easier to find things in the colors you want- xo Diana