Sunday, July 22, 2012

Emma About Town....

Emma is looking into the safe, which is a mural on the jewelry store.  She liked it. Then we went to the library for some books from the sales area. Emma chose a Hannah Montana book, and one on the mysteries of extinction.  A wide difference in her interests.:):) Plus a trip to the dollar store for writing tablets, puzzles, and candy. We will be taking her home later today and I will miss her as soon as we leave my daughter's house. xoxo


  1. She is at such a good age. So much fun to be with . I always shut down for a few days when I have to say good=bye.

  2. She's so pretty and I can relate to that.. My grandaughter is about her age and I miss he so much when she goes back home.. They grow up way to fast..

  3. i sure wish i was closer to my grandchildren! you are so lucky!

    smiles, bee

  4. The mural looks fun. It sounds like you and Emma have had a great time.