Monday, July 9, 2012

Plant Containers.....

This is one of the containers around Tipton. Every business has two or more. They were done in  purples, in honor of the relay for life. This was done for cancer survivors. Let's remember those brave people in our thoughts and prayers. Today is a much nicer day. The temperature is high 80's...which seems so cool compared to the 103 we had  for most of the past week. The humidity is lower... feels so good.   xo


  1. Oh the 80's that sounds so wonderful Susie. Maybe they will get here too.

  2. Susie!
    I wish I was there! You have the sweetest town! Such a perfect place for a walk and healthy living!

    Thank you for sharing the first images of the setting for The French Market!

    I don't ride much anymore. Mostly walking for me as well!

  3. Lovely container, and a nice way to celebrate the survivors. It must look very pretty around Tipton.

  4. love the flowers! we are having lovely weather too, the pool felt fantastic!

    smiles, bee

  5. So cheerful. I love it when towns make an effort to beautify.

  6. Pretty- I love it when towns decorate the street front. I am glad it is cooler there/less humid. We are waiting for it to drop a bit more here- xo Diana

  7. I have enjoyed your posts about Horton's in Tipton. It appears that the week-end will be a lot of fun! I hope you find your "French flea.":)
    Purple flowers are favorites of mine.
    xo Nellie

  8. Beautiful containers of flowers and a great salute to cancer survivors. Still terribly hot here but rain is promised!

  9. I think that's a lovely gesture! I'll have to share this idea with our little town and the shop owners - we could use some sprucing and they do love to support Relay For Life!
    Hope you have a blessed week,

  10. Nice tribute to all of them..Such beautiful flowers to commerate it..We have been a little cooler today but it's still so humid...That's what gets me...Thanks for the kind and sweet words on mine..I believe we all can relate to Hand me downs...