Monday, July 30, 2012

Stray Cat...

This is a stray cat at the park. He gets fed by many. My sisters and I met a lady last week who was feeding him. She said her daughter worked for the Animal Society in Kokomo. She is having her daughter take this cat to place him in a home.  I think he's been around the park since March. HE'll make someone a nice pet.:):)


  1. oh dear little guy! i SO wish i could have a cat! the only way would be to have one with an orange vest! ha ha ha don't think anyone would buy that the cat was necessary!

    smiles, bee

  2. Thank God he is going to a good home. Our neighbors have adopted a dog that was in a no kill shelter for FOUR years. I am so thrilled for that dog. She is sweet, shy, and gentle.

  3. Good to hear that he will soon be getting a new home and family.

  4. Great that so many people cared enough to feed the kitty.
    Good that he'll get a good home! Lucky Kitty!!