Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Craft Princess Is Back.....

Here's Emma ...She is here for the weekend. Actually been here since Thursday night. She has on her crafting attire...a big old t-shirt  and her floral crown. :):)   Working on picture blocks. She's telling me about the days she spent with her grandma Irene.  They stayed at a hotel with a swimming pool and she had her own queen-sized bed. So Emma has had a fun few days with gma. Irene , going to restaurants, movies, and swimming. Now here with me doing crafts, going to the library, and eating whatever.....heck I wouldn't mind a few days with grandma Irene myself. LOL  I hope everyone has a great weekend....maybe we can hold the people of Colorado in our hearts. xoxo


  1. you are a lucky grandma!!!

    smiles, bee

  2. Emma is very lucky, having two grandma's who do so much with her. It looks like she is having lots of fun in these pics.

  3. Emma has the love of two grammys. She is a sweet girl.
    So sad about the shootings. My son is on the scene working to sort things out. We haven't heard anything from him since he was called in. I worry for what he has to see and go through. I feel so bad for all involved.

  4. What fun times for Emma and her grandmothers!

    Prayers for all affected by the tragedy in Colorado.

  5. Emma is a lucky ducky to have two fab grandmas. I had two myself and I miss them terribly!

  6. she is darling in that crown...