Thursday, July 26, 2012

Junk Store Treasures....

I got these swans and this piece of coral at the goodwill. Wednesday is senior citizen's day at goodwill.  Getting discounts as we age is about the only plus side. The swans were $1.88 each. The coral, which I am proud to say is made of rubber :), was only 52 cents. I'll show more tomorrow. My sister bought books. .After goodwill, we went to Big Lots.  xo


  1. Love the swans. I go to Big Lots all the time. I recently got a bunch of Philosophy makeup there for $3.00 and I can not afford it otherwise and it is good stuff. Have a lovely weekend, I am off to the north Ga. mountains in a few minutes(excited). Hugs, Olive

  2. I'm a big fan of Goodwill and Big Lots. Love your buys this week.

  3. the goodwill is a treasure trove of magical finds. and junk! ha ha

    smiles bee

  4. What fun you gals had/have. Love your finds and what prices!!!! xo Diana

  5. What great deals, Susie!
    Glad you had fun.