Friday, June 30, 2017

Use Caution....

  Fire truck from Tipton to the rescue on the corner. Three young teen boys ran a stop sign and hit a lady broadside.  Three young teens hurt and the lady with a serious life threating head injury. The paper the next day did not have all the info yet. It's still being investigated. I will say the young men were coming from the west driving east, the lady was going north , coming from the south. The boy driving ran the stop sign at the most viable corner. Why??
 Tuesday,around 6:00 , there were around 10 rescue vehicles on the corner of our country road. The lifeline helicopter landed on Sharpsville road (400 ) Do you know when your fans and many other things are running or on in your home , you may not hear  all this activity. It was the helicopter that made me go outside to look.
  The lady was life-lined to a hospital in Indianapolis. I prayed for all involved. It's so scary.
 I pray all of you will be careful this weekend.
  This is the fire chief  helping the big truck back up into the neighbor's gravel drive to turn around..
  There they go, our everyday heroes. Everyday !!! There was a small fire with the wreck. Earlier in the day, while we were in town , we had witnessed another rescue run. Thankfully that was not serious, as we saw the police and sheriff's depts. returning to town.
   I am asking all of you to please be safe, watch children around fireworks, and some of the men folk too. You fellows know who you are.  One of my brothers was the worst.
  This has nothing to do with the story of rescue....but I just wanted you to see this cute little inch worm.  I spotted him on the ornamental grasses.
  He did  some stunts for me. :):)  I made Ted come out of the shop to watch him too.
   Wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday weekend. Fly that U.S. flag high . XO

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Puffy White Clouds....

  Blue skies and puffy white clouds says summertime to me.  We have had some gorgeous days here in central Indiana. With the crops all up and green ,in the fields. You know that old saying "knee high by the fourth of July"...well the corn is higher than that already.

 Shot a picture of this red barn on the road to Liz's house.  It's sits near the grain elevator in  one of the bump in the road towns.
 You have to slow down going thru these small towns.  This signs says 30 , but not everyone goes that slow.
 Isn't this just a beautiful can see forever, on these crisp sweet days. Low humidity and sunshine . Love it  !!
  Can you  begin to believe this...caught Emma doing dishes. I do not think of her when I think of household chores. LOL She did not want me to take her picture....what's wrong with children, they need to know they are young and beautiful . She was wearing rubber gloves too. LOL Oh love that girl. She's  way taller than me, and I think she is still growing.
 Back home on the porch.  My containers are doing very well.
Ted's tomato plants are growing. He built a cage around them.  It will be nice to see some tomatoes though. :):) I have a banana pepper in a pot near the porch.  I need to get a picture of it for you. It has two nice peppers and the promise of more...but I have noticed the leaves are dropping off at the bottoms. Hmm??
   This coming weekend is holiday time...almost 4th of July. Then the following weekend is Horton's French Market....hope my ankle is totally well by then.....because I am going anyway.
   Wishing all of you a great day. Don't forget to smile. XO

Monday, June 26, 2017

Camping & The Zoo.....

   This is a Barbie doll camper. It belongs to Emma, who hasn't played with it for years now.
  It's fully  equipped .  A little pull out has the kitchen. Layla plays with this camper when she visits with her grandmother (Gigi), my daughter Liz.
  Well have you ever been stuck camping?? Here's Liz getting Max out of that little Barbie doll camper. He thought he could get in and he did, but he could not get back out.  We could not help but laugh. :):)
   Max and his older cousin Layla.  Max is as big as Layla.  Their parents took them to the zoo in Lafayette. It has a petting zoo also.
  A young assistant is showing them a lizard.  This is the same zoo that has the boa constrictor named , Julius Squeezer.
  Here's Max and Layla with the baby goats. They are pygmy goats. There's hand sanitizers and wash stations for everyone here at the zoo.
  The little ones sitting on the big caterpillar statue, at the butterfly exhibit.
 Now they are enjoying their picnic lunch. Looks as if Layla is toasting to a great day at the zoo.
 Conked Out !!  Baby Luke asleep and big brother Max wore out and asleep . I am almost positive that Layla was asleep before her parents got her home too.  My granddaughter Lynzie is so good about sharing her little family trips with us. I so appreciate the pictures and tales of their fun times.
   Today I could get out of bed without my ankle hurting. I am smiling about that my friends.  I will not over do for a few more days. :)
  It was 54 degrees this morning...can't even believe it.  Sweet time to open windows and air out the house.  Well, I need to water my container plants. Wishing all of you a great start to a brand new week.  XO

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Summer Skies....

 This is the last glow of the longest day.  I love being up at the crack of dawn and staying  up till the last glimpse of daylight on the first day of summer.
  Thru the woods in back.
  This picture was taken on Monday going into town. It's the farm bureau co-op. Look at those puffy white clouds.
  Our water tower , near the power and light building.
   The courthouse is still being worked on.  This is a long process. Putting a sealer in all the seams of the stone. Some heavy duty high lifts.
 I wanted to show all of you my granddaughter Lynzie's sweet boys.  Here's her husband Mark holding baby Luke and big boy Max, on father's day. I love Mark, he's such a loving husband and father .  Seeing them together makes me heart happy. :)
   I haven't been many places, trying to rest my ankle...the pain comes and goes. Still icing on and off. I surely will be better soon. The weather here this weekend is to be wonderful and I am going to be sitting on the porch. Maybe reading  and then writing letters.  Wishing all of you a great weekend. XO

Thursday, June 22, 2017

More Photos....

  Liz watching ducks.  She also was looking at the waterfront condos.
 My other three looking at the flag flying on the beach.
 It was yellow, so it was caution, because a rain was coming.
 One small break in the clouds made a small reflection on the water. The American flag was flying well.
 One big boat going out on the lake. We saw a small child sitting in front.
 Mr. Mallard strutting his stuff. Such a pretty duck.
  Fishermen returning , getting in off the lake with  rain coming and wind picking up speed.
 Liz is still watching boats returning, but not for long, it was staring to off to the ice cream store. Where I had a turtle cheesecake in a waffle cone. So yummy. I did not take photos of everyone's ice cream...too busy eating mine.  LOL
  Went to the Nurse Practitioner , yesterday. She says I have a sprained she puts her gloves on to give two pokes at my ankle,and teaches a nursing student with her. I asked about x-rays...she says no need. I ask will she look at my eczema and a place on my leg...she tells the student all about how you can tell eczema from a fungus. Yet says nothing  about meds for my eczema. I ask ,"Don't you want to probe or lance the place on my leg, ? (about a 1/4 inch in size and irritated looking. ) She says no, go see a dermatologist. I feel once again , I have paid 170 dollars to listen to her tell me things I already know....I will say she did call in my scripts...or had the prep nurse do it.  This is no reflection on nurse practitioners...but dang, what do they do? I tried to tell her, that she is possibly a "middle man"...that I pay her to send me to a dr. so I can pay him....all the while living on a budget. She says the government is trying to helps us....say what ????  LOL  Thanks for letting me beef.  What can we do?
  I watched the last of the daylight last night.  When it's first day of summer I want to be up as long as it's daylight.  Made for a long day. :):) Wishing all of you a great day.XO

Monday, June 19, 2017

Weekend With The Girls...

   Friday morning the sun came up and cast a golden glow on the pines. I was excited. This was the start of a weekend with my four daughters.   I had turned my ankle earlier in the week. I did not think I would be able to go along with the girls. But on Thursday,  I iced my ankle on/off   and rested.  On Friday morning I was well enough to go. The twins (Liz & Karen) went to Angie's and they came by to pick me up. We met up with Kathy at her house in northern Indiana.
  Liz, Kathy, Karen, me, and Angie down front. Gosh we take the worse selfies ever.  :):)
 We had rented a cottage in New Buffalo, Mich.  It was adorable.  Lots of beachy décor.
  I had to show this table set. Like reclaimed wood.  The desk was make of the same wood.
 Everything you would need, but we did not need the fireplace. :):) But were very thankful for the A.C.
  This shelf unit held  games to play ,if you could not get outside.   Friday evening the girls played Yatzee and ate pop corn.
  A galley kitchen, that had plenty of room. Plus a washer/dryer stacked by the back door.  Everything you could need in this sweet kitchen.
  Our first day, we went to late lunch at the Stray Dog, near the marina. The girls are saying cheese.
 The place was packed . Kathy and I. Everyone ordered something different. We usually taste each others foods...this is like a tradition with my girls.  I use to tease them about needing a Lazy Susan we could just spin our plates around to each other.
  We enjoyed a good meal, went back to the cottage, Relaxed and played . There was a fire pit relaxing area. A deck with chairs and dining set. A small area set up for bocci ball. ...which Angie and Kathy played and laughed the whole time.  Later we all  freshened up and went to a near by casino (Four Winds). The girls had some dinner there...I just was not hungry after my pulled pork sliders, that I had for lunch.  So I just played a few machines ...slots. The girls played also. Not much...but I came away the big winner of 3 dollars. Yes, that's right...three  dollars. LOL.
    On Saturday we went to the town area , bought some things at the cute shops. I once again hurt my ankle on a pedestrian cross walk. You know those painted lines are like a thin rubber. I must have been dragging my feet. I hit that paint line and  it felt like a  hammer had struck my ankle. The girls take me home to rest. They go to the beach. Come back to the cottage get all showered and dressed and go to dinner. After dinner they pick me up (I had been icing my ankle)..we go to the beach for pictures...but alas , it was cloudy and wanted to rain. But I took photos anyways.  We go for ice cream , then back to the cottage. Sunday morning, it was clean the cottage, strip the beds, and go to breakfast....Our long awaited mini vacation was ending. 
  My ankle is better if it all popped back into place once I rammed in on the painted cross walk strip. Go figure ??   I enjoyed every moment with my girls.  I am hoping we can do that again .
   Hope your weekend was good and this week is better. XO

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Things Are Growing.....

  I know that after all the rain we had in April and May, it is hard to believe  we really needed rain  this week. We have had pop up thunderstorms and showers for a couple days now.....and to continue thru the weekend .
  It rained heavy  for ten minutes and I was hoping that was not it for us. It got muggy after that rain. But it did rain again in the night.
  The lilies are getting thicker and blooming.
  There's a yucca plant in here somewhere. The tiger lilies haven't bloomed yet.
   I had a few pots like this thru out the flowerbeds and they had petunias along with some dusty miller and some with marigolds. The rabbits have eaten everything but the marigolds .
 Well every thing they can reach on their tippy toes.
 I have never known of them coming on the hopefully everything here is safe,.
  My hanging plants are lush, I don't hang them I put them in stands.
  The pond area is doing well and filling in with grasses, pachysandra, and lilies.
  The lemon balm beside this pot is doing well.
 Last but certainly not least...this little blossom is growing so nicely. Luke is gaining weight as the doctors wanted. He is smiling and being a happy boy. :):)
   Let's pray  or send good thoughts ,for all those that lost loved one in the shootings and the London fire. So much sorrow.  I wish you a great day. XO