Thursday, March 14, 2024

Spring Is Here....

 My pictures are from the past. Spring supplies and decor from Horton's in town. I have some fake tulips I keep out all year round in my house. I just move them here and there. 
Butterflies are not real here, but I love them. I am ready to spot real ones. I will see if my daughter will take me to the butterfly building at a little petting zoo near her.
 It's March and already half gone. This little beauty , granddaughter Savannah, was born in March and will be twenty two years old. I remember the day she was born, we had a bad snow and saw cars off the road on our way to the hospital. Time has gone so quickly. She has grown and has her own place now. My daughter has that empty nest heartache. We want our children to grow up and get their own lives, but the big quiet in your house makes for a longing to wish our children small once more. 

    I have been doing a few news things going to bingo with friends. Union lunches. Promised a friend I would go listen to some oldsters play music one day. I find I am not good at sitting still at times. LOL  Oh it's almost yard season. Planting flowers, spraying bug spray around the outside and good ole mowing. Plus I will stain the deck this year. Do you think retirement sounds somewhat like working ?

   Take care all of you. Stay safe, XO