Sunday, November 29, 2020

Got My Teddy Bear Back...

 Hi everyone. I have my Ted back home with me. Picked him up at the hospital at 11:30 yesterday. He has some meds and breathing treatments to do for a few more days. He is so much better already.  Thank you sweet blog family for your kind wishes and prayers. So much power in prayers. 

 It was a few days after Thanksgiving, but we had some of the delicious food my daughter Kathy made for our Thanksgiving day. It was just as good and enjoyable . I was happy to have something so wonderful to just warm up. 

   This morning at 7:00 , after Ted's treatment, he  was saying, "oh that coffee smells good" He said he hope the hospital didn't dull any knives while they were slicing off cups of coffee for the patients. LOL Must have been strong. 

 We all know there's nothing like your own bed and food.  I want to thank all the beautiful drs and nurses for getting Ted back on track so quickly.  For all of you front line people...bless your hearts. Be safe everyone. Don't over gather at Christmas either. Please. XO

Friday, November 27, 2020

The Old Pilgrims...

 I can't  tell you how  old these little chalk pilgrims are. My daughters made them in grade school. :) My oldest daughter Angie has them. She put them out every year. I did not see them this year, as there was no gathering in our family. Each daughter had their own small group, four or five. Ted and I had planned on staying home. 

  But Ted spent his Thanksgiving in the hospital. He started feeling weak and a bit short of breath Monday.  He would not go to ER for me. So he did a couple of phone visits with our dr. The dr. ordered a covid test for Friday morning(today) plus an inhaler. Ted started to run a fever on Wednesday and I said "You are going to ER, get your shoes on. " Thank God my eyes are better. I drove him to ER. Had to stay in the parking lot. The dr calls later and says , Ted's x-ray showed pneumonia . They did a covid test told him they would let him know. So the dr says he was admitted to the hospital and they would also do a CT scan. The test for covid came yesterday, it was they do came back today negative. The dr. said Ted would be coming home tomorrow. 

 So that was our Thanksgiving. My daughter Kathy came yesterday, and brought us food. I told her to stay we wore masks and sat across the whole living room from one another. She left after 30 minutes, and went home. I wiped the containers of food with disinfectant. Sprayed the house, and left to take Ted's phone charger to the hospital. I was only allowed to drop it visitors. I swear we are beginning to be like theses old pilgrims, a bit worn around the edges and faded. We talk on the phone, that is good.

  Hoping your day went much better than ours. One more big holiday to get thru, praying everyone uses their good sense and keeps it small also. If we can get thru this winter, I think we may all have a fair chance. We'll get vaccinated. Also hoping our country will learn from all this, we are all part of this world , it isn't just about one of us, it's all of us. Stay safe and smart. XO


Friday, November 20, 2020

It's Been Two Years.....

 Two years ago today, Ted was diagnosed with Acute Myloid  Leukemia. He was admitted to the hospital that very day. I am so thankful for every kind word, well wish, and prayer that was uttered for Ted and I.  I have thought back over all those days, weeks, months , and these two years. It was the hardest thing we have been thru in our lives.  I have to be thankful that it was not during this covid time. How could I have stood being at home and Ted in the hospital. I stayed at the hospitals many nights, weeks on and off throughout the two years.

   Two  rounds of chemo that could have killed Ted for the first two months.  Almost lost him due to an infection in the picc line. Then again due to Cdif during his second round of chemo.  Then In May , 2019, Ted had a bone marrow transplant.  This has truly saved his life.   He doesn't  have to have maintenance chemo any longer. Goes to see the Doctors at the Indiana Blood and Marrow transplant clinic/Franciscan Cancer Center.  He will see them again in Feb. 2021. 

  I pray that none of you have to go through such a time...I know many have, more than once even. My heart goes out to you.  We are blessed and we know it. We had great drs, nurses and hospital staff. Our supportive family and friends.  I thank each and every person who did whatever they could for us. My cup runneth over. 



 I am praying for all of you to be safe and get through this Covid crisis. It is going to take all of us , using the best of our abilities to do it. Be safe. XO

Monday, November 16, 2020

Fall Is Gone......

  We pass this golden tree going down Main St. in town. It has been losing it's leaves in a couple of short days , the past few years. I think it's really cold snaps that we had here after those warm days. 
 Some pretty skies. Tons of leaf raking here. Now we need to get them to the back of the woods. Our leaf pile looks like a hedge at the back fence. 
Our little Japanese maple is finished for the season. It's red leaves turn a different shade and then curl up. I am missing the flowers and birds around here.
 A decade ago, Ted and I went to L.A. and the Hollywood area, with our travel club. We did get to see Alex Trebek host two shows. They tape them . During break Alex  will speak with the audience. I got to ask him if he remembered his first ever winner. He said, "not the first winner, but I do recall the my first ever champion."  Ted and I watch Jeopardy every evening.  Alex did tape enough shows ahead that we can watch him till Christmas. We miss miss Alex. 

  We are staying in . Going nowhere but to drs. appts. The weather has been really cold the last few days. Winds yesterday were very fierce. Windy again today but not as high.  The yard doesn't need raked today, the leaves are in the next county. 

   Hope all of you are well and planning on staying that way. Please use caution at Thanksgiving.  We are going to stay home this holiday season. Be safe friends. XO

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Catching Some Rays....

 Totally different meaning than in my younger days.  When the sun came up this week it was ablaze on the woods, out front. 
Burning thru the trees down the road, showing the gold of the neighbor's  two oak trees and our birch.
Then onto sunset...which did not seem to take long at all, what with the shorter days.  I am loving these above normal temperatures we have had  this week. It is like a sweet bonus, before you know what. Oh you know. LOL 

  Ted had his IBMT clinic visit yesterday.  Such a long day. Last time (3 mos. ago) he answered the Covid questions and had his temperature taken , then was given a sticker pass. This time there were Covid tests being given in the parking lot opposite of the Cancer Center entrance. The cases in Indy are higher than ever tests stations are in many different areas. Yet...when Ted went into the Cancer Center entrance this time, he did not get his temperature taken. That seems ridiculous. He was just asked the Covid questions. You all know what they are.  What I am getting at is the entrance where many with weakened immune systems go in the building and wait. Yet they are not taking their temperatures.  Go figure.

   Once in a room to himself, Ted got a round of baby shots. Got his vitals taken and labs. A who's who lab work, but he won't know the results for two weeks. The Doctor said Ted looked good and his counts were good. I still think his platelets are low...not within the range of normal. 

   Wishing all of you well. Please be safe. XO

Sunday, November 1, 2020

I Can See Again....

  I had my cataracts removed on Monday and Tuesday of this past week.  I can see once more, and I am forever grateful.  This field of beans got harvested last week also. 
  My daughter Karen brought over the last of her sunflowers for me. and some pumpkins. 
This is a sunrise from  two weeks ago.  I am amazed at all I can see now. I do wear sunglasses now.  

 I had the eye surgery and saw my own eye dr on Wed. he did all the tests and checks and said I had 20/20 vision .  I will need reading glasses for close work. This post will be short , as I am not to be doing much. I go see the eye dr again on Tuesday.  I just wanted to up date and thank all of you for your sweet prayers.  I am blessed with family, friends, and my extended blog family. Thank you !!! XO