Saturday, January 31, 2015

Going And Coming....

  This is the sun setting Friday evening. (going) We had such beautiful skies yesterday . It was cold and still is, I think it will be that way for a while.
  This is the sun rising as I drove to town this morning. (coming)  I can not get many beautiful sunrises out here. I decided to filter this thru the little woods.
  Went into town early...why? I could beat all the sick people to the drugstore. Then I find out the pharmacy isn't open for another hour. Awwkkk.  Now I have to kill time. So I go to subway for a coffee. They are not making coffee by the pot any longer...they are using the little cups. So I get French vanilla. The smell was wonderful. I do not drink it right away, it's plenty hot.
  I go to the park and take a few photos. This is the creek where the canoe launch is. That's the boy scout cabin across the way.
  I cross the bridge and take a shot of the pool. No one is going to be in there for some time. It is frozen over.
 This is our last snow. The city workers bring the snow from the town streets to the pool parking lot. Then it melts and runs into the creek.  After tonight and tomorrow, there will be much more snow piled up here. I get a few photos, jump back into the Jeep and head to the grocery store.
   I get milk of course. Some things we need. Then it's time to go to the CVS. I get my meds and come right home.  Believe me, I will not be going to the drugstore again before 9:00.  I am going to try to walk around outside today know, while the sun is shining.  Got to take it in, vitamin "D'.
  Stay safe this weekend. XO

Friday, January 30, 2015

Small Treasures....

    Can you ever have too many baskets?? I don't think I can.  I found this perfect little basket for two dollars. I know I can use it to make a gift basket for someone's birthday or something.
  Here's a tarnish resistant candy dish. Shaped like a heart, just the thing for Valentine's day. It was mark down to 3 dollars. I thought, what a deal !
 One dollar for six napkin rings. I may paint them white or cream.  I use cloth napkins so much, I just could not pass these up.  It was a small treasure hunt for me. I had forgotten my camera and was upset with myself....I always like to take photos to glean through later.
  Had a great lunch at the Cracker Barrel . It made me think of my mother while we were there. She always love eating there or Bob Evans. I miss her so much. If you are fortunate enough to still have your parents....hug them for me.  You are blessed.
   Today is cold and gray. Snow and nasty weather headed into the midwest, then onto the northeast.  I have to think, spring is near and I am ready.  Enjoy this coming weekend. XO

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Treasure Mart....

  We are making a trip to the treasure mart in Kokomo, In. Lots of old things there.  Charming antiques.  Collectables and dishes, dishes, and more dishes.
 If you would need table and chairs, here's the place to go. They always have dining sets. Plenty of china cabinets too.  I really should look for some dining chairs, as I hate ours. If I buy anything, I'll let you know.
  We are to get rain today. No sunshine, so I may have to have a piece of chocolate. LOL Hope all of you are doing well. If you are snowed in, you have my prayers. XO

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pork Rinds & Sunshine.....

    This is a new snack food Ted has discovered.  It works like microwave popcorn. Ted loves this snack, not me.
 I can barely stand the smell. So while he popped this up for a snack, I went outside to walk about .
 The sun was just going down. Got a shot through the bottom of the pines.
  I walked around taking a few more photos. I walk up and down the driveways and the walkway to the shop and a strip out front on the road. I make a few laps around, then just walk the yard if it's not covered in snow . It gives me some fresh air and exercise. I love to be outside whenever I can. Some times I get so cold I am not out long. But I just need to go out and enjoy nature.  oh and when I got back in the house, Ted's smelly snack was about gone. :):)
  Wishing everyone a great day. The sun is out again this morning.  I am all smiles.  XO

Monday, January 26, 2015

Yesterday's Snow & Clean Up.....

      Here it is raining with the snow just starting into the mix. This was at 12:30 Sunday.
 Now the snow is big flakes  and it's 1:10 ...getting much colder too.
  This is at 1:30..starting to stick and cover.  Time to think about  when to go out and start clearing. You know the snow sticks to the places you have to walk or drive first. LOL .
Here it is 4:00 or so, I have cleared the drive and walkways. Part of our porch is cover and part is I always clean it too. I can usually sweep it off the porch. Here is the good news  we ended up with about 1 1/2 inches of snow. It truly missed us. The forecast had called for 3 to 5 inches. So I am thankful. Honestly we need to keep the east coast in our thoughts and prayers. It is not looking good for them. Scary actually.
   Yesterday was a gloomy day, got dark early. I ended up making beef stew, instead of soup. When Ted returned home , he had a nice big dish of it for his dinner. Today at this time, the sun is out and I am loving that.  We need to go to the store for a couple things , so we may eat lunch out . Enjoy your day. XO

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Getting Ready....

    Well I have my snow shovel ready. It is raining at this time. The snow is to be here by afternoon. Hoping we do not get as much as the weatherman said this morning 3-5 inches  or so.  It's only 54 more days till spring. :):)  I know the east coast is going to be getting much worse weather than here.  I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers. No matter how many warnings, some are never prepared for it.
    I will be writing letters and cards today. Reading then sorting magazines. I may make a pot of soup later.  I plan on having a nice cappuccino this afternoon. That's like a treat.
    Yesterday when I went to Angie's....she was to make the cherry chip cake, but instead made cherry chip blondies.  Something along the lines of a brownie in texture but it was called blondies. She got the recipe off Pinterest.  Karen made the trip over to Angie's  yesterday, but her twin Liz had to work.  By the way, Angie says you can find anything on Pinterest.
    Enjoy your day, stay safe.  Careful on the roads .  Check on your loved ones. XO

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Winter Skies....

   Pretty winter skies that is. Today is going to be a wonderful day. Tomorrow is when a clipper comes through Indiana. It will move thru fast and dump a bit of snow.
  Bless our friends in the East. A 1400 mile long storm is piling up and going East. Please be careful out there.
 Today is going to be a fun day. I am going to my daughter Angie's house. She is having her sisters come over for cherry chip cake....the twins favorite cake.  Savannah will be coming along too. I will ask her about her rabbits. They probably have about 30. I know her parents have been selling some of them. Cause you all know what makes rabbits famous. They multiply. LOL.
   I hope you can enjoy your day. Be careful if it's  bad weather and roads in your area. I want to get going on my day now.  The sun is shining here today. Hot dog !!! XO

Friday, January 23, 2015

What I Bought....

  Went to the Hobby-Lobby store yesterday. This is all I bought.  Fake flowers, at half price. I'll use them in some spring decorating.
  I was going to buy some chalkboard paint. It was 15 dollars for a quart. I thought that was a lot of paint to use  before it would dry up in the can. So I chose these vinyl chalkboard labels instead of paint. I can make tags of them or stick them on jars. They came in a few different edgings. I chose plain.
  Went to Kohl's. Well I had that big 30 % off coupon. I got this taupe/charcoal hoodie sweater and a taupe turtle neck top.  Together they were originally priced at  62 dollars. They were on sale and with my coupon, I only paid $20.66 . Deal !!
  From the Kohl's store we went to Goodwill. Ted bought 20 dollars worth of candles, to use in his fire starters.  I did ask to have one new candle for myself. :):) I was very interested in a set of nice dishes. I may have to go by myself to look at dishes. As Ted is not into that. LOL. He won't look at the book section either.   I was tired from all the walking around we did and it was time for lunch , so we went to Bob Evans. Always some good food there.
   Today is another cloudy day. I have to pick up my cholesterol meds in town. That will be a quick trip. I do not like to be in the drugstores at this coughing, sneezing, snotty nose time of the year. I will use hand sanitizer as soon as I get in my car and wash my hands once I am home.  My daughters call me a germ-a-phobe...well it pays to be .  Enjoy this day XO

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Shopping Today....

     These are actually some old picture from last year's Parisian Market at the  Tipton Horton's store. I like this cotton ball wreath. I don't know why I didn't price it.
  Today, I am going to Hobby-Lobby, maybe Big Lots too.  Not that I need anything new. Some times I just go for the decorating ideas. Seeing something you may already have, but in a new and exciting color. Then go home and paint, that is a cheap decoration.
  I see in this photo, an old silver plated tray with chalkboard paint in the very center. Something to hang in your kitchen. A small step ladder with potted plants on the steps. Cute . If I buy anything, I will show my blog pals. We all love seeing what others buy to use in their décor.
  Gloomy grey skies today, no more 40 degrees either. :):)  Enjoy this day. XO

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Seed Catalog.....

   Got a seed catalog, from Burpee ,yesterday in the mail. Beautiful photos.  Burpee has been supplying seeds to home gardeners since 1876.  I would love to see that catalog!
  Wonderful vegetables, so many different varieties.  Short fat carrots, long skinny carrots. LOL
  Oops this photo is upside down. How does that happen?  Tomatoes of every size and many combined colors.
 Oh yes, The beautiful flower pages.  I have to say, the prices are more than I expected for a packet of seeds . Everything in this book is said to be non-gmo (never genetically modified). I am going to enjoy looking through this catalog this week.
  Monday's sunset. Can you even believe the temperatures, for the past week in Indiana, have been in the high 30's to the mid 40's.  Loving it. Our snow has melted, except for the drift piles. Wishing all of you a great day. XO

Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy Birthday Twinies.....

 My twins have a birthday this week. Here's some old photos of them.  They were 14 months old here.
 About four here. Blinded by the sun . Karen's the blonde and Liz is the brunette.
 Some times I dressed them alike. They never really looked alike. They were truly very good girls.
 This is a few years ago.  They are still pretty close.  We used to call them the "twins" .  When I would yell for them , I would say, " Twins, come in now. "  Or some such thing. Their big sister Angie calls them the "twinies".  They are two minutes apart in Liz lets Karen know she is older...when it comes to being the boss. LOL.
   Happy Birthday Sweethearts !! Love you.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

This Weekend....

 I Took this shot on Friday evening. The last picture of the sunset was at the same time.  I seem to never get things in the right order. :):) You can see the road is clear and our driveway.
 This is what happened yesterday. The snow melted, well almost all of it . The snow drifts and the neighbors plow piles are still standing. Although they are much smaller. I say hooray for that.
 Funny how much I can take of the cold when the sun is out.  I love the brightness of the sun on the snow.
   Our county and city workers have done a fine job keeping the roads passable. We have to keep the mailbox dug out for mail delivery.  The sidewalks in town are horrid. Our city , many years ago, would plow every sidewalk. Now they leave it up to the home owners. Not every home owner can shovel the walks. Some are just not that strong. Some probably have dug out and the snow plows throw it right back.
   When I lived in town, I had to dig out more than once because of that. Out here, as I clear the drive, I just push the snow on across the road away from the front roadway....then when the plow comes through it's easier to clear it again.
  We had up to 50 degrees in temperature yesterday. Today will be cloudy and the temps will be cooler, but that sure was a fantastic break. I love it.   Hope your day is great. XO

Friday, January 16, 2015

Finally Some Flowers....

 Remember I have been talking about buying myself a bouquet of flowers. Well things work out don't they, I got all these flowers .  Oh yes, I had a birthday this week. Older than dirt, my birth certificate is in stone. :):)
  I got flowers from Ted and the girls.  Ted got this red rose with four yellow roses around it. That is to represent me and my four daughters.
  Kathy and her family got this purple/pink bouquet. So pretty.  I do not know what the berries are, as I have never seen them in floral displays.
 Lizzy and her family got this daisy bouquet in pink, yellow, white and lavender. This is a reusable watering can. How cute. Angie and Karen made cookies and cupcakes. Gave me dining certificates and gifts. I received cards, texts and calls, all day long. Had lunch with Liz and Angie joined us. Karen came after work and had dinner. I had the best day. I am thankful to my friends and family. 
   Today the sun is out and it is to be in the 30's. Hot dog, another pretty day. Hope all of you are safe and keeping warm. XO

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sky Shots This Week....

 Filtering the sun thru the neighbor's apple trees. Just was nice to see a pretty sunset.
  This was a little bit later the same day.  It was pretty, but oh boy it was cold.
 Today it got up to that is a big warm up to me.  The sky has been blue all week.  This is our garden shed in back.  We have a burn ring that we keep branches in all winter. It a good hiding place for the birds, when they feed in the back. 
   Hope all of you are having some fun times, even in the cold or snow.  If I can get to the post office, bank , or store, that is my good time when it's cold and snowy out. It just makes us slow down. Not so much running around. The holidays are pass, time to relax after putting all the decorations away. I will tell you there's wreath on the porch and a snowman. LOL. Take care, stay warm. XO

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

On The Farm....

    Yesterday was a nice enough day weather wise. I loved it the sun was out most all day. This is the sunset on the shop/garage. You can see where the snow blower went thru the drift at the walkway.
  It is Wednesday morning now . Hoar frost on the trees. Well on everything actually.  It is pretty though. Super cold, six degrees this morning. This coming Saturday is to be 44 degrees, that will be a heat wave. :):)
  Thank you to all who prayed for our Sierra's (granddaughter's) trip to Florida. She is there safely and at her friend Carolina's. She goes today to get the apartment she has put on hold. Then on to the job. So thank you for your wonderful prayers.
  Wishing you all a great day. XO