Saturday, October 26, 2013

In Two Days....

 Our catalpa tree started losing leaves yesterday morning.  We had a hard freeze between Thursday evening and Friday morning. I have never in my life seen leaves fall this fast.
 The woods, back of the shed and the wood pile, has lost lots of leaves also. Starting to look bare around here. It has been plenty chilly too. I absolutely hate getting my winter coats out. I'll layer before I do.
This is the poor old catalpa tree this Saturday morning. Not many leaves left .  Ted and I will have to get these leaves cleaned up before it starts to rain again. Once they mat down on the lawn,from rain, it's harder to clean them up.  Hope all of you have a great weekend planned. We are flying by the seat of our pants this weekend. We'll do what we need to or what we want to, no rush. My life doesn't seem to be very thrilling, does it? It's a wonder I don't put myself to sleep, sorry. Hopefully something will come along before the weekend is over.  Blessings ox.


  1. Susie,
    I can't believe how cold it is there right now. It seems like it's going to pass through Fall and barrel into winter.

    It's ok that your life isn't that thrilling. It's the little things that you do every day that captures the hearts of many. You lead a simple and lovely life, and that my friend, is more precious than words can say.

    Have a nice weekend.


  2. Those catalpa leaves are huge! Do you just do the usual raking for them? xo Nellie

  3. Just relaxing with nothing planned sounds like a perfect weekend to me. the leaves outside my windows are still green, but we did have a frost a couple of nights ago so many of the trees are finally changing. xo Laura

  4. Ha (:) dusty suitcase.. oh those aliens would snatch you right up (:)
    yup Fall.. leaves a falling ..kinda sad..

  5. I'm not a big fan of winter and when the leaves fall, everything looks so bleak! Hope you have a good evening.

  6. LOL- You are too funny. I enjoy hearing about your everyday life, Susie,. That is just crazy how fast that tree is dropping its leaves! Hope you had a great day. The little darlings are in bed and I am playing catch up- xo Diana

  7. Susie
    I'm with you-I'm dreading piling on all that winter garb! Enjoy your weekend, the leaves will make good fertilizer for next years lawn...

  8. That's your back yard Susie?
    It's truly beautiful, it must be so nice to sit back there and have a cup of tea or coffee... and breath in the crisp air...
    Much love to you,

  9. That is a lot of work, all at once! We are preparing for gales this evening, so making sure everything is fastened down.

  10. The weather has been strange this year..I think the trees are confused..My azaleas are blooming..The frost got my annuals this week..