Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's So Autumn....

 Five more days till the Autumnal Equinox. But it has been autumn here for a few days. Things are turning brown. We do not get much color in the variety of trees we have here. This is the sycamore , the leaves turn brown, The tulip poplars leaves turn yellow and brown. The catalpa leaves turn yellow/brown. We have  a maple tree... the leaves usually curl up and has some color. We have dwarf  maples that are burgundy in color. Our birch tree's leaves turn you see ...there is none of that knock out autumn colors of the northeastern states, in our yard. We do have beautiful colors for fall in our state. I can only wish for it in my own yard.  There is not an ugly sight in Pennsylvania  in Autumn.:):) They have the most beautiful colors.
The golden finches are feeding in groups. This is a group of one  LOL. They all flew away as I tried for a picture. I need to get myself some camo clothing. Hope you are having a great day. xo


  1. I've seen those Pennsylvania colors in October. You are correct when you write of the beauty there! xo Nellie

  2. I have not seen Pennsylvania in the fall, but we did a road trip through New England several years ago and it was amazing.

    Last night we sat and watched a hummingbird flit around our yucca tree. I would have loved to capture a picture, but I didn't have a camera handy.

  3. Its never too late to start planting color into your yard. Look around this fall at what is so pretty you just have to have it and go get one or two. Dot them in around the others and you will have your color. I have mainly yellow maples with one red. I have large shrubs to keep the green all year and the others are brown which are almost all on the ground right now. I need more red and an orange maple. Maybe even an oak.

  4. Susie,
    This is a very unique and pretty tree. I love "tree" pictures - so interesting to me. This one looks like it has crooked branches.

    Happy Autumn day, Susie. I am decorating a bit today. So much inspiration from my blog friends.


  5. We don't have sycamores in Minnesota, but had them when we lived in California...I always loved the smell of those trees...

  6. You're right about PA..I've lived here all my life..I'm in love with fall and it's color..I have my bird feeder outside of my kitchen window..Loaded with yellow and house finches....Sunday is the first day of ,I think??

  7. I've been watching goldfinches lately, too. Georgia's trees are usually colorful by mid Oct.

  8. I always think of PA in the Autumn...the place I grew up and dressed in red plaid skirts and red sweaters. Oh- The stirrings of Fall are very beautiful there- xo Diana

  9. I'd love to see the colors of Pennsylvania! I don't really think they're too shabby here in the Midwest though. I'm always amazed at the variety of trees we have in our neighborhood when I see all the different shapes of the leaves on the sidewalk. But as far as color, that won't happen for a few weeks here. :(


  10. We go to Brown County every year in the fall and stay in the state park for a couple of nights. The colors are always fabulous, even if it isn't peak. I know what you mean about catalpa turning yellow and brown. We have a lot of leaves falling off of our catalpas already. Dried up and brown.
    Enjoyed your Horton pictures. I remember one time I Tried to paint a piece of furniture. I stripped the old paint off of it first! Who knows why. I got to the top of it and it was laminate. I was young and dumb. Painted it brown. Brown...brown...brown. No antiquing, just ugly brown. Why bother stripping a dresser to paint it brown?!?!!

    Cindy Bee

  11. Hi Susie, The storm has just about completely moved through tonight. I beat it home from the nursing home and glad that I did. I love the fall of the year when the trees turn, It is just around the corner. Our temperature dropped 20 degrees during the storm. I love your pictures from the previous post. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri friend.

  12. the license plates are turning fast in my town. soon it will be clogged with people. i just love summers here when it's quiet!

    smiles, bee