Friday, May 24, 2013

Finches And Corn Fields...

 We have our feeders close to the windows so we can watch the finches. The bad thing is trying to get pictures of them. I have taken these shots through the blinds.:):) It's hard to get birds to pose, little rascals.
 This shot is clearer. I think I am going to have to hide in our shrubs or something, to get a picture of our bluebirds. I have not been lucky enough to get near them. The field across the road is growing corn..zzzzzz. I won't be able to see very far, for many months , as it grows taller and taller. I always say to Ted, how long can you look at corn and not get bored. LOL
This reminds me of a trip I took to Mexico. Their fields are where ever they can get a seed in the ground I guess. We were told that they plant corn and beans together. Once the corn stalk is tall enough, the beans grow up it. It must work. There were huge rocks in the fields , it had to be hand planted all of it.
    Today is sunny but plenty cool around here. It may be a good weekend for the Indianapolis 500. Hope all of you have a great day. xoxo


  1. wow crops up already!? When I was home last weekend they were working in the fields late into the night.
    The only time I have yellow finches is when my zinna are blooming..get so excited to see them!

  2. I never thought of planting my pole beans next to corn. That's a good idea.

    Aren't the finches such a sweet, pretty little bird!

  3. i love to look at corn fields but never tried it for a long time, it is beautiful though, graceful and it moves in the wind...

    hugs, bee

  4. Yes, birds are elusive when you really want their pictures. They don't give much warning when they are going to fly away.

    We have planted beans and corn together the way you mention. It worked out pretty well, though we don't do it often.

    Have a good Friday!

    xo Nellie

  5. Susie,
    These corn fields remind me of my trip to Iowa. Me and the kids took a trip there and stayed on grandma's farm. She had rows of corn fields. Your picture brings back sweet memories. Those yellow birds are so pretty. I know what you mean about getting good pictures of birds - they fly away too fast. I don't see yellow birds here that often. I must get a bird feeder like you.

    Have a nice weekend, Susie.


  6. Nice shots, Susie.
    I can't get good bird photos, especially humming birds.
    Corn field always remind me of the mid-west where I was raised. As a kid I remember running through them.
    Have a good Memorial weekend!

  7. I'm trying to get a good photo of the hummingbirds that are at my feeder! They are pretty FAST! I also have yellow finches. They are so pretty.

  8. I have trouble getting photos of birds too. Aren't the goldfinches pretty? Love seeing the corn fields. Here in GA, tall pines usually block our views!!!

  9. Enjoyed your picture. Please stop by...I mentioned you in my post.

  10. It's so funny to see no mountains in the background. I remember my trip to Indiana many years ago and seeing the corn fields and not a mountain or hill in sight. The differences in topography between the states is pretty amazing.