Saturday, June 1, 2013

Roses Bloomed...

 I think one of the ties has broken, this rose bush was waving in the breeze yesterday afternoon. We had rain on and off. So I do not know if that is why these roses bloomed so fast.
 They look different than last year. I don't think the blooms had yellow centers before. Someone did comment about my posting of this rose just a few days ago, that it's gone back to being wild.
It looks pretty all bloomed out with it's I'll be happy about that. This one has some rain in it.:):) We had storms last night and plenty more rain. We got  one and one tenth inches of rain . Sure hoping this storm system breaks up.  It's frightening how many tornadoes have grown from it. We need to  keep those in the path of danger in our prayers. xo


  1. Your roses are beautiful Susie!

    The rain here seems never ending. I suspect we will be wishing for some in a month or two.

  2. If it's gone back to wild, will you have to keep a check on it? Here, wild roses are almost unstoppable.

    Weather, such worries. -sigh-

    Be safe!

  3. Yes, it has gone back to a wild rose, I have several of those myself..but they bloom and pretty so enjoy!

  4. Well, I learned something. And that has happened to us too. Susie have you ever had bluebirds to come to your window over and over. Our male seems to be frantic to get our attention or invite himself inside. I think their first babies flew the nest and they are suffering empty nest syndrome. His mate watches him and tries to distract him to no avail. We're afraid he's wearing himself out. My husband is going to clean their box out when he gets home in case that's what he is trying to tell us.

    1. Dewena, We had a cardinal that was always walking along the window sill and looking in our diningroom window. Plus he would flew to the side mirrors on the cars and look at himself. Leaving us a little bird poo every time.xoSusie

  5. Susie,
    What a pretty color your rose bush is. It's very unique with the yellowish in the middle. I can't believe you have had so much rain! I think it's good for the roses.

    Have a nice weekend, Susie. Me and husband are going to a craft fair today. Should be fun.


  6. Very pretty whatever kind of rose it is. We are expecting some storms this afternoon, so I got to the farmers market early :)

  7. i love roses like that, we had them when we lived in podunk, sarge built a trellis for them...


  8. Lovely rose, Susie! I'm always excited when the roses bloom. xo Nellie

  9. I enjoy your roses so much.

    Stay safe and I hope your rain slows down soon.

  10. Susie- How very beautiful. I LOVE that deep rosy shade and I bet they are just gorgeous in person. GREAT photos- xo Diana

  11. Hi Susie, truthfully, Connie has done most of the work on her. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

    Nice roses!

  12. That's a lot of rain, wish we could have some of it later in the summer..

    I wonder if your rose has died back to the grafted root, that is possible.