Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Back To Work....

 Ted and I will be back to laying down brick , as soon as we retrieve the sand from under the brick at the patio area . We dug up the bricks and stacked them yesterday. Hauled some sand around from here.
 In the mean time, things are growing. I love these daisies. I should dig them up and make a few more plants of them.  They are very nice for about two months.
 I always plant some petunias. They remind me of my mother in law. She was a wonderful person. She had a great sense of humor too. She could cook out of this world too. I miss that sweet lady.
Here are the violas I planted in my mom's old planter. I like having this little angel  near them. Hope all of you are well and enjoying this good weather.  xo


  1. thats a big job laying those bricks!!!!! Such beautiful flowers and I love the angel by your door, the flowers do hold tender memories for you don't they, take care, watch your back!!!So many people I know have hurt their backs lately!

  2. That is a big job! The flowers are so pretty

  3. You and Ted are really working hard! Take breaks for some cold lemonade!

    I love the daisies! My grandmother would always have a planter of petunias. Violas are such dainty flowers!

    xo Nellie

  4. Love the daisies. Mine don't do well in the heat for some reason though.

  5. Your flowers are beautiful Susie!

  6. Lots of work laying brick, especially if you're doing a pattern. We have a project like that coming up too.

  7. Love your flowers and the angel! Don't work too hard!


  8. I know exactly how you feel moving those bricks and sand! Your flowers are gorgeous.

    Cindy Bee

  9. Those Violas are sweet. All your flowers are lovely.

    Hooray for being able to get back on the job...!!!!!!!!

  10. those daisies are sooo beautiful! making me wish i have them in my backyard right now!

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  11. Susie,
    I LOVE DAISIES TOO! There is something so special about them. Your petunias are lovely too, and the color is stunning. I have always loved this flower. That's so nice that they remind you of your mother-in-law. Your flowers are coming along nicely.