Sunday, June 23, 2013

19 More Days.....

 Just 19 more days till Horton's in Tipton have their Summer Market. I am getting excited. It's like Christmas for me without  all the cooking and cleaning . LOL    Aren't these old doilies cute??
 I love the old mirror hanging on the door. Lots of sweet china , baskets, linens, and bouquets. I adore lace table cloths. I have one, that I use rarely.
You have to get yourselves an old bike...They make the cutest decoration when loaded with flowers or plants, paint them dull or paint them bright....they fit in. My sister's birthday is the 11th of July and Horton's market is the 12th and I am going to ask my sister to go with me to Horton's . We'll enjoy it . This is for those that do not know Horton's. It's basically a hardware store. They specialize in custom blinds, paints and plants. There are places in the northeastern states called Tim Hortons, I think those are coffee shops. The Horton's in Tipton  is family owned and operated . More like a small town place. Everyone is made to feel welcome. The Horton's will be there and ready to help you with any thing. If you like personal service and being in a happy atmosphere...then Horton's of Tipton is for you. Hope to see you there. 19 more days.......xoxo


  1. A small town place. Family owned and operated. Sounds PURRRRRFECT!



    Enjoy some more!

    Oh and if you have a lace table cloth, use it please. Even if you simply put it on the table, to look at. Not eat at. -grin-

    Lace rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I would love to go here!

  3. I, too, have a lace tablecloth never used. I bought it years ago in Venice and of course, worried about stains. Of course, now, it doesn't matter so much. It's time to take it out and not care about tomato sauce!

  4. Love the pictures you shared. This will be a fun outing for you and your sis.

  5. it looks so nice! we don't have anything like that, well that i know of anyway! ha ha

    smiles, bee

  6. I hope you have a great time and you really need to take your camera with you so we can see all the fun, too. I love little mom and pop shops like that. Enjoy yourself! And, I already have an old bike, actually, two of them which I will be posting about very soon. ;)

  7. You are too funny "Christmas without the cooking."

  8. Susie- I wish I could go along with you for all the fun. It sounds like you always find something fun. Love the pics here! xo Diana

  9. I hope I get to go this year. Last year we were out of town and I missed it. Love Horton's flea market.

    Cindy Bee

  10. Just have loads of fun. I just know you will find something wonderful. Hugs, Mary