Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sunshine Today....

The sun is shing today and I am loving it !!! Today is going to be a good soon as I get out of the chiropracter's office.  Yikes, I have killed myself., well my back anyway. I have a lower back problem and when ever i get carried away doing chores, it acts up.
I am ready to just take some walks and sit outside to watch the birds. In other words, I am ready for spring.  I used two of the tiny chalkboards that i bought from the goodwill store. I love them. Enjoy this great day. xo


  1. Oh was all of that snow shoveling. Maybe you should winter in florida next year. Miss Bee, you and I could hang! Seriously, I hope you feel better

  2. Susie! Back problems are no fun at all! Take care of yourself!

    We have glimpses of sunshine here today, and it seems that the wind has calmed a bit, thankfully!

    Enjoy your day! Perhaps the chiropractor will be able to help.

    xo Nellie

  3. Take care! That's miserable, I know. Hope you're feeling better soon and can enjoy spring.

  4. I am still suffering from the snow shoveling too. Feel better soon!!

  5. Hope the treatment did wonders!

    I too have a bad back, which acts up, sometimes. I know I should go for treatments, regularly. Should...

    Gentle hugs,

  6. best wishes to you, love the black boards!!!Rest up, I find the hot rice bag and rest helps mine, and learning to not over do, thats the hard part!

  7. Oh- I hope they can get your back so it feels better. I am glad that you have sunshine today- we do, too. Hooorraaayyyy! xo Diana

  8. I hope you feel better and can get outside. It's gloomy here but warming up. I have a bad back, too. Funny, the more I keep moving (nothing really strenuous), the better it feels. Good luck!


  9. I'm so glad you had a sunshiny day! I hope it warms up soon, too. It was nice here today but I had a bit of an off day. Tomorrow will be better! Sweet hugs!

  10. sorry about your back but you are doing the right thing...

    hugs, bee

  11. Spring can't come soon enough! The sunshine today was so encouraging, wasn't it? Have you considered yoga for your back? It would really strength up your core, which would help with your back. Just a thought!