Friday, August 23, 2013

Sun Up , Sun Down...

 Yesterday started with creeping fog. Some of this is glare .:):) I like this willow tree, but it could use some trimming. This is the tree Ted was trimming on two years ago and the limb fell to the ground and bounced , to knock down the ladder he was standing on....thus breaking his  clavicle(collarbone).So this tree still need some trimming. I think Ted is leery of it now.
 This is close to the same view , but at sunset. Our lawn is awful. I really do not know what more to do with it. We have contracted tru-green to take care of it....but I could do this good myself. We need more rain than we can water here in the country. I fear because we have a well and who knows how deep it is, really.
My daughter Kathy's rose, has produced another beautiful bloom. It just blooms slowly. Not lots at once, but at least it keeps giving a beautiful rose here and there. Took this shot right before coming in for the day. So I ended my day on a happy note. Hope all of you are enjoying your day. Let's remember those in need of prayer today, please. xo


  1. The Rose is beautiful.

    We had our share of troubles with the Willow in our front yard. It's roots started growing out of control and started pushing and getting in the pipes that saved our garage from flooding. That costed us three thousand dollars to replace the pipes the tree roots broke into and dry up the basement that was just a couple of steps up from our garage.

    So Sorry about your hubby's accident with the willow.

    Willow is still very pretty though. Just hard to understand:)

  2. we lived with a well all our lives until moving to town, it something that takes getting use to watching the water usage, isn't it, the rose is lovely and I like that it blesses you with a single bloom to enjoy, thats perfect!

  3. I don't blame Ted for being leary of that tree. Our neighbor just planted 2 willows. Thankfully they are far away from our septic lines! She planted them within about 4 ft of each other despite us telling her how big they would each get!
    That's a pretty rose. Hope you enjoy the weekend.

  4. We have had foggy mornings this week. Have you ever heard that August fogs predict winter snows? xo Nellie

  5. Nellie, what are you talking about fog/snow pridictions...please don't tell me something scary.:):) xo,.susie

  6. oh gosh, a well and not enough rain, not a good combination! i wish you well honey! (pun intended)

    smiles, bee

  7. Our lawns are terrible at the moment, I see others around here that are perfect, and wonder how they do it. I would stay away from a tree that fights back!
    The rose is gorgeous, a lovely shape and colour.

  8. It seems we all are having either a really dry season or floods. I love willow trees, something so mysterious and romantic about them.
    Relax, and smell that beautiful rose!

  9. THe same thing happened to my Shug only no broken bones. He was helping a neighbor trim a limb from her willow and the limb sprung, and he hung on for dear life while I ran to our house to find some rope! I'm thinking let the trees do what trees do, and don't trim them! Our Shug's are more important than trees!

    Cindy Bee

  10. Oh, love that rose! Roses are one of my favorite flowers!! Also, love willow trees..they are so pretty! I do not blame Ted for being leery about that tree! We planted a tree several years ago and Tom and I dropped it in the hole and when it hit the bottom of the hole, it whipped back and knocked me down! So we call it the "killer" tree. 😋 We also have Tru Green and are not happy with them either.


  11. The rose is gorgeous! I would hire someone to trim that tree; no taking chances. LOL
    Have a great weekend!