Thursday, August 1, 2013

Left Over Flower Shots...

 This is one of the flowerbed I made from our sidewalk dirt. The only plants are petunias, pachysandra, and a hydrangea. I'll thinking of something to plant here that will return yearly. I did the petunias for color.
 Here is one of my mums blooming , along side the black eyed susans and a pot of violas. I try to dead head plants every day or so.  Actually this mum color is one of my favorite colors.
The honeysuckle is still growing and blooming. The hummingbirds love it. I planted a blue morning glory , it's growing up a cable on a telephone pole. It needs to slow down...may have to snip it before it continues up onto the phone lines. I'll get a picture soon. Hope everyone has a good day today. Let's keep our friends and loved ones in our thoughts...but let's not forget people we don't know ,that still need a a prayer or hug. xo


  1. Just beautiful Susie. I love the honeysuckle. The rabbits ate every single one of my black eyed susan's.

  2. Is that red one a mum? It is gorgeous! They're all pretty. I do the same thing, taking lots of photos of my flowers - but then I often don't get them up on my blog.

  3. It all looks lovely. I do like the black eyed Susans. I had them in our previous garden, but have never got around to planting them here. I need to write myself a note!

  4. Susie,
    I didn't know that the hummingbirds love the honeysuckle. I will have to plant one when we move to our final home. I bet you get to see this special bird all the time. I love your purple flowers too. Purple is my favorite color.

    Have a sweet day, Susie.


  5. Violas are one of my favorites!

  6. What beautiful garden shots! Your color arrangements are lovely. You take care of them so well! I get tired of watering and plant a lot of drought tolerant plants.

  7. Beautiful flowers...
    I can't believe August is already here!
    Where have June & July gone??
    Have a great weekend,

  8. Gorgeous. I love those honeysuckles. It takes a lot of work to look after them and you have done a great job. Hugs and love, xo

  9. Your flowers are always beautiful. We only have the wild honeysuckle but I love the color on the one you have growing on top there.

    I loved seeing the picture also of you and your sisters together. Do you all live close? I got to see my sister who lives in FL this last weekend and it wonderful to talk. Today would have been our parents' 71st wedding anniversary if he had lived.

  10. Your gardens/flowers are beautiful. I hope you don't have to snip your morning glories! You are right - we need to pray for those we know and those we don't- xo Diana

  11. Oh Susie, how gorgeous!
    Your color combinations are just beautiful!