Friday, July 26, 2013

Taking Over....

This is my favorite bird house. It is hanging it just the nicest spot for some sweet little wren to make a home. It has had many repairs and many tenants . It hangs in the catalpa tree, which has big shady leaves.
Here is the gourd  plant , that is growing as I write this. Yikes. Ted planted this near the catalpa tree It's on a nice section of fencing, but it is still growing up, up, up. It has some tendrils on the limb where the wren house is hanging..  It's taking over. I hope it doesn't tear the limb down. I told Ted the only gourds I ever saw growing were near my daughter's house. Her neighbors were growing them and they look to be making an arbor effect. A big green looking cave in their backyard. So they do grow large.There are blossoms on this green monster. We want to make some gourd crafts, such as bowls and birdhouses . We'll see if I have to relocate the little red house to another tree.
 Today is totally beautiful. No humidity, blue skies, and a gentle breeze. Hope you are having a great day too. Enjoy the weekend. xoxo


  1. Hi Susie...The weather has definitely turned around. Now it's actually cold!!! I'd much rather have a hot summer than cold, and rainy.
    Your little bird house is very sweet.
    I hope you get some gourds to work with for crafting.
    Enjoy the weekend, my friend.

  2. We just don't have a lot of deciduous trees on our property. We have a few cedars, though, and there are some very small birds - probably wrens - that like to perch there. We have planted some poplar trees in the very back, and they are growing well, though we never see many birds nearby. The birds really enjoy our blueberry bushes!:-) xo Nellie

  3. the bird house looks beautiful almost hidden in the leaves, the bird houses made from gourds are really cute and the painted ones are beautiful, enjoy that perfect day,

  4. I love gourd crafts. There is a neat place near us called The Gourd Place. Here is the link:
    I have one coffee mug that was created using a gourd as the mold!

  5. Maybe this is a crazy question, but when you have a bird house do the birds make a big mess around it? I've always thought about having bird houses (and bat houses) but I've always wondered if they were extremely mess for say... a bird house near a porch? Yours is precious, I love it!

  6. I love the looks of a well-used bird house. I hope your gourds come through for you. I got tons of little ones last year and not a single birdhouse gourd! xo Diana

  7. That does look like an ideal spot for your bird house.

  8. I love your bird house, Susie. It looks just right in the middle of all those tree branches. Any bird would love to visit there. Let me know if you ever see a hummingbird around your flowers. They are my favorite.

    Have a peaceful weekend, dear.


  9. Susie, I had a Catalpa tree at our previous home. They are wonderful! Little birdhouse looks like a wonderful place for a birdie to call home. Glad that your gourd plant is doing so well. Maybe you can try and talk it into heading another direction. lol!

  10. Thats such a cute little birdhouse! I think i need to get a few for my garden! have a wonderful day!

  11. It's funny how some birdhouses sit empty and others get fought over..