Monday, July 1, 2013

The Saturday Rain...

 I snap this picture of everyone scurrying to pack up, at the market. Many had already gone. We were amoung the last out. You can see the pavement was not wet under our canapy.
 After a huge down pour, thankfully after we were home, I thought the trees were hanging low. So took some pictures of the sycumore hanging over the dri-gas tank. You can see the willows branches also.
 I am hoping this post will work. I was not sure what to do...wait...or prayer for the best outcome.....after I started reading about joining bloglovin cause something was going to happen to google reader. I am wishing us all the best. xo


  1. Susie- You are not showing up on Bloglovin'. I found you through my sidebar though. Anyone that was reading your blog through Google Reader won't see you. Here is a site that I found yesterday that took me right through signing up. Good luck!

    Or you can just go here and it should lead you through it:

  2. Hey Susie- I have you in my sidebar, so will still be popping in.
    Glad you got torn down and out of the market area without getting drenched. I have packed up in the rain before. LOL

  3. I've been following you via Feedly, so you're always on my radar. :-) Hope you have a good day.

  4. I always see new posts, in my private "My Little Posse" blog.

    And HOORAY! It is still working. I'm still able to go to it, and see new posts, on the blogs I like.

    Good luck to all of us!!!


  5. I love taking pictures after a rain..Everything looks greener and clean..

  6. I'm a little tired of all the rain but the trees do look nice in your pic. I'm all nervous about this google reader blog lovin thing too. I hope they don't make it too difficult or I'm done!

    Cindy Bee

  7. I'm still seeing you on my Dashboard. Don't know anything about the Bloglovin yet. Hope the rain has let up for you some. We are in for a wet week here unfortunately. Rainy Dog days, they officially start the 3rd. Take care. Hugs, xo

  8. Heavy rain really made those tree limbs droop! I have had no trouble today. Were the changes to take place tonight at midnight, or Sunday night at midnight? I plan to just keep on doing what I've been doing.:-) xo Nellie