Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bookmarks And Manicures...

 Yesterday Savannah made some very nice bookmarks. Just some card stock, stamps, scissors, and ribbon scraps. Savannah stamped and I wiped the ink off the stamps.
After we did this, I made some lunch. Thank goodness for left overs. After lunch, Savannah rode her bike and got the mail for papaw. Then later in the afternoon, we did manicures. Savannah brought her own polishes...oh my , those wacky colors. So today her nails are two colors with stick on flowers. Last night before bedtime, I gave her a pedicure. I told her,she needs to take better care of her toes.:):) This child likes bright crazy colors...even in her clothes.  I am waiting for my drs. office to call me today. I spoke with them twice yesterday. I think I'll get some books on home remedies and start doctoring myself. LOL


  1. Oh ! those book marks are very pretty!
    I would like to know what you are learning if you get those home remedy books. Some of the remedies are good, but be careful as not every thing works for every one.

  2. I hope you find out something from the doctor soon...I hate to wait! I'm always self medicating! lol Love your fun bookmarks! Hugs!

  3. What cute bookmarks. How nice that you gave her a pedicure. Fun for a child and a good lesson in the end.
    I hope you are okay? AND that the doctor calls soon. Have a wonderful day- xo Diana

  4. Susie,
    The bookmarks are so cute. Savannah is very creative. I used to love to make things out of colored paper, especially during the Fall. I hope you get the answers you are looking for, Susie.

    Take care, my dear.


  5. Savannah sounds like a girl after my own heart with her love of fun colors! And you are such a good grandmother. I hope you get to feeling better soon!

  6. Love the bookmarks you two made. I have noticed how vibrant the nail polish is these days. I always wore pinks/clear 100 years ago when I was young! Hoping you feel better soon.

  7. Loving the bookmarks you two made! I always need them, as I'm Reading books all the time, even cookbooks. I love all the fun colors nail polish these days, and I love to experiment with many colors, I'm open that way, lol..Feel better soon sweet friend. Thanks for your sweet visit. Big hugs,

  8. Sounds like a perfect day to me! My dad also gets called papaw by my children! I haven't decided what I'll have my grand kids call me yet :)
    You know bookmarks like those make perfect little Christmas gifts for cousins or classmates!
    Tammy x

  9. It must be lovely to have a little girl to do all the girlie things with! I only have boys so not familiar with painting nails etc!!!
    have a lovely day!